Future of Libraries in the Internet Age


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Future of Libraries in the Internet Age

  1. 1. Services of PASTIC in Internet AgeJune 05-06, 2013bySyed Habib Akhter JaffriSenior LibrarianPASTIC National CenterIslamabadat PINSTECH, Nilore, Islamabad
  2. 2.  Change phenomena, Is change every thing? No Change for operation, not for objectives What are the objectives of Librarian?In the nonstop tsunami of global information,librarians provide us with floaties and teach ushow to swim.”Linton weeks(Washington Post article,13 January 2001, p. C01)
  3. 3.  An interconnected system of networksthat connects computers around the worldvia the TCP/IP protocol. Study sets with a internet term meaningan international computer networkproviding e-mail and information fromcomputers in educationalinstitutions, government agencies, andindustry, accessible to the general publicvia modem links
  4. 4. Wealth of huge current informationGreat reference valueCommunication toolSubstitute to library?Attractive service in the librarySupplement to the libraryA mechanism to save timeEnhances knowledge
  5. 5. Hosting a web pageIn-house library activitiesCurrent awareness serviceReference serviceLiterature searchOnline databaseDownloading programsAccess to CatalogueSubscribe e-journals
  6. 6. Pakistan National Scientific & TechnicalDocumentation Centre (PANSDOC) wasestablished under PCSIR in 1957 byUNESCO at Karachi.In 1974 PANSDOC was transferred toPakistan Science Foundation (PSF),Islamabad and was renamed as PakistanScientific & Technological InformationCentre (PASTIC).
  7. 7.  Bibliographic & Document Supply Service Abstracting Service PASTIC Publications Directory of Scientific Periodicals, Union Catalogue, FreshArrivals & Technology Roundup PASTIC National Science Reference Library Information Technology Support Service: Inhouse Databases Patent Information Service Trainings/Workshops International Liaison Reprographic Service
  8. 8. Microfilming apparatus at PANSDOC Computer Agefor reproduction of scientific literaturesend your request through internet
  9. 9. Graphic Presentation of Time Reduction for thesupply of Documents during 1999-20044 42 2001234Weeks1999-20002000-20012001-20022002-20032003-2004
  10. 10.  Agricultural Sciences Animal Sciences Biochemistry & Biotechnology Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sciences Earth & Environmental Sciences Information Communication& Engineering Sciences Mathematical & Statistical Sciences Medical Sciences, Plant Sciences Physics
  11. 11. PASTIC PublicationsDirectory of ScientificPeriodicals Union catalogueSame on web
  12. 12. Fresh Arrivals Technology Round upF.A on net T.R.U on net
  13. 13. fsdg
  14. 14. 01000200030004000500060002010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013AfterNo. of Users020040060080010001200140016001800BeforeSeries1
  15. 15.  Communication in digital Age: Idea forcollaboration, communication, Presentation, Training using Adobe Presenter and AdobeCaptivate by Aristotle T. Lekacos Libraries in the Internet age Libraries shelved as school board cuts back, May 16Text size: Increase Decrease Reset Share via Email Print Report an Error Save to MystarPublished on Sat May 21 2011 Influence of internet on library and information centres of National Institutes of Technologyin India by Suresh Jange and Lalitha sami, Annals of Library and Information Studies, Vol.53, Decmber 2006. pp. 184-197 Information Searching habits of Internet user :A Users’ study of Banaras Hindu Universityby Mohd Nazim and Sanjiv Saral, , Annals of Library and Information Studies, Vol.53, Decmber 2006. pp. 213-218 The Internet Knowledge Manager, Dynamic Digital Libraries, and Agents You Can Understand byAdrian Walker, D-Lib Magazine March 1998 About Knowledge on History of Art on the internet: Profane, Specialized and documantal writingsbyGerard Regimbeau, RECCIS: Electronic Jounal of Communication Information in Health. RiodeJaneiro, Vol. 3, No. 3 . Pp. 51-56, Sep., 2009 Trends in Internet Information Behavior, 2000-2004 by wayne Buente and Alice inRobbin, Journalof the American Society for Information science, August 2008.