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Closing the gap


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Closing the gap

  1. 1. Closing the gap: interdisciplinary perspectives on research and education for digital libraries Anna Maria Tammaro (University of Parma) Vittore Casarosa (ISTI-CNR, Pisa) Donatella Castelli (ISTI-CNR, Pisa) IRCDL, Roma February 1st, 2013
  2. 2. GAP LAM common educational curricula needs  System librarian, digital librarian, end user librarian – Shortage of IT skills CS and LIS differences in scale, services, coverage  CS to provide access to the world information  LIS to organize the information needed by selected community
  3. 3. LIS change LIS schools have responded to the impact of IT in the workplace by simply adding technical subject LIS core is service ethic, descriptive and procedural knowledge of information resources and their use Current efforts in research have been focused on improving our capacity for better managing repositories, for preservation and for building infrastructures for searching, accessing and re-using networked digital resources Not interdisciplinary research and education (Coleman 2002)
  4. 4. Action points 1. From a “Library model” to a “Digital Library model” 2. To take into account the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary aspect of Digital Library
  5. 5. Workshops modelUsing a “workshop model” which has been run and iteratively refined at five major international conferences Need for interdisciplinary curricula development A coordinated approach to digital library research combining expertise of LIS and Computer Science
  6. 6. 5 Workshops 2005 Parma “Information Technologies profiles and curricula for libraries”, Delos, ELAG, University of Parma 2008 Aarhus ECDL ““The Web versus Digital Libraries: time to revisit this once hot topic” 2010 Parma “Education and Research in Digital Libraries” and International Master DILL 2011 Berlin TPDL “Linking Research and Education in DL” 2012 Zadar LIDA “Can Research help Education in Digital Libraries?”
  7. 7. Ideas1) Possible synergies of research and education in the field of digital libraries CS needs to know about policy, quality, user profiles, legal aspects LIS needs to know about interdisciplinarity2) Focus on the educational needs of the new librarians Critical review of the roles of the information professionals
  8. 8. To be continued.... Partecipation to the iSchools Conference in Texas next February 12th, 2013 Publication of paper and textbooks with the integration of the two approaches
  9. 9. Thanks of your attention! Contact