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Gs 6 1 marketing mtg


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Gs 6 1 marketing mtg

  2. 2. MARKETING MEETING AGENDA   Introductions   Objectives for Today   Discuss Direction of Strategy and Launch Plans   Create Calendars   Create Content Plan   Integrated Marketing Plan   Roles & Responsibilities   Measurement & Keys To Success
  3. 3. OBJECTIVES FOR TODAY   Everyoneon the same page for direction of today’s marketing focus: Facebook and eNewsletter   Begin putting together calendars, content, and roles and responsibilities   Set next meeting date and structure
  4. 4. WHAT WE KNOW Engage all territory customers in a new, dynamic way that will strengthen relationships and provide a 24/7 presence   Establish Golden State as a leader and facilitator of every day conversation   Provide input and measurable data for Golden State to make better decisions and thus, serve customers better   Differentiate Golden State from regional competitors and position as a thought-leader among Pierce dealers Business Objectives   Create leads   Grow market share   Interact more with customers
  5. 5. FACEBOOK STRATEGY Create a channel that increases customer engagement, forges tighter purchasing relationships and builds significant brand value utilizing Facebook elements and static FMBL FBML allows you to customize tabs and content on your page and transform it as part of your brand (requires knowledge of HTML, CSS and Facebook Markup Language (FBML)
  6. 6. FACEBOOK ELEMENTS Phase 1:   Wall Tab   Info Tab   Custom Landing Page – Create a “Welcome” page to shape the experience. i.e. benefits and entice to click the ‘Like’ button   eNewsletter banner for sign up   Promotion banner (when applicable)   Photos Tab   Notes Tab (for How To or version of eNewsletter Articles) Phase 2 for Evaluation:   Events including promotions, fundraisers, shows, etc. (potentially use App: Eventbrite)   Map Your Page – Promote territory you serve. Display a mini-map with links to larger maps and directions   Video (if there are current videos move to Phase 1)
  8. 8. FACEBOOK – LANDING PAGE SAMPLE Miller Electric Welders – the blue represents the branding along with the name. Also, lots of ways to engage the customer
  9. 9. REAL TIME MONITORING   Personalized Dashboard   Reader/Alerts/Blogger
  10. 10. LAUNCH PLAN   Outreach and Integration   Leverage e-mail lists to announce new presence   Outreach to pre-existing fan pages and groups   Outreach to local network using advanced profile search tool   Offline postcard direct mail   Facebook targeted ad – focus demographic, geographic, and psychographic
  12. 12. KEYS TO SUCCESS – THROUGH MONITOR & MEASURE Facebook Estimated Local Reach – 45,640 People   PARTICIPATION •  Who live in California   Post Quality of 3+ •  Age 19 and older •  Who like firefighter, firefighting and   ATTRACTIONS firefighters   # of Likes (place a value on Likes for ROI)   INTERACTION   Time and dollars saved because of more direct interactions (place a value on situations solved)   TRANSFORMATION   Takes an intended action
  13. 13. ENEWSLETTER STRATEGY Create a long-term outreach campaign that embraces and influences customers using unique goals that align with the customers’ mindsets for each lifecycle stage   New Customers   Engaged Customers Move them to opt in to Maintain or increase receive regular messages communication, strengthen from you, visit your loyalty, encouraging website, make a purchase recommendation to friends, or visit service facility in and the delivery of efficient the future customer service, visit service facility in future Messaging: Education Messaging: Notices, special campaigns, welcome promotions for top messages, promotion for customers, incentives to visit first purchase website
  14. 14. Golden State Option ENEWSLETTER TECHNIQUES Recommendation:   Build an Opt-In Email list   Create a customized eNewsletter for your target audience with website touch points   Create a clean, simple, eNewsletter in order to prevent barriers to the acquisition of subscribers   Evaluate ESP to ensure it facilitates a proper list building initiative and eases management complexities and deliverability issues and metrics.   Recognize the value proposition in segmentation (view current customer list)   Integrate with social media channel, Facebook   Investigate integration opportunities with CRM
  15. 15. ENEWSLETTER ELEMENTS   Dear “Use Actual Name Here” with message: Here is your latest issue of __________(name of eNewsletter). Your one-stop shop for the latest news regarding product and promotions at Golden State Fire Apparatus   2 – 3 Consistent Content Categories (consider a series in one category)   Email the Editor   Share _______ (name of eNewsletter)   Contact a Sales Representative   Footer: View in Browser, Email Editor, Sales Representative, Change Email Address, Subscribe, Unsubscribe, Share ______   Clear Identity of eNews name – create a brand logo   Use Golden State Logo   Send both HTML and Text emails large % of people generally have images turned off by default)   Determine a Call To Action for every eNewsletter
  16. 16. ENEWSLETTER LAUNCH PLAN   Create an offline and online communication piece inviting to Opt-In to new email (go to website!)   First Issue including agreed categories and incentive.   Ex: Invite (and provide link) to go to Facebook and when they click “like” they get a VIP code for promotion (tbd)
  17. 17. HOW WILL WE MEASURE Confidential   Graph Trend Charts   Top 5 Links   Mail Spam Score Analysis   Test and Refine
  18. 18. ENEWSLETTER KEYS TO SUCCESS   90+% Delivered   20% – 30% Open Rate   90% Opt In with 1st Distribution   Unsubscribes and Bounces kept to a minimum   Click Throughs to Website   Calls To Actions are Met   ?   ?
  19. 19. INTERACTIVE 2010 PLAN – WHY ARE WE INVESTING? drive website traffic promote brand awareness encourage community engagement marketing drives results Embracing a variety of digital media platforms allows you to gain insight into customer attitudes and learn important truths about buying behavior as well as the evolving attitudes that will determine future buying behavior.”
  20. 20. INTEGRATED MARKETING PLAN Search Engines Website E-news with Facebook Blog Traditional Needs further Mrktg planning and discussion
  22. 22. 2010 BUSINESS /MARKETING CALENDAR – IN PROGRESS July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Business Opening of Service Facility? Marketing List events, communications, promotions, new facilities, etc.
  23. 23. ENEWSLETTER CONTENT   Let’stalk….   What’s New   Feature Departments   Golden State’s perspective on Industry News   How To’s   ?   ?   ?
  24. 24. 2010 EDITORIAL CALENDAR – IN PROGRESS July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Facebook Build Launch eNews Research Opt In First and Invite Issue Evaluate Web (Blog)
  25. 25. ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES – IN PROGRESS Name Facebook eNewsletter Blog How Often Daron Ryan Marie Jason Dawn
  26. 26. TIMELINE AND NEXT STEPS – IN PROGRESS Team modifies and approves direction June ____ Dawn to complete online competitive analysis Complete ground work for launch of Facebook and eNewsletter (evaluate ESP, speak with webmaster, review customer lists, review CRM, etc)