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Writing a persuasive essay


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Explains the steps to select a topic and write a persuasive/argumentative essay in correct MLA format.

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Writing a persuasive essay

  1. 1. Writing a Persuasive Essay GOODFELLAS (1990) - LIOTTA, RAY. Photography. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 16 Jan 2015.
  2. 2. Choose a Topic •200 Essay Prompts from The New York Times •Use Instagrok to help with keywords
  3. 3. Issues to Address for Arguments •Financial impact •Fairness to all parties involved •Feasibility •Impact on school, society or the world •Personal experience
  4. 4. Thesis Statement •Focused—avoid being too broad •Debatable—avoid a statement where you cannot argue for or against the topic •Pick a Side—the point of this essay is to pick a side and stick with it •Make Claims—give supporting evidence
  5. 5. Find Information •Gale Databases for Books, Academic Journals, Magazines, and Newspapers •NBC Learn for Videos • a website that presents information without bias •Library OPAC for books
  6. 6. Cite your Sources •Use Easybib •Cite from Gale in two clicks •Copy/Paste Citation from NBC Learn or •Use ISBN Number to cite a book
  7. 7. Using Easybib to create a works cited page -Select “+New Project” and name it -Scroll down to project and select “Bibliography” -Add sources -If you use Gale, then click “citation tools,” then “Easybib” It’s a two click citation -If you use a website, paste the URL into box and click “Cite It” If you see ads in Easybib, then ask Ms. Kahn for the coupon code Website Copy and paste URL in box Gale source Cite in two clicks
  8. 8. Taking Notes •Use Easybib •If you copy/paste a quote, insert in “Evidence from text” box •Rewrite the information with bullets in “Paraphrasing” •Use fragments, not complete sentences to take notes
  9. 9. Using Easybib Notecards -Select “Notebook.” -Click on “New Note” -Select Source from the drop down menu to add the bibliographic information to the note card -If you use an online source, copy and paste no more than 4 sentences in the Evidence from text box -Add list of bullet fragments in Paraphrasing with the information found in source -Save Note at the bottom of the window You must have an Easybib account with the current coupon code to get the Notebook option! Ask Ms. Kahn for the coupon code.
  10. 10. Organize Notes in Easybib Use different colors to group your notes and to designate which body paragraph the information will be used. You should use 5 or more colors, and have at least 5 notes for each color. Consider gathering information for an introduction strategy such as a related quotation to put on a note card. Go to “organize” to get color choices Select Group from the drop down menu Pick your color
  11. 11. In-Text/Parenthetical Citations •For every source cited in your paper, you must list that source in the works cited •For every source listed in the works cited, you must have a parenthetical citation. •Cite information found in secondary sources or is not common knowledge.
  12. 12. Using Easybib Parenthetical or In-text Citations -Cite a source within your text that is a secondary source or quote, and not common knowledge -Select “Parenthetical” below the citation (See arrow to the right) -Copy and paste the citation from the box into your paper -Use author’s name if there is one or use title if no author -Always use page number if there is one You must have an Easybib account with the current coupon code to get the Parenthetical option! Ask Ms. Kahn for the coupon code Copy and paste the text from the box into your paper
  13. 13. Sample Parenthetical Citations You do not need to cite common knowledge, well known quotes, or proverbs. Author’s name, no page number available Author and page number, preferred if info is available Remember to insert citation before the period Title only, no author or page available
  14. 14. Use Easybib to Format Works Cited Page •Do NOT copy citation from Easybib into your paper •Let Easybib format the works cited page correctly
  15. 15. Formatting works cited page -Open the drop down menu for “Export” and select “Print as Word Doc” -Download for MS Word -Save and open -Works Cited page will be formatted correctly
  16. 16. Need More Help? •Find short videos how to use Gale •Find short videos how to use Easybib •Find help from OWL Purdue on how to write an argumentative essay •Email Ms. Kahn: