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Rubina powerpoint

  1. 1. HEALTH SPA Rubina Apoian Cultural and Visual Anthropology Dr. Leanna Wolfe September 25, 2013
  2. 2. INTRO A health spa is a fitness and wellness center with an importance on improving health through spa treatments and healthy activities. Health spas have different services, from water therapy to exercise classes, all for relaxing and healthy living. Health spas have existed for thousands of years, going all the way back to a time when natural springs were thought to have healing properties.
  3. 3. WATER Water has been a symbol of purification. Ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Celtic societies all used ritual baths for restoring health and purifying the spirit, and cleansing the body. Some waters have healing properties. Pilgrims would travel for thousands of miles to bathe at a particular spring believed to cure illness.
  4. 4. WELLNESS Today, the ancient tradition of ritual and health- oriented bathing is continued at health spa facilities. Unlike beauty spas, health spas are usually geared toward overall fitness and wellness, as well as spiritual cleansing and relaxation. Many people use health spas as a means of stress relief to help balance their daily lives.
  5. 5. SERVICES • Services offered at a health spa are different everywhere. Some rely on an existing spring for a natural source of hot water or cold water, while others pipe municipal waters into spa grounds. Water-based treatments such as steam rooms, saunas, whirlpools, and baths are a big part of a health spa.
  6. 6. IMPROVEMENT • Many health spas offer many spa services for relaxing and improving the body. Massage therapy, skin and body improvement treatments such as facials and body wraps, and specialty baths are all common services found at a health spa. Some spas may offer combination packages for a full body experience, or special treatment options for couples and bridal parties.
  7. 7. HEALTH • Since the philosophy at many health spas promotes total body health, many offer exercise and fitness facilities to increase physical well-being. Classes, like yoga, dance and Pilates may be available for both groups and individuals. Some can offer traditional workout equipment, including weights, training machines, treadmills, stationary bikes and free weights.
  8. 8. COED SPA • Health spa etiquette can be confusing to spa novices, and may change from spa to spa. Specific areas can be co-ed, while others may be reserved for one gender only. In some spas, certain areas are also clothing optional. It would be smart to talk to staff members regarding any questions about proper attire or rules to help make a relaxing environment.
  9. 9. DETOXIFICATION • Over time, the human body can increase waste and buildup due to a poor environment and what we eat. At a spa, massage, fat-flushing herbal remedies, body wraps, organic facials are part of the detox process. Sauna sessions, steam baths, and bubbling mud baths also help in removing toxins. Detoxification can be available for those suffering from addictions to drugs, alcohol and smoking. Trained medical professionals and spa staff are available to help treat people with specialized care.
  10. 10. STRESS RELIEF • Since everyone in America is stressful, most health spas welcome guests with the sound of tranquil water trickles. Aromatherapy candles fill each room with a fragrance like citrus and yin and yang. Heated stones can be used during massages to reduce stress.
  11. 11. SPA TREATMENT • When booking a spa treatment, it can be hard to choose between one day or even a week. Some spas offer daily treatments, while others have a minimum three-day booking. Some even offer 7-14 days. The longer treatments may include detox or combine other activities like whitewater rafting, hiking or visiting area landmarks.