Rejuvenate in style at a thai destination spa


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Rejuvenate in style at a thai destination spa

  1. 1. Introduction Health Resorts & Retreats, or “Destination Spas,” provide custom pampering services for spa-goers who wish to regain their healthy habits. These facilities offer overnight stays and an array of rejuvenating activities for body, mind, and spirit, which are aimed at putting guests on the road to improved well-being. Clients of destination spas can partake in all-inclusive programs over the course of several days or even weeks, focusing on improving their overall welfare through health-promoting endeavors like yoga, therapeutic massage, fitness classes, beauty treatments, and more. The ultimate goal of these retreats is to create an oasis where stress is reduced, positive thinking is encouraged, and internal and external healing occurs. Chiva-Som International Health Resort
  2. 2. Introduction In Thailand, destination spas of the highest quality can be found in abundance. From Chiang Mai in the north, to centrally located Hua Hin, and southern island paradise Koh Samui, overseas visitors can indulge themselves in facilities where top spa specialists work their magic in pristine locations amid breathtaking scenery, and where the legendary Thai service standards will make you feel like royalty. Regaling oneself in life’s pleasures is at the heart of the health resort & retreat experience… Kamalaya Koh Samui
  3. 3. …and Thailand has mastered delivering this lavish enlightenment, making it possibly the world’s finest location for making renewed health your ultimate destination. Thailand is possibly the world’s finest location for making renewed health your ultimate destination. Chiva-Som International Health Resort Chiva-Som International Health Resort
  5. 5. POPULAR HEALTH RESORTS AND DESTINATION SPAS IN THAILAND As the name suggests, Absolute Sanctuary is a peaceful refuge of the highest order. Surrounded by lush vegetation just above the white sand beach of Koh Samui’s laid-back east side, the Moroccan-themed design of this destination… ABSOLUTE SANCTUARY, KOH SAMUI Absolute Sanctuary … spa offers luxury to coax you back into a healthy lifestyle. They take a holistic approach to wellness, imploring you to “give yourself the gift of well being” while proclaiming themselves “Thailand’s Premier Detox & Yoga Resort.” As such, one of their specialties is yoga, in different varieties like hot yoga, Hatha, Yin, restorative, Vinyasa flow, and meditative.
  6. 6. Their rejuvenation and detox programs come in several forms, and the most popular is their Signature Detox Package, which is a total-body cleanse inclusive of colon hydrotherapy, a customized diet that ranges from fasting to vegetarian, accommodation, wellness consultations, swimming in their immaculate pool facilities, plus herbal steams and fitness classes. They’ve recently been nominated for Best Destination Spa & Best Spa Retreat, and Best Spa Cuisine by the AsiaSpa Awards. Absolute Sanctuary Absolute Sanctuary POPULAR HEALTH RESORTS AND DESTINATION SPAS IN THAILAND
  7. 7. Break out the superlatives, because there are just so many great things to say about this award-winning spa - or “Haven of Life,” as its website reminds us. Over the past ten years, Chiva-Som is the world’s only destination spa to place top three in Conde Nast Traveler’s (UK) Readers’ Choice Awards, and with good reason. Visitors fall in love with the serene beauty of its lush tropical gardens, luxurious and stylish suites and pavilions, and spectacular ocean views. But it’s the charming service, exquisite facilities, restorative activities, and outstanding cuisine that really keep clients coming back for more. CHIVA-SOM INTERNATIONAL HEALTH RESORT, HUA HIN Chiva-Som International Health Resort POPULAR HEALTH RESORTS AND DESTINATION SPAS IN THAILAND
  8. 8. Enjoy all the usual accoutrements of the health resort experience - like massage, hydrotherapy, and fitness activities - only better. Or spend a relaxing day in the Niranlada Medi-Spa, which offers an assortment of age - defying dermatological procedures that you can add to your healthy retreat experience like laser skin rejuvenation, non-invasive face and neck lifts, and cellulite removal. Chiva-Som’s other awards include numerous top-5 and top-10 rankings from some of the world’s finest spa and travel publications. Chiva-Som International Health Resort POPULAR HEALTH RESORTS AND DESTINATION SPAS IN THAILAND
  9. 9. Health Oasis Resort is another beachfront health resort, located on the tropical island of Koh Samui offering a plethora of health & healing procedures, and specializing in fasting & cleansing programs, weight loss, stress relief, certified Thai massage courses, Thai Cooking classes, and yoga. Worldwide, they are one of the longest-established detoxification and weight loss health retreats, having been in existence since 1997. The resort itself features lovely beachfront bungalows set amid a garden of coconut palms and white sand. HEALTH OASIS RESORT, Koh Samui Health Oasis Resort POPULAR HEALTH RESORTS AND DESTINATION SPAS IN THAILAND
  10. 10. Totally relaxed and New Age, guests can while away the sunshine-filled days in healing sessions that feature acupuncture, naturopathy, and iridology, or meditate before their Swedish or Reiki massage, or Thai massage with aromatherapy. This spa concentrates on detoxifying, and its friendly staff and therapists and relaxed location ensure you’re in the right frame of mind. POPULAR HEALTH RESORTS AND DESTINATION SPAS IN THAILAND HEALTH OASIS RESORT, Koh Samui
  11. 11. With a unique location set amid the verdant forest of Northern Thailand and peaceful views of distant mountains adding to the serenity, Jirung Health Village, aka “The Ultimate Life Retreat,” focuses on refreshing the components that make us feel alive. Their treatments of the spiritual, mental, and physical being incorporate therapeutic techniques advanced through the centuries and improved by contemporary methods, and this health resort embraces the Buddhist veneration of wellness. Jirung Health Village Jirung Health Village JIRUNG HEALTH VILLAGE, CHIANG MAI POPULAR HEALTH RESORTS AND DESTINATION SPAS IN THAILAND
  12. 12. Here, guests partake in healthcare programs tailored to their specific needs, and health-conscious travelers come from near and far for the “medicine” of nutritional balancing, rejuvenating exercise, yoga, element-based spa treatments, and meditation. Jirung Health Village has been certified with the Prime Minister’s Export Award as “The Most Recognized Service Retreat,” and as one oft-quoted spa therapist observed, “This land is blessed with a healing energy.” Jirung Health Village POPULAR HEALTH RESORTS AND DESTINATION SPAS IN THAILAND
  13. 13. Offering a unique approach to personal health and well-being, Kamalaya offers holistic medicine and therapies from Eastern and Western medicine, and even hosts group retreats that include palm & tarot readings, abstract color therapy, singing bowls treatment, Nia dance classes, and more. For Kamalaya Koh Samui, its essence is articulated in its name… KAMALAYA KOH SAMUI, KOH SAMUI Kamalaya Koh Samui POPULAR HEALTH RESORTS AND DESTINATION SPAS IN THAILAND
  14. 14. …“Lotus (kamal)” and “Realm (alaya)” together express an ancient maxim for the maturation of the human spirit, and this destination spa reminds you to slow down and meditate on life. The award-winning resort is built around a cave which Buddhist monks once made a spiritual retreat, and the location on a tropical hillside overlooking the coast and outlying islands is stunning. Kamalaya Koh Samui POPULAR HEALTH RESORTS AND DESTINATION SPAS IN THAILAND
  15. 15. If you are searching for a personalized wellness retreat, Kamalaya’s naturopaths can create your own custom health program from a broad range of holistic practices, spa treatments, and healing therapies. The stylish and secluded Kamalaya Koh Samui accommodations feature Asian art and textiles creating serene and elegant living spaces, conducive to soothing the spirit. The resort has won numerous accolades including Spa Retreat of the Year 2012 from the AsiaSpa Awards, and Destination Spa of the Year - Asia & Australasia 2012 from the World Spa Awards. POPULAR HEALTH RESORTS AND DESTINATION SPAS IN THAILAND
  16. 16. Also enveloped by the green and blooming flora of Thailand’s Northern region, Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort is a restorative retreat for invigorating holistic healing. The Spa is the inspiration of Taoist Inner Alchemy Master Mantak Chia, whose wealth of experience in traditional Chinese and Thai medicine, Ayurveda, and Western medicine informs the resort’s various healing practices. It is famous for motivating the return to health of many international clientele, and for its organic cuisine and the cathartic Tao Garden Healthy Cooking Course. For travelers looking for something out of the ordinary in their efforts to attain radiant health, Tao Garden provides one of the world’s… TAO GARDEN HEALTH SPA & RESORT, CHIANG MAI POPULAR HEALTH RESORTS AND DESTINATION SPAS IN THAILAND
  17. 17. …most unique natural health spas, and is also known for its environmental consciousness, having been involved in water and energy conservation efforts and solid waste reduction policies for over 15 years. Recently, the Prime Minister of Thailand named Tao Garden the “Best Service Provider 2012,” and they received a 2013 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor, the online travel review site. Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort POPULAR HEALTH RESORTS AND DESTINATION SPAS IN THAILAND
  18. 18. Set on over 4.5 acres of prime beachfront property adjacent to the luxurious Hyatt Regency Hotel, THE BARAI is all about creating a special mood. Their approach involves bringing an atmosphere of peace and tranquility to bear through art and architecture, which provides the backdrop to what can only be described as the ultimate pampering journey. THE BARAI THE BARAI POPULAR HEALTH RESORTS AND DESTINATION SPAS IN THAILAND
  19. 19. This internationally recognized residential spa takes a holistic approach to wellness, with therapists trained in Ancient Thai practices who create custom treatments based on the elements of water, earth, air, and fire - for stress relief, restoring balance, purifying the mind and spirit, and increasing energy – each designed to suit your specific needs. THE BARAI Choose from eight exquisite residential suites and eighteen exotic treatment rooms designed to provide sanctuaries for your gratification activities. Like Chiva-Som, THE BARAI has received a litany of praise from industry experts, including a listing as one of the 30 Most Fascinating Resorts & Hotels from GM Style Magazine, and Best Resort Spa from the Asia Spa & Wellness Festival. POPULAR HEALTH RESORTS AND DESTINATION SPAS IN THAILAND
  21. 21. Located 700km northwest of Bangkok, Chiang Mai is the culturally-rich Northern capital, with over 300 ornate Buddhist temples, a busy arts scene, outstanding handicrafts shopping, delicious Northern-style cuisine, and close-proximity to many natural splendors like majestic Doi Suthep mountain and a variety of strikingly beautiful waterfalls. For visitors, several chic Thai-style boutique hotels have emerged in Chiang Mai, as have numerous top-flight medical clinics and hospitals, and of course health resorts and destination spas. CHIANG MAI
  22. 22. HUA HIN Simply put, this is a beach town, but it is sophisticated in its own special way. Close enough to BKK to feel near the action (about 150km south of the capital), but far enough away to ensure you’re out of the city environs, Hua Hin is known for its laid-back pace and pristine beaches, and it is home to several exclusive health & wellness resorts, providing overseas guests with the ultimate in medical tourism: wellness care, spa relaxation, and beach, all in one shot. Chiva-Som International Health Resort Chiva-Som International Health Resort
  23. 23. KOH SAMUI Fly to gorgeous Koh Samui from Bangkok in under an hour and experience gentle ocean breezes, white sand, and lush tropical gardens during your healthcare holiday. This is truly a place with something for everyone, of all budgets, and that holds true for destination spas, too. Accommodations run the gamut on this island paradise, and the health resorts & retreats abound, perfectly complementing a laid-back beach holiday. Anantara Bophut Resort & Spa
  24. 24. POPULAR HEALTH RESORTS IN THAILAND Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort
  25. 25. Jirung Health Village Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort The Spa Resort Chiang Mai Jirung Health VillageTao Garden Health Spa & Resort POPULAR HEALTH RESORTS (CHIANG MAI)
  26. 26. Chiva-Som International Health Resorts /hua-hin-thailand THE BARAI Chiva-Som International Health Resorts POPULAR HEALTH RESORTS (HUA HIN)
  27. 27. Absolute Sanctuary /index.html Health Oasis Resort Kamalaya Koh Samui New Body and Mind Retreat Center Absolute Sanctuary Kamalaya Koh Samui POPULAR HEALTH RESORTS (KOH SAMUI)
  28. 28. Atsumi Retreat healing Center Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellness Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellness POPULAR HEALTH RESORTS (PHUKET)
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