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Analysing six music videos


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Analysing six music videos

  1. 1. Ke$ha – We R Who We R This music video was directed by Hype Williams. The video changes with the pace of The genre of Kesha’s music is electro/pop. This the music. As there are jump-cuts comes through in the video as there is a that move quite fast with the verse-chorus which is repeated throughout the chorus. They have edited the scenes song. It is up-beat and appeals to a wide to the beat of the song. audience. The music video relates a lot to the lyrics of the song as Kesha imitates a lot of the lyrics. For example, when she sings, “Stockings ripped all up the side”, she shows her leggings which are ripped all up the side. She also has glitter on her eyes, “Got that glitter on my eyes”, and everyone is dancing, “Dancing like we’re dumb”. They promote revolution tequila when they are pouring it in the video. This promotes kesha as a crazy party animal as they are drinking and dancing which seems to be a rave. All of Kesha's videos are quite unique and strange. She is quite unique with her style. This may help her be remembered and recognised throughout the future keeping her successful. This video is more conceptual-based as they are dancing to a beat making kesha look fun and energetic. However there is also a performance-based element as it makes you want to dance giving you a in-concert experience. The male gaze theory is used in this video. The girls have minimal clothing and ripped leggings. Kesha also grabs her chest at one point. There is a shot where the camera follows Kesha’s and stroking her leg during, “Leggings ripped all up the side”. This shows that they are trying to attract both the male and female audience. Giving the males something enjoyable to watch and a life that a teenage girl may want (going out all the time and partying).
  2. 2. The Darkness – I Believe in a Thing Called Love I believe in a thing called love was directed by Alex Smith. The genre of their music is heavy metal. This shines through in the video as there are electric guitars, long hair and wacky outfits. When the lead singer sings, “Touching you, touching me”. He is on a love heart shaped bed touching himself. The video related to the lyrics. The video doesn’t cut to the beat. The song is quite loud and fast, whereas, the video goes to its own pace. Its quite mellow. However, they do show a solo of one of the band members playing an electric guitar. They show all the instruments, such as, the drums. This shows the genre of their music. There are links to the star theory as they are wearing unique leather one pieces. They also have long hair which fits in with the stereotype of heavy metal bands. The video is quite comical and can appeal the female gaze as there is a lot of rubbing of the six packs and sexual innuendoes. There is a lot of flesh shown in this video. For example, at the beginning of the video it shows the lead singer getting out of the bath naked with his bottom blurred. Its quite conceptual based as its enjoyable to watch and it shows his feelings towards love which could be seen as narrative based as he is expressing his love. However, it is also perform ace based due to the instrumental solos giving you an experience of being at a concert making you want to join in and dance.
  3. 3. Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland - Dilemma This is a narrative music video as they act out the lyrics and have a love story behind it, “Never been the type to break up a happy home”. It shows them looking at each other and that they want to be together but she has a boyfriend. The video sticks to the beat as is quite slow like the song. Nelly does a lot of narrative based videos that have a love story behind it. He is being sold as a cool, ladies man. But he is still loveable (the kind of man a girl would like). He doesn’t come across as too arrogant because in this music video he cant get the girl. This video was directed by Benny Boom. The genre of this music is rap/pop. The mise-en-scene show this and the song is aimed at a wide variety. There are lots of pretty girls in this video applying to the male gaze theory. Woman are wearing low tops and tight jeans. This shows that its attracting both male and female audiences as then males like to look at the woman and the girls enjoy watching a love story.
  4. 4. Sub Focus – Turn it Around ft. Kele This music video was directed by Bob Harlow. The genre of Sub Focus is house as they have an electronic sound. Typically the band do not appear in the video, which is normal for most house songs. The music changes with the pace of the music and is edited to cut to the beat. On the first drop in the song it jump-cuts to people dancing underground. There is no relationship between the video and lyrics which is quite unusual for music videos. However, it intrigues the audience as they want to know what happens. The close-ups of girls chests and behinds whilst dancing attract the male gaze. They are wearing crop tops and hot pants, so there is a lot of flesh exposed. I would say that this music video is more conceptual based video as they convey a sense of in-concert experience as there is bright lights and fast music. There is a mixture of shots, for instance, close-ups and wide-shots. The close-ups show the performers facial expression, getting across there emotions. The wide-shots let the audience see the scene and figure out where they are. This is particularly helpful in this video as it follows a girl around Japan. They sell a party lifestyle with adventure as she explores japan.
  5. 5. Michael Jackson - Thriller Michael Jackson has USP as he is known for his unique style and his good dancing. This links with the star theory. He was very popular when thriller came out, all the girls fancy him. He is portrayed as a gentleman in this video as he goes after the girl. This music video was directed by John Landis. The genre of Michael Jackson’s music is obviously pop as he is the ‘King of Pop’. There is a narrative which appeals to the audience and also a verse-chorus that is repeated. The lyrics link with the visuals as they watch a thriller and then it becomes real life in the music video. The video changes with the pace of the music. As the song picks up so does the video. It is performance based as there are dance moves giving you an in-concert experience. However, it is more narrative based as there is a story which the audience can follow. This music video seems to appeal more to the female audience as many girls had a crush on Michael Jackson. Hover the male audience can enjoy the narrative of the theme ‘Thriller’. There are wide-shots to set the scene and let he audience see what is happening. There are also close-ups to show emotions of the performers in the video. Michael Jackson has a unique look and is known for things, such as, wearing one glove on his right hand. This makes people want to buy tickets to his concert as he is so famous its almost like he is not real.
  6. 6. Britney Spears – …Baby One More Time This music video was directed by Nigel Dick. The genre of Britney Spears’ music is pop. Typically there is a verse-chorus structure which makes the song catchy and easy to remember. The music video stays with the pace of the song. There is a dance routine that is neither to fast or too slow. They dance to the beat. There are sloe-ups of Britney's face showing her emotion. There is a narrative to this as it shoes her emotions and she is thinking the lyrics. However, they do not act it out. The girls wear sexy outfits like small school uniforms and crop tops. This attracts the male audience. it has close ups of them dancing and their faces. They are all pretty girls. This music video is Britney's stereotype. Whenever there are parodies of her they are wearing school uniforms with bunches. It is manly performance based as there is a dance routine, however, there is some narrative because when Britney is in the car it shows a close up of her face implying that she is thinking what the lyrics are.