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Presentation by Kia Haring on Professional stakeholder communications in a customer project delivery from the Project Days in Helsinki 12-13.11.2013.

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Professional stakeholder communications in a customer project delivery | Tieto

  1. 1. Professional stakeholder communications © 2013 Tieto Corporation in a customer project delivery Kia Haring Head of Marketing Operations Tieto, Marketing
  2. 2. Table of contents 1. Project managers in key role in building company’s reputation 2. Communications as part of project delivery 3. Concrete communications deliverables 2 © 2013 Tieto Corporation
  3. 3. © 2013 Tieto Corporation Project managers in key role in building company’s reputation
  4. 4. Project managers together with top management- the most powerful channels for building reputation Effect: How much higher evaluations they give Trade fairs Website Powerful channels Press releases, publications Newsletters Customer seminars, events* Tieto upper management Visits** Tieto experts* Professional organizations, unions Customer service* Trade and news media Social media Reach: % of stakeholders who value the channel very/quite much (Source: Reputation survey 2012/ Tieto, Pohjoisranta) 4 Project manager* © 2013 Tieto Corporation * Customers only, **Media and investors only, ***Investors only Investor meetings***
  5. 5. © 2013 Tieto Corporation Communications as part of customer project delivery
  6. 6. Communications as part of customer project delivery - objectives 1. Selection of the pilot project To support the ”MORNING” project with professional stakeholder communications To gain understanding and experience for Tieto wide implementation of the communication model 6 © 2013 Tieto Corporation 2. After pilot – wider roll out of the communication model To deliver the benefits of the communication model to all projects that fulfil the criteria
  7. 7. Why MORNING project? Public visibility of the project – impact on Tieto’s reputation and future sales Lessons learned from earlier crises communications cases Project already ongoing – no expectations or objectives set for communications Communications responsibilities not yet agreed with the customer 7 © 2013 Tieto Corporation
  8. 8. © 2013 Tieto Corporation Concrete communications deliverables
  9. 9. Concrete communications deliverables Stakeholder communications – focus processes Communications plan Communications kit Frequently asked questions – and answers • Presentations in various events • Communications objectives and key messages • Presentation library • Frequestly asked questions – and answers • Meeting media representatives • Stakeholder analysis • Crises communications • Channel plan • Communication about project milestones • Key messages and tailored messages to various key stakeholders • Other stakeholder communications 9 © 2013 Tieto Corporation • Measurement • Background, objectives • Major milestones of the project plan • Objectives and key benefits • What is changing • Time schedule • Library always up-todate – a responsibility of the project communications officer
  10. 10. Example: Crises communications process 1. Informing project management and communications responsibles about the crises 6. Approval of the public statement by all parties 7. Public statement published / delivered 2. Establishment of the crises project team and nomination of the owner 5. Drafting a public statement about the situation together with the customer 8. Follow up of the public discussion and planning of further actions 3. Creating of a crises communication plan and establishing channels – starting communications 4. Informing the whole project team about the crises 9. Lessons Learned shared Communications responsible Other role responsible 10 © 2013 Tieto Corporation
  11. 11. Benefits of the customer project communications • Communications roles and responsibilities are clear to all • No double work, nothing falling in between the chairs • • Increased efficiency of operations – improved quality Transparency towards customer at all times Business owner Project owner Project manager and project team Minimizing risk of failure © 2013 Tieto Corporation Communications organization Increasing customer satisfaction Securing future sales opportunities 11 Sales responsible Minimizing reputation risk Securing project margin
  12. 12. Professional communications is appreciated... ”We really value the contribution of communications (organization).” ” High quality professional work .” Project head, MORNING project Project owner, MORNING project ”Tech information is transformed into relevant stakeholder communications. Improved communications within the project team drives increased commitment and engagement of the team members. We are able to support the customer in their own stakeholder communications.” Project communications officer, MORNING project 12 © 2013 Tieto Corporation
  13. 13. © 2013 Tieto Corporation