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Digital brochure tat final

  1. 1. THE LITTLE BIG PROJECTVolunteer Vacation in Thailandwww.thelittlebigprojectthailand.comGive a LITTLEGain a LOT
  2. 2. THE LITTLE BIG PROJECT, A Purposeful VacationThe modern traveler is often looking for more than just fun & sun from theirholidays abroad, and Volunteer Tourism, or Voluntourism, is one popularoption.Observingthisgrowingtrendinthetravelindustry,theTourismAuthorityofThailand(TAT)hasthusinitiatedadigitalmarketingcampaigncalled“TheLittle Big Project” which hopes to attract those looking for “A PurposefulVacation”.“The Little Big Project” is a Volunteer Tourism campaign funded by theTourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), to inspire worldwide travelers to takea Volunteer vacation in Thailand. This will give you an opportunity to dosomething meaningful while on holiday, You will be amazed how little canmake such a BIG difference, and to have a life changing experience foryourself and make a better world for others.PROJECT BACKGROUND2 Voluntourism : Give a Little Gain a Lot
  3. 3. 1. Activity : Responsible Eco-Tourism and Marine Conservation, PhuketProvider:About : Eco-tourism Volunteers in this project in Phuket contribute to sustainableeco-tourism and wildlifeconservation in marine projects. They have the rare opportunityto observe a wide variety of Thai marine life, including turtles, manta rays, moray eels,sharks,coral fish and corals. These projects are suitable for volunteers interested inhelping local communities preserve marine wildlife and to gain an extra income in doingso. Skilled divers may participate in dive surveys.2. Activity : Community Development along the Beach, Phang NgaProvider:About : Andaman Discoveries is continuing to reach out to conscientious travelers,making it possible to have a meaningful village experience through exceptionalserviceandcomprehensivesupportmaterials.Their14-dayvolunteersgivetravellerstheopportunity to experience and participate in numerous worthwhile activities.These include sea grass monitoring and conservation; mangroves seedlings collectionand planting; learning the Moken people’s cultural “Ronggeng Dance”; and conductingservices at a Burmese school in the area.VOLUNTEER TRIP IDEA IN THAILANDECO TOURISM3 Voluntourism : Give a Little Gain a Lot
  4. 4. 4. Activity : Island Marine Conservation with PADI Certification, Surat ThaniProvider:About : As a volunteer you will start every day by attending a lecture on your course ofaction for the day. Following this you will proceed to your diving duties; whilst diving youwill be responsible for identifying species, monitoring the reefs, underwater clean-ups,and reef restoration.VOLUNTEER TRIP IDEA IN THAILAND3.Activity:MarineConservation,KohTaluProvider:About : Volunteer Program Activities include: Making artificial coral reef; collectingturtle’seggsforincubation;turtleconservation;collectingtrashontheisland;divingandcollecting coral reef branches; operating a blue crab “bank”; mangrove planting; andworkingwith hearing and speech-impaired children.Among the countless leisure program activities available are trekking; bicycle touring inBangSaphancity;visitingWatBoatMountainandenjoyingtheviewfromthemountain’speak; touring a gold-panning village; and making traditional Thai ornaments by hand.ECO TOURISM4 Voluntourism : Give a Little Gain a Lot
  5. 5. 5.Activity: Coral Conservation Dive Course, Koh TaoProvider:About : The program is designed to give participants a hands-on approach to learningabout the coral reef environmentandawiderangeofresearchandrestorationtechniquesused by professionals around the world. Reef research and monitoring is the only way toget a true idea of what the problems are and what needs to be done to alleviate them.Aftertheproblemhasbeenidentifiedwecanstarttoreducethedamagewithvariouscoralrestoration activities. traditional Thai ornaments by hand.VOLUNTEER TRIP IDEA IN THAILANDECO TOURISM5 Voluntourism : Give a Little Gain a Lot
  6. 6. 1.Activity: Community Development for Hill Tribes and Children, Chiang RaiProvider:About : The training activities which the volunteers will perform with them includeimproving agricultural knowledge and workingskills in the areas of vegetable gardening,welding,buildingandembroidery,asawaytoprovidethechildrenwithbetteropportunitiesfor their future independence and livelihood.VOLUNTEER TRIP IDEA IN THAILANDCOMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT6 Voluntourism : Give a Little Gain a Lot2.Activity: Engage, Suport and Teach ChidrenProvider:About: Yourtimespentatthecenterwillassistimprovingthechildren’ssocialinteractionand hopefully develop some basic social skills, which they can use in daily life. Themajority of these children do not have much interaction with other people, apart fromtheir family and staff at the center. Improving their social interaction skills, improves theirquality of life and what they get out of it.Your time is invaluable to help the children get used to and enjoy the company of others;this will greatly improve the confidence and behavior of the children, making their timeat the school much more rewarding.
  7. 7. VOLUNTEER TRIP IDEA IN THAILANDCOMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT4.Activity: Children’sPrograms,NorthernThailandProvider:About : Volunteers will plan and lead activities with children in orphanages andrescuecenters.ActivitiesmightincludeteachingEnglish,reading,artsandcrafts,sportsandgames,singing,dancing,meditation,andotherwisegivingcare,attentionandlovetochildren who are often starved of such basic necessities. The children’s program isalways combined with community development tasks that will directly benefit thechildren, usually by improvingtheir living conditions. Volunteers have built libraries,classrooms, sleeping quarters, refurbished rooms and other structures inorphanages,painted murals, constructed and managed community gardens, planted fruit trees, andmuch more.3.Activity: Volunteer Healthcare Program, SurinProvider:About: Our volunteers aim to provide support to the rural people of Thailand by provid-ing medical care all year round as in Thai rural areas people either have very less accessor no access at all to medical assistance. Sometime they don’t even have the moneyto pay the transportation to the clinics leave paying for their medical services which ourvolunteers provide them at their door. Our volunteers work alongside existing medicalservice providers such as the local hospital and the satellite health clinics.7 Voluntourism : Give a Little Gain a Lot
  8. 8. VOLUNTEER TRIP IDEA IN THAILANDCOMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT5.Activity: Volunteer & Cross Cultural Training - prepare for success, Northern & Southern ThailandProvider:About: A“globalmindset”,anopenmind,iswhatyouneedtobesuccessful.Itmeansbeingcapable of adjusting to different environments and to have the ability to work well withpeople from other countries. Without a global mindset it is easierto deal with culturaldifferences and unexpected situations. Our training is focused on boosting your crosscultural skills and to make you feel comfortable over seas even when sometimes gettingout of your comfort zone. Your first step to successful volunteering is to join our trainingin Thailand. Your second step is to join an amazing grass roots project in Southeast Asia!6.Activity: CommunityBuildingProjectsforRural MinorityGroups,ChiangRaiProvider:About: Manual support and development is essential to increase the standards of livingfor the rural and hill tribe communities of Northern Thailand. Your duties on the projectwill be to assist in the areas which are in need of hands on work. This may includebuilding water tanks, checking dams, building and painting classrooms, assistingin the agricultural project, developing the vegetable garden, working on a plantation,helpingwithroadrepairs,workingonthemaintenanceofelderlyvillagershomes,buildingfor the elderly, assisting in developing the office or making bricks. These activities are alldependent on funding at the time of your project and will be structured at least a monthbefore your arrival.8 Voluntourism : Give a Little Gain a Lot
  9. 9. VOLUNTEER TRIP IDEA IN THAILANDCOMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT7.Activity: Thai Summer Volunteer Adventure - Discover Amazing Thailand !, Bangkok and KhaoYai, NakornRatchasimaProvider:About : Volunteering Solutions offers an exciting opportunity for the you to discoverThailand in just 3 weeks, from the bustling streets of Bangkok through to the beauty ofcommunity life in our elephant village; experience it all. Along with enjoying the sights,sounds, people and sometimes the smells of Thailand you will be a hands on volunteermaking a genuine difference.8.Activity: Helping teach English in a Thai schoolProvider:About : Learning and improving English - particularly spoken English - is the highestpriority of requests for assistance from Thai schools and universities.We organise andsupportplacementsforvolunteersasteachingassistantsforEnglishlanguage.Placementscan be from a few weeks to several months.9 Voluntourism : Give a Little Gain a Lot
  10. 10. VOLUNTEER TRIP IDEA IN THAILANDCOMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT9.Activity: ProjectHope (assistingorphanagesinworkingtowardsbettersocialintegration)Provider:About : We provide support to orphanages, homes for the disabled, and other needyinstitutions through the donation of basic suppliessuch as food, clothing, educationalmaterial,andhygieneproducts.WealsooffereducationalprogramsthatincludeEnglishclasses, arts and crafts, and mentoring and life-skills training.10 Voluntourism : Give a Little Gain a Lot
  11. 11. VOLUNTEER TRIP IDEA IN THAILANDRESCUED WILDLIFE1.Activity: Caring for rescued wildlife, PetchburiProvider:About: the Wildlife Center program you get the chance to learn about many differentspecies of wildlife, and get to know the stories behind the animals. We have a stricthands-off policy with the animals, but you do get the chance to get to know their individualbehavior and quirks.At the Elephant Refuge Program you help take care of the elephants with the permanentstaff. This involves preparing the fruit bowls, harvesting the banana trees and pineappleplants, cleaning their enclosures, and, the most fun, showering the elephants and takingthem on their walks. 2.Activity:Marine Research & Rescue Project, TrangProvider:About: Joining the project as a volunteer training researcher you will basically learneverything about research work on marine mammals. After the first days of training onspecies identification, standard operation procedures, safety, GPS use and use of theboat you will be ready to join the team on board of one of our boats.11 Voluntourism : Give a Little Gain a Lot
  12. 12. VOLUNTEER TRIP IDEA IN THAILANDRESCUED WILDLIFE3.Activity: Thailand turtle research volunteering, Southern ThailandProvider:About : The setting is beautiful: first thing in the morning, as the sun rises over the oceanyou walk the golden sand beach, fringed with palm trees, checking for nests that havebeenlaidovernight,collectingdataonthesenestsandprotectingtheeggsfrompredators.Afteragoodheartybreakfast,youtakeuppositiononaloftyheadlandoverlookingthesea,monitoringforturtleactivityoutatsea.Yourafternoonwillstartwithsharingtheinformationthatyouhavegleaned,beforeyoucanrelaxintheperfectlyclearglimmeringwaters-eitherenjoyingsomesnorkelling,diving,swimming,orevenjustreadingyourbookonthebeach.4.Activity: Wildlife Conservation, Southern ThailandProvider:About : One of the key components to maximizing our achievements andcreating a lasting impact in Thailand is that on each wildlife conservationproject, ISV volunteers do more than just work with animals. Volunteers havealso spent time helping to educate tourists and locals along popular touristbeaches, visiting local schools and reaching out to communities. In Hill Tribevillages, volunteers assist with community development projects (building roads, toiletblocks, water tanks, etc.), educating local communities (e.g., teaching English,educatingabout illegal poaching, conservation and humane animal practices, etc.) andencouraging sustainable development practices.12 Voluntourism : Give a Little Gain a Lot
  13. 13. DISCLAIMEROUR SPONSORSOUR PARTNERSDISCLAIMER:The information on this digital brochure, including products andservices,hasbeencollectedfromtravelsuppliers’ownwebsites.Workshops,activitiesarethesoleresponsibilityofthesuppliers.Therefore,wecannotverifythe accuracy of all content nor can we guarantee that information will not bechanged without prior notice. Please check the accuracy of the informationwith the relevant supplier before making use of it.13 Voluntourism : Give a Little Gain a Lot