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Preparing Your Data for an Affirmative Action Plan: Promotions

Preparing your data for an Affirmative Action Plan is an essential component of your overall compliance strategy. In this presentation, we'll focus on how to prepare your promotions data.

Specifically, we'll discuss the kinds of data required, and talk about how and why bad or missing promotions data can render a data set useless for analysis purposes. Simple techniques for scrubbing data will be presented, and the webinar will conclude with a summary of common data validation tools.

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Preparing Your Data for an Affirmative Action Plan: Promotions

  1. 1. Preparing Your Datafor an Affirmative Action Plan: Promotions presented by Carla Irwin President of Carla Irwin & Associates and Stephanie R. Thomas, Ph.D. Founder and CEO of Thomas Econometrics
  2. 2. About the Webinar Series• “Getting Back To Basics”• Upcoming schedule: – 10/12: Termination – 10/26: Workforce Snapshot – 11/9: Applicant Flow – 11/30: Compensation
  3. 3. Overview• Data requirements• Missing data and its effects• Data scrubbing and validation
  4. 4. Required Data• Employee-level data• Fields to be populated – Employee Name/Number; – Race/Gender/Ethnicity; – From & To Characteristics • Job Title • EEO-1 & AA Job Group Code – Location; – Hire / rehire / termination/promotion dates – Type of promotion
  5. 5. Non-AAP Suggested Data• Expanded demographic information on other protected characteristics – Age – Disability status* – Veteran status* – Marital status – Sexual orientation
  6. 6. Required Documentation• Electronically-maintained information used in promotion decisions – Internal application process – Interview notes – Eligibility testing & screening results – Prior employment history / work experience – Any other information considered in the promotion process
  7. 7. Common Missing Data Points• Prior job information• Promotion date• Type of promotion• Internal promotion documentation• Comparators
  8. 8. Common Data Pitfalls• “PRO” versus “PAY” & “TRF”• Tap-on-the-shoulder systems and comparators• Feeder pools and comparators
  9. 9. Policy And Procedure Issues• Set promotion policy and procedure• Posting• Define promotion
  10. 10. The Effect of Missing Data• Bad Data = Bad AAP• Inaccurate conclusions – Where are your real issues?• Time / Expense / Resources – Internal cost – External cost• Audit & Litigation Issues
  11. 11. Data Scrubbing & Validation• What’s Our Promotion Policy?• Do We Have the Right People?• Do We Have the Right Codes?• Are We Consistent?• Where Are Our Data Gaps?
  12. 12. Data Scrubbing & Validation It’s an interactive process
  13. 13. Conclusion• Promotions are a window into the movement within your organizations. The analysis as part of your Affirmative Action Program can help identify barriers. – Analysis can only be meaningful if they’re based on clean and accurate data – Programs and training can only be effective if they’re based on accurate analysis
  14. 14. Carla Irwin President of Carla Irwin & Associates 815.254.0690 & Stephanie R. Thomas, Ph.D.Founder and CEO of Thomas Econometrics 215.642.0072