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  2. 2. Our  Vision   WELLB is a unique concept that combines Western Technologies, Holistic Medicine, Eastern Remedies, Beauty, lots of fun surrounded by a outstanding design, serene atmosphere, great friendly service Healthy Living Our Purpose is to free you of any limitation through the balance of outer and inner self Outstanding Personalized Customer Service
  3. 3. Our  Story  &  Philosophy   •  WELLB is a management and Wellness Centre Operator brand. •  WELLB is a new integrative approach to a better lifestyle. •  Our Philosophy is to look and evaluate the human being as a whole i.e. body, mind and soul •  Our approach is a combination of Western Medicine and Technological Knowledge together with Eastern wisdom modalities and remedies.
  4. 4. Our  Concept  Basis   Professional   Fitness   Services   Innovative   Programs   Modalities   Complimentary   Education   Holistic   Medicine   Modalities   Nutritiona Exquisite   l   Design   advisory   F&B   Beauty   Concept  
  5. 5. WELLB   WELLNESS  CONCEPTS   “WELLB Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa ” Usually located in Hotel Resorts, City Hotels, Retreat Hotels, Boutique Hotels or free standing. This Concept is a combination of Western Technologies with Eastern Remedies and basis such as Complimentary Medicine Diagnostics, Treatments, Energy Medicine, Rehabilitation treatments, Sport Injuries, Spa Services, Fitness, Education, Soul and Mind re-balancing, Nutrition “WELLB Holistic SPA” Usually located in Hotel Resorts, City Hotels, Retreat Hotels, Boutique Hotels or free standing. This Concept is a combination of Pampering treatment for those who try to escape the daily routine
  6. 6. WELLB   WELLNESS  CONCEPTS   “WELLB Energy” Usually located in CBD areas, very small centre but efficient. This concept provide not invasive treatment such as laser acupuncture, acupressure, sound treatment, Chakra balancing treatments, Beauty Treatments,Ying & Yang balance, stress management treatments
  8. 8. WELLBWELLNESS  SANCTUARY  &     HOLISTIC  SPA  CONCEPT   •  A Sanctuary/Wellness Centre where we will bring customers close to Nature and experience personalized service and attention to details. •  A Serene location where customers spend their holiday and find their inner-self by experiencing nature’s power and beauty, spa, complimentary medicine treatment, detox and most important lifestyle education and prevention. •  Strategically located where you can spend quality time with family and our friendly staff.
  9. 9. WELLBWELLNESS  SANCTUARY  &   HOLISTIC  SPA  CONCEPT   •  The flow of water without borders. A healing journey through the wisdom of the ages. •  Rooted in the timeless healing traditions of the world's richest cultures, Wellb’s Wellness Centre and Spas are designed to restore balance and harmony between body and mind in an oasis of beauty, grace and tranquility. Intoxicating aromas of the world's most exotic elixirs and oils are used in treatments designed to deliver radiance, healing and a quiet sense of inner and outer well-being. •  Walk along cool stones, the path of water leading you to a soothing sanctuary. seamlessly integrates lush tropical greenery and soothing water gardens, creating a harmonious environment for signature spa treatments and Ayurvedic healing rituals.
  10. 10.  WELLB  WELLNESS  SANCTUARY  &   HOLISTIC  SPA  CONCEPT   •  Guests will enjoy the many pampering treatments from the spa menu, each one highlighting the  natural elements of  Southeast Asia. For example, banana and pumpkin body polish nourishes the skin and Thai spice aromatherapy enhances your sense of well-being during a relaxing massage. All suites should be set within individual courtyards surrounded by verdant gardens, and accented by an outdoor terrazzo bath and a dual alfresco rain shower. •  From ancient Ayurvedic massage therapy and dosha-balancing colour therapy steam baths to body butter skin nourishing and hydrating facials that use ancient Thai herbal recipes, the menu at the renowned Wellb will have the perfect rejuvenating ritual for every body - and soul. •  Freedom to explore. An invitation to imagine. The Wellb Experience is an immersion in the culture, heritage and natural beauty of some of the most enchanting destinations in the world. Follow us on a journey rich with local colour, luxurious surroundings and gracious service and discover the art of the Wellb Experience.
  11. 11.  WELLB  WELLNESS  SANCTUARY  &   HOLISTIC  SPA  CONCEPT Concepts •  5 Star Wellness Centre •  Energy Treatment •  Fully Equipped State of •  Relaxing and serene Art Wellness Centre environment providing Eastern and Western natural •  Luxury surroundings treatments •  Healthy Restaurant •  Fitness and Spa Facilities •  Swimming Pool •  Energy Treatment •  Yoga /Thai Chi/ Meditation Centre
  12. 12.  WELLB  WELLNESS  SANCTUARY  &     HOLISTIC  SPA  CONCEPT "I feel and look years younger and my confidence is back!" The Wellness Consultation makes people aware of health and well-being and doubles the commitment to better take care of them selves. Our Team will provide guidance to better lifestyle and optimal health Surrounded by the inspiring beauty of nature. Our Wellness Consultation is specifically designed to help you create your ideal experience. Provide Holistic Medicine treatments . Provide new practices for enhancing lifestyle in all dimensions. Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa, where a diversity of therapies, programs, and retreats are offered.
  13. 13. WELLB  WELLNESS  SANCTUARY  &     HOLISTIC  CONCEPT  SPA Holistic Medicine Offers holistic medicine and complementary therapies from Eastern and Western traditions and promotes wellness as a harmonious integration of body, mind and spirit. The following modalities will be available: Traditional Chinese Medicine •  is the contemporary version of China's more than 3,000 year old medical system originating in Taoist philosophy. Acupuncture - Cupping  Naturopathy •  combines a wide array of natural healing intervention and diagnostic techniques to promote optimal health and to treat as well as prevent disease. Herb Remedies ,Colon Hydrotherapy Conventional Medicine •  licensed medical centre where appointments are available with a Medical Doctor for any health concerns, including women's health checks and general annual health checks.
  14. 14. WELLBWELLNESS  SANCTUARY  &   HOLISTIC  SPA  CONCEPT Homeopathy •  uses minute doses of a substance to stimulate the body's vital force. This ancient healing art allows the body to balance and heal itself instead of fighting or suppressing symptoms. Nutritional Guidance •  Nutrition plays a major role in restoring and maintaining health and individualized nutritional advice is available. Diagnostic Procedures •  includes standard holistic and medical tests to determine blood pressure, heart rate, body mass index and nutritional status with further testing for allergies, toxicity, liver and thyroid disorders and more. Holistic Therapies •  Nurture and balance yourself with a range of therapies including: Ayurveda, Cranio Sacral, Sound, Reiki , Lymphatic 
  15. 15. WELLB  WELLNESS  SANCTUARY  &   HOLISTIC  SPA  CONCEPT   Detox •  "You can never stop trying to purify yourself, improve yourself, strengthen yourself, and cultivate the sacred that is inside you." - Deng Ming-Dao •  Improve your energy levels •  Increase metabolism •  Enhance weight loss •  Restore your digestive system •  Cleanse your liver and colon •  Balance your hormones •  Boost your immunity
  16. 16. WELLB  WELLNESS  SANCTUARY  &   HOLISTIC  SPA  CONCEPT     Approach to detox Detox Programs and Retreats are research-based and bring medical science and holistic therapies together. The outcome is a very safe and comprehensive detox experience with long lasting, effective results. Toxins are safely removed from the body with nutritional and herbal support to reduce side-effects. The beautiful and inspiring natural surroundings further accentuate your experience, connecting you to the healing power of nature.
  17. 17. FITNESS  &  HOLISTIC  SPA   FACILITIES   Customer Recreational areas Wet areas (Ying & Yang) Jacuzzi Infrared Sauna Steam Bath Hot Spring source Please note that the above figures are based on International Standards
  18. 18. FITNESS  FACILITIES   Yoga •  "Yoga is an exact science. It aims at the harmonious development of the body, the mind and the soul. May you shine as a dynamic yogi!" -Swami Sivananda "Yoga is a profound art and science developed thousands of years ago. Through the practice of yoga, body mind and heart are united awakening the spiritual energy within. " Today, people are exploring yoga for many reasons. These range from managing stress, to preventative health measures, healing the body and quieting the mind. The surrounding will provide a perfect place for your yoga practice, with its resources ranging from the semi-outdoor hilltop Yoga Pavilion and open Yoga Sala to the enclosed Yantra Hall. In-house yoga instructors offer personal and group yoga classes and regular programs for both novice and advanced practitioners. Styles offered are Ashtanga Vinyasa, Kundalini, and Hatha, along with pranayama, sound yoga and meditation. Extensive menu of complementary therapies and holistic medicine provides extra support to your yoga practice.
  24. 24. HOLISTIC  SPA  FACILITIES   This concept is combination of Natural products, herbs, ingredients combined together for the part one purpose only, to make people feel very relax, enjoy their quiet times with our soothing bath or recharge their battery by trying our revitalizing treatments. Our SPA menu has a large variety of services for everybody, any necessity will be fulfilled, if our SPA Menu might not be suitable for some, we can customize the treatment according the individuals.
  25. 25. HOLISTIC  SPA  FACILITIES   SPA Sample Packages Day Spa package for 150 minutes: Asian Foot and Hand massage Private Herbal steam Herbal Bath Indian Head massage Healthy Detox Menu International SPA Cuisine Day Spa package for 210 minutes: Oil Lathering Private Herbal Steam Exfoliating Body Scrub Herbal Bath Vital Essence Oil Massage Healthy Detox Menu International Cuisine
  26. 26. HOLISTIC  SPA  FACILITIES   Massage Services: drawing from a range of cultural and therapeutic options, such as Swedish, Thai, Indonesia, Balinese, Shiatsu and Aromatherapy. Wet & Dry Body Treatments: Exfoliation, Masks and Wraps. Hydrotherapy: Hydrobath, Vichy Showers, Rain Showers, Power Jets, Floatation, Ice Fountain, Jacuzzi
  27. 27. HOLISTIC  SPA  FACILITIES   Facials: Hydrating, Anti-ageing,: Deep Tissues, Aromatherapy, Organic, Natural Ingredient Blended Manicures and Pedicures: Reflexology, Foot & Hand Massage, Nail Nourishing and Nail Painting. Hair Spa: Head message: with nourishing treatments on hair.
  32. 32. WELLB  ENERGY  CENTRE   This concept provide not invasive treatment such as laser acupuncture, acupressure, sound treatment, chakra balancing treatments, beauty treatments, Ying & Yang balance, stress management treatments. Services Energy Treatment Beauty Treatment Spa Treatment Complimentary Medicine Treatment Chakra balancing Treatment Yin and Yang Energy Balance Diagnostic and Treatments Sound Treatment Nutrition Advisory Lifestyle Education and Prevention.
  39. 39. F&B  DIVISION  
  40. 40. The WELLB cuisine A global epicurean adventure The passion for food at WELLB spa and the attention devoted to well being come together in spa cuisine, meals are kept low in fat, low in salt but rich in taste and as much raw food as possible plays a major part in our cuisine our food at WELLB spa provides calorie, protein, carbohydrate and fat counts and caters to special dietary requests. We often use organic products with herbsand vegetables from our own WELLB Gardens WELLB spa cuisine is well balanced and designed to be easily digested while giving your body more energy and encouraging a healthy way of eating and living from different and selected cuisine around Asia and the world
  41. 41. F&B  DIVISION   Indian Spice ecstasy Indian cuisine is well known for its generous use of spices Ayurvedic texts dating back some 3000 years recorded the use of spices for their curative properties, for instance garlic is believed to lower the cholesterol levels and hypertension, turmeric provides relief from stomach ulcers and ginger aids digestion. Also a wide range of soya products such as soya yogurt and tofu along with organic mountain lentils fulfill the protein requirement of vegetarians
  42. 42. F&B  DIVISION   Balancing Yin,Yang and Qi with Chinese cuisine A ideal Chinese meal is one that balances yin, yang and qi. The two opposite of yin and yang extend to food as well; Some have a cooling effect on the human body (Yin),while other foods have a warming effect(yang). For instance, bamboo shoots and cucumber are considered yin foods while chicken and ginger are considered yang foods in between are the so called “neutral” foods such as white rice. As healthy individuals have a tendency toward yin or yang a balanced meal can serve to either correct an existing imbalance or maintain the balance already present in the body. With our selection of Chinese cuisine WELLB believes that our food can strengthen balance and direct qi in certain ways.A specific direction might be needed when you are ill: for instance, an outward energy flow can help reduce a fever by encouraging perspiration , our dishes contain a blend of yin and yang ingredients and herbs such as mai dong, dang gui Chinese angelica and red shen ginseng Chinese angelica and ginseng are both commonly found in tonic remedies Chinese angelica is believed to nourish the blood and stimulate the liver while Ginseng, a potent qi tonic, combats fatigue and is specially beneficial to the lungs spleen and heart.
  43. 43. F&B  DIVISION   Details and design at WELLB Japanese kitchen Japanese cuisine ,besides being unique, is famed for its careful attention to detail, form and balance of every dish served at WELLB spa. The traditional Japanese diet is one of the world’s lowest in fat, and as a predominantly coastal country, it’s no wonder fish is such an important ingredient in the Japanese diet. These ideals are rediscovered in our WELLB Restaurant. The Japanese eat fish at least once a day and they typically consume “Fatty fish” such as salmon, sardines and mackerel. These fish contain omega-3, a type of fat believed to make our arteries less likely to clog, hence lowering the risk of heart disease’s and also believed to improve brain function while providing iron and zinc. As an alternative to meat the Japanese consume tofu-which is virtually fat free- for their protein requirement
  44. 44. F&B  DIVISION   Indo-Chinese WELLB in Vietnamese cuisine Like other indo-china,Vietnamese cuisine has deeply influenced China, India and France TheVietnamese use chopsticks and eat from bowls rather than a plate. They stir fry their food and regard rice and noodles as staples in their diet Northern Vietnamese cuisine, soy sauce is preferred over fish sauce, and black pepper rather than chilies are used to spice up a dish in contrast, southern Vietnamese cuisine features fish sauce, chilies, coconut and spices: ingredients that are more commonly found in Thai or Indian cuisine.During their presence in Vietnam, the French philosophy of food and eating was appropriate and ingredients such as asparagus and avocado as well as techniques such as sautéing, were introduced into Vietnamese cuisine
  45. 45. F&B  DIVISION   Indonesian cuisine WellB selamat makan Indonesian cuisine was influenced by traders in the 1500’s who brought spices such as nutmeg, clove and pepper with them. Satay, for example, is said to be a reinterpretation of the Arab traders’ kebabStir-fried dishes, and the use of the wok as a kitchen utensil, are no doubt the result of Chinese influence. Similar to Indian cuisine, Indonesian cuisine also involves the use of the pestle and mortar to grind spices into a fine paste, which Is then fried to release their aroma and flavor. Many of the spices used in Indonesian cooking are common to other cuisines. For instance, shrimp paste is used across Asia, in Thailand,Vietnam and the Philippines. Turmeric, ginger and cumin are common in Indian cuisine while lemongrass and coriander are frequently used in Thai dishes despite the amalgam influences Indonesian cuisine is distinctive with its chilies, coconut milk and spices
  46. 46. F&B  DIVISION   The Filipino nature’s raw goodness More than 300 years ago, before the Spanish arrived, Filipinos gathered their Food from their natural surroundings. The forests were abundant and the waters were teeming with life: the Filipinos idea of food included everything nature has to offer. The Malaysians, Indonesian, Arabians, Indians, and Chinese have since brought all sorts of spices and foods to the islands. Throughout the centuries as the traders or conquerors came, they brought with them their tastes and cooking styles, which the Filipinos adapted to their own essentially Malaysian cuisine. Filipino cuisine is now a mixture of different cultures from both east and west. The WellB recipes are a version of Filipino cuisine and based on food that is predominantly uncooked. Raw foods contain important enzymes that are missing in cooked foods and these enzymes are crucial catalysts for every bodily function.They are present in a perfect balance in all raw foods that nature provides
  47. 47. The cosmopolitan WellB A global culinary adventure This last section represent cosmopolitan cuisine, or fusion cuisine, at its healthiest . Here the emphasis is placed not so much on where the recipe originates but on its nutritional value. Generally diets should include a variety of different foods. Plenty of grain products, vegetables and fruits are also a must.This nutrition-based cuisine concentrates on giving adequate amounts of nutrients such as iron, zinc and calcium, and fiber content from vegetables cereals and for instance, garden fresh fruit and vegetables, such as fennel and grapefruit, are essential Ingredients and protein-rich , like quinoa WellB spa cuisine transcends meals that are merely low fat, low in calories and low in salt. These days, meals served at spas are delicious yet inventive, and have been designed to balance your body, detoxify your system and optimize your levels of energy to benefit your overall health and wellbeing
  48. 48. F&B DIVISION   •  Each day our menu revolves around a theme or objective: purity (to rid your body of toxins and negative energy), lightness (to help shape and tone your body) and energy (to replenish energy drained by stress and poor eating habits) •  WellB menus guarantee weight loss, and each one offers additional benefits such as neutralizing toxins, chasing out free radicals, aiding digestion, stimulating drainage and providing high vitamin content •  Day 1 purity: the first step in this alternative menu of vegetable, cereals, pulses and fruits improves digestion, cleanses the system, generates weight loss and provides internal tranquility •  Day 2 lightness rebirth flavorful dishes of fish, shellfish and poultry combined with seasonal vegetables and herbs. Their aim is neutralizing toxins, draining the body and weight loss •  Day 3 re-energizing: the joys of life Low fat meat and fish menu is rich in proteins and includes a variety of green vegetables to supply nutrients and vitamins, stimulate weight loss and make you feel on top of the world
  49. 49. F&B  DIVISION   Final Consideration A familiar greeting often heard in Asia, have you eaten yet? Is used in the same manner as How are you today? This charming tradition reflects the importance that is placed on a good meal, broadly defined as a meal that contributes to your physical and mental well Being. In WellB spa cuisine, emphasis is placed not so much on where the recipe originates, but on its nutrition value. Generally your diet should include a variety of different foods. Plenty of grain products, vegetables and fruit where possible, healthier substitutes for foods high in fat and salt should be used. WellB spa cuisine is an enjoyable dining experience with nutritional dishes that are relatively high in protein but low in fat, saturated fat and cholesterol WellB cuisine, however, advocates the Italians love forgood wine. Drink a glass of red wine with Lunch. The tannins and flavonoids have excellent antioxidant properties. Enjoy one glass of white with dinner to help digestion Our cuisine is also designed to provide adequate amounts of nutrients from different cuisines which are prepared alongside each other so the influence of different countries cuisine can be found within a meal
  50. 50. F&B  DIVISION  
  51. 51. F&B DIVISION