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Bern University of Applied Sciences


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The Bern University of Applied Sciences (BUAS) is one of the seven Swiss universities of applied sciences (UAS). It was founded in 1997 by regrouping 13 former specialized schools. About 5,500 students are enrolled in 27 bachelor degree programmes, 17 master degree programmes and a variety of executive master, diploma and certificate of advanced studies programmes as well as seminars.

Most of the programmes are taught in German, while others are conducted both in French and German. An increasing number of courses or modules within these programmes are delivered in English.

The Bern University of Applied Sciences comprises six departments: the Department of Engineering and Information Technology (, the Department of Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering (, the Department of Business and Administration, Health and Social Work (, the Bern University of Arts (, the Swiss College of Agriculture ( and the Swiss Federal Institute of Sports Magglingen ( The latter two are national centres of expertise.

The BUAS fosters an active internationalisation policy and cooperates with a number of partner institutions within and beyond Europe, in terms of teaching exchanges, research and service delivery.

The Swiss-European bilateral agreements allow the Bern University of Applied Sciences to participate in the Integrated Lifelong Learning Program. It currently promotes student and staff mobility to and from Switzerland by providing student grants for both «incoming» and «outgoing» groups.

Many departments promote opportunities for their undergraduate students to undertake internships or do part of their studies in other countries.

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Bern University of Applied Sciences

  1. 1. Berne University of Applied Sciences School of Architecture, Civil and Wood Engineering HSB BURGDORF Profile of the school Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Science in Architecture 3-year programme: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Designing, edifying and enlivening space Bachelor of Science in Wood Engineering The School of Architecture, Civil and DEGREE PROGRAMMES Wood Engineering HSB, as one of Master programme Master of Science in Architecture degree (Joint master with the university of applied the six training sites within the Berne 2-year programme: science western Switzerland) University of Applied Sciences, is one of the leading Swiss universities of ap- plied sciences in the construction trade and engineering. HSB is considered a competence centre with both national and international reputation and links. In wood technology, it is considered the only university of applied sciences of its kind in Switzerland and stands compari- son with international standards. HSB Visiting address: Berne University of Applied Admissions contact: International Office is multicultural, and places particular Sciences Tel. 00 41 (0)34 426 41 41 emphasis on the mastery of a variety of School of Architecture, Fax: 00 41 (0)34 423 15 13 languages (German, French, English to some extent), especially in Biel. CONTACT INFO Civil and Wood Engineering Email: HSB, Burgdorf, Biel Website: Pestalozzistrasse 20 Head of Architecture: Peter Boelsterli Structure of the curriculum P.O. Box 1058 Head of dept. Master: Stéphanie Cantalou CH-3401 Burgdorf HSB provides a wide range of study courses: workshops, excursions, design studios and six-month projects in coop- eration with the Department of Research and Development, ensuring a high level Application deadline: Please contact school for more information. of practical relevance. Since architecture and engineering are closely related, Tuition and fees: Please contact school for more information. students receive an extensive insight into the fields of activity of the entire Accomodation: Accommodation can be provided. building industry – including a half-year internship in a foreign partner institute Setting: The Faculty of Architecture is situated in the city of Burgdorf, near to the capital Berne. upon request. HSB graduates are very The school is easy to reach by public transport. much in demand on the job market.The 6000 students, 20 % female, 5 % foreign-exchange students focal point of the training curriculum at HSB consists of processes, building Student population: Please contact school for more information. management, production and processing technology, geotechnology and multi- Faculty: Please contact school for more information. storey construction. Student service/activities Please contact school for more information. Research programme GENERAL INFO Facilities: Good infrastructure: studios, class-rooms, auditorium, library, laboratories The field of application-oriented research Admission requirements: For Bachelor degree’s: diploma of higher secondary education, including Math and Phys- and development (R+D) in architecture, ics. For Master degree’s: please inquire at the institution for more information. civil and wood engineering offers holistic solutions. The research activities at HSB Language: In the Bachelor programmes the language of instruction is German. are oriented towards practical life, with Because the Joint master is a co-operation with two architecture schools of the French- the objective of indicating advanced speaking part of Switzerland, the required languages are French and German. themes and solving everyday industrial Most of the staff speaks English. problems quickly and in an innovative manner. A team of approximately 100 engineers, architects and other special- ists works in close cooperation with researchers from other universities of applied sciences, the Federal Institutes of Technology, universities and other research institutions, both national and international. This makes HSB the ideal partner for small, medium-sized or large companies as well as for the public authorities. 128 id 252
  2. 2. SWITSERLAND Bachelor programme Master programme PhD programme Like all universities of applied sciences As one of the first Swiss training centers, There is no PhD programme at this time. in Switzerland, HSB has implemented HSB offers a Master’s Degree in Architec- the Bologna Agreement and replaced the ture. This new «Joint Master’s Degree» former curriculum with a Bachelor of Sci- is a curriculum offered together with two ence curriculum. The curriculum is organ- universities of applied sciences of the ized in modules, with a full-time course of French-speaking part of Switzerland. study lasting six semesters. Each division offers several in-depth specialisations The curriculum is intended to awaken an enabling to concentrate on individual understanding for the interdependence of focal points in the chosen field of study. the economic, social and technical factors, Performance is evaluated according to the and prepares students for leadership posi- ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) tions. It is characterised by an integrated, point system. dynamic teaching structure and covers a supra-regional, multicultural and bilingual The Division of Architecture in Burgdorf area, which, in the construction industry, is seeks to establish a strong link with the unique in Switzerland in this form. «production» and «craft» of architecture. The concrete demands made on archi- Advanced and Further Training tects in practice form the basis of training. With its three in-depth specialisations, the In addition to the training of executives Division of Architecture offers a unique for the construction and wood industries, range of study options in Switzerland. the continued education of professionals from these sectors is a second major task In-depth specialisations: «Design», «Man- of HSB. Over 2,000 people attend our agement» and «Technology» extensive range of advanced and further training courses, consisting of technical courses, seminars, field trips, postgradu- ate studies and postgraduate certification courses, both in Switzerland and abroad. id 252 129