Digi vox greatest company contribution to digital in sa


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Digi vox greatest company contribution to digital in sa

  1. 1. Bookmarks 2012 Greatest CompanyContribution to Digital in South Africa
  2. 2. When an opportunityarises, DigiVOX steps up!DigiVOX consistentlycontributes towards thegrowth and developmentof digital in South Africa,through whatever meanspossible and at everygiven opportunity.
  3. 3. Founder and ManagingDirector, Andrea Mitchellis well-reputed for hercommitment to educationand training to helpaddress the shortage ofskills in the industry, andhas continually beeninvolved in education indigital in variouscapacities. This ethos hasbeen firmly plantedthroughout DigiVOX.
  4. 4. DigiVOX hosted two interns latelast year, who spent a period of 6weeks in each division of thebusiness learning about DisplayAdvertising, Search, Social Mediaand Design. Not merespectators, their skills were putto the test prior to theirdeparture to ensure that theycould put what they’d learned,back into the industry.Various ad-hoc workshops havetaken place through the year forcompanies such as Media ShopCT, Jupiter Drawing Room andWHEAT Trust.
  5. 5. As Head of Research for the DMMA last year (2011), Mitchell was instrumental inconducting ground-breaking research, as well as many smaller vertical projectsthroughout the year which focused on Motoring, Finance and Retail to name but afew.Mitchell was re-elected to the 2012 Exco, but sadly had to step down due to overcommitments. She has however continued to be of great assistance variousmembers of the 2012 DMMA Exco.
  6. 6. The “Digital Media Evaluation Amongst Marketers” research project which delvednot only into the reality (not Nielsen’s data which does not include SA onlineadvertising spend outside of SA) of South African online spend of The Top 100Advertisers in South Africa but also addressed perceptions, current investment andfuture planned investment, per digital channel, was Andrea’s pet project for theyear and many, many hours were committed to this project. Andrea needed toinvolve the entire DigiVOX team in order to see it come to fruition.DigiVOX was also the author of the current DMMA’s Essential Guide to DigitalMarketing and Advertising in South Africa.
  7. 7. During 2012, AAA School of Advertisingapproached Andrea Mitchell/DigiVOX tohost a Digital Bootcamp. The DigitalBootcamp provided an up-to-dateunderstanding of the digital environmentand equipped delegates (both AAAstudents as well as those outside of AAA)with hands-on digital marketing andadvertising skills. It was ensured thatDMMA was seen as a partner in thisinitiative.Anthea Whitehead, marketing facultyHead of AAA commented : “AAAacknowledges the shortage of digital skillsin the industry and has hence teamed upwith Andrea Mitchell to bridge the gap.”Mitchell conducted the AAA training,under the auspices of DMMA.
  8. 8. DigiVOX’s Social Mediateam ran the DMMATwitter and Facebookpages last year, andconducted social mediatraining for DMMA’s PRCompany.It was also responsible forthe then design of boththe Facebook and TwitterDMMA pages, andBookmarks pages.
  9. 9. Imparting and sharing knowledge and empowerment is a constant focus for the DigiVOXteam. As the industry is ever-changing and evolves by the minute, the weekly DigiVOX Blogand Social Media pages aim to issue relevant and current news and industry developments.We’re particularly interested in keeping brands and fellow industry members up-to-datewith advancements and occurrences that could advance brands in the digital landscape.
  10. 10. Mitchell has also judged many onlinemarketing initiatives (including CreativeCircle and Bookmarks) and the team hastackled many education initiatives andindustry challenges.
  11. 11. The DigiVOX team regularly producesthought leading articles to help educate.
  12. 12. As if client commitments dont keep DigiVOX busy enough, they are committed togrowth of digital regardless of whether they see the revenue from their efforts ornot, and constantly promote the DMMA as THE benchmark when it comes toeducation and training in digital in SA, and will continue to do so. AT DIGIVOX, OUR PASSION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS