Natural healing well spa 2013


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Natural healing well spa 2013

  1. 1. a Relief, Regain, Rejuvenate… Natural Healing
  2. 2. STATEMENT Naturally life style into hand work. We will use herbal, natural healing to make us more healthy We combine the history or western healing and traditional Chinese medicine healing Provide a healthy life style
  3. 3. Relax into one of our WellSPA Medical Spa Signature Therapeutic Massages  You deserve to relax. It’s not some cute slogan. It is our belief and the foundation of our mission.  At WellSPA Medical Spa, we don’t try to up-sell you to a “better” massage. We are committed to helping you relax and restore in each and every session. Therefore we customize each massage to your needs.  We may incorporate a number of massage modalities based on your needs during that session
  4. 4. OUR MISSION We will promote healthier lifestyle and more relax environment for our clients relieve stress, pain management, and health issues.
  5. 5. Services We offer a variety of services and elevations to help you live your life become better. We invite you to explore these services and learn more about their benefits to you and the experience you can expect at WellSPA. WellSPA has formulated a proprietary blend of all natural products with the finest, most healing ingredients. We use these products in every treatment, every time, providing our Guests with the most therapeutic, healing properties on earth because your massage shouldn't just feel good. It should be good for you. Specializing in Holistic Medicine including: Chinese Medicine Chiropractic, Massage, Acupuncture and Natural Weight Management, Core Strengthening, and Posture Program
  8. 8. Our Service-What we can do for you Migraine and Headache “Frozen Shoulder”, “Tennis Elbow” Sciatica and low back pain Osteoarthritis Trigeminal Neuralgia Facial palsy (early stage) Paresis following stroke Peripheral neuropathies Meniere’s Disease Nocturnal enuresis Cervicobrachial syndrome More……
  9. 9. Do you have feeling like these?
  10. 10. What we will take care about
  11. 11. Life style Massage Traditional, China Kyoto, Japan Thailand, Royal Jiangnan Style, South Korea Sweden Ayurveda, India Aromatherapy, French
  12. 12. Medical style Massage
  13. 13. NUTRITION CONSULTING Product  NUTRITION CONSULTING  Natural Herbal (Medicine): Hypertension Headache  Organic Tea  Gentleman Energy Power : Kidney deficiency
  14. 14. What is Chinese Herbal Medicine? What is Chinese Herbal Medicine? Herbal medicine is a major component of traditional Oriental medicine, a comprehensive health care system used for over 3,000 years in China and throughout the world today. Oriental medicine views the body as a dynamic, interrelated whole (mind, body, spirit) possessing a life force or vital energy called qi or chi (pronounced "chee"). Health depends on the free flow of qi. When disease occurs, therapy is applied to restore the balance and flow of the qi in the body and help the body heal itself. Chinese herbal medicine is actually composed of over 5,000 plant, mineral and animal substances. Usually herbs are combined into formulas that address the main health problem and support the mind-body system.
  15. 15. What to Expect At an Herbal Consultation The Chinese herbal practitioner will take a comprehensive history of the patient's general health and specific complaint, look at the tongue and take the pulse in order to form an Oriental medicine diagnosis. After completing an evaluation, the practitioner may recommend an herbal formula consisting of several herbs. It is also possible that a Western medicine consultation and treatment may be recommended as well.
  16. 16. Chinese Herbal Medicine
  17. 17. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY- You deserve enjoy and maintenance of GENTLEMAN’s energy. Energy massage: It’s a massage that is based on energy healing. They are focused on the belief that the human body contains many levels of energy, when stimulated through various techniques, will promote overall health and wellbeing. Help you gain a better understanding of your inner self and its design to balance the energy of the body. Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal ourselves, once we connect with our body physically and mentally, our body will guide us to the appropriate treatment. Benefits of energy massage: -reduce stress -reduce anxiety -reduce pain -prevent future pain
  18. 18. Natural Lifestyle Program  Taiqi  Qigong  Dao  Chinese Culture  China Shufa
  19. 19. Members Experience the Privileges of Membership Every guest we serve is an honored guest. Many of our guest choose WellSPA Medical Spa Membership. Why? Because our Members are committed to regular massages as an essential part of their well-being and healthy lifestyle. We eat well to feel better. We work out to energize the body. We get massages to restore the body and revive the mind. Choosing Membership means you can look forward to monthly massages…which means you are more likely to take that time for yourself.
  20. 20. We have expanded our team, adding WellSPA Medical Spa Skin Therapists Our Professional Skin Therapists are licensed and trained on natural products and procedures for Skin Treatments at the International Dermal Institute. You deserve to relax...and restore...your face. Our Essential Custom Facials Include:  Anti-Aging  Clear Skin  Sensitive Skin  Skin Brightening
  21. 21. Services That We Offer  Massages  facials,  Body wraps  Pedicures and manicures  Ear candling  Eyelash perming, tinting  Eyebrow waxing, waxing for women and men, back and chest waxing, leg and arm waxing, bikini waxing, and brazilian waxing
  22. 22. What you will see…
  23. 23. Caring for the environment is an important part of your massage experience  Biodegradable lotions and massage oils  Smoke-free work environment  Rechargeable battery-operated faux candles  Paper recycling  Plastic recycling  Earth-friendly retail products  Recyclable plastic retail packaging  Non-toxic cleaning supplies  VOC-free (Volatile Organic Compound free) paint finishes
  24. 24. Our Professional Team
  25. 25. Customers review The Best In St.Louis
  26. 26. WellSPA WellSPA WellPA Chiropractic Massage Herbal-Medicine Aesthetics Chiropractic Massage Herbal-Medicine Aesthetics Chiropractic Massage Herbal-Medicine Aesthetics Chiropractic Services Signature Wellness Massage Gentle spinal adjustments & re-alignment to create whole body health. Consultation: FREE Adjustment ~ $65 New Patient Exam ~ $99 Est. Patient~
  27. 27. Life style Massage Ask about our membership discount! Signature Wellness Massage 60 min $ 68 90 min $ 98 120min $ 118 Community Introductory Massage (first time visitors only) 50 min for only $45 Deep Tissue Neuromuscular Treatment 60 min $ 88 90 min $ 118 120min $ 138 Qigong Tuinan 60 min $ 88 Hot Tub (therapeutic herb) 20 Min $45 Heated Stone Massage 60 min $ 88 90 min $118 120min $ 138 Prenatal Massage 50 min $ 68 Reiki Energywork Treatment 30 min $ 48 Senior Massage 65+ 40 min $ 33
  28. 28. Chiropractic Services Ask about our membership discount! Gentle spinal adjustments & re-alignment to create whole body health. Consultation: FREE Adjustment ~ $65 New Patient Exam ~ $99 Est. Patient~ $ 168
  29. 29. Esthetician Services Ask about our membership discount! The Spa Facial 50 min $95.00 Custom Anti – Aging Revitalizing Facial 50 min $95.00 The Spa Gentleman’s Facial 50 min $80 The Spa Back Facial 30 min $70.00 The Spa Teenage Facial 45 min Ages 12-17. $55.00 The Spa Refresher Facial 30 min $55.00 Microdermabrasion Facial 50 min $135.00 Peel 30 min $85.00
  30. 30. Police, Fire, EMS, Military & Teacher Discount & 10% off all services with ID $60.00 for 50 min for many of the above procedures. 1 week per-customer please (This rate is non-transferable and only to the person that is employed as a Police officer, EMS personnel and Military Service or Teacher. For all your dedication of hard work and service that you provide. We apologize that the special rate does not extend to family members or friends. Thank You once again.)
  31. 31. a WellSPA & Team Natural Healing Medical Spa Add: 8363 Olive Blvd Saint Louis, MO 63132 16455 # B Village Plaza View Dr, Wildwood, MO 63011 636-686-0899 Natural Healing