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Certified Articulate Storyline 3-Day Training Session With Ron Price


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Register NOW for $100 Off. (*) Applicable only till the 25th of September. For more registration details at

Calling out to Instructional Designers, Trainers, eLearning/Simulation Developers, Middle Managers, Content Developers and LMS Managers!

Ron Price, Master Trainer from Yukon Learning, will be giving a 3-day training session in Pune at the Ibis Hotel (Survey State, 32, Viman Nagar Road) on Oct 5th - 7th, 2015.

The training grasps the following aspects:

1) Getting Started
2) Adding Content to Your Course
3) Using the Timeline
4) Developing Interactions
5) Creating Assessments
6) Scenario-Based Learning
7) Getting Started With Screen Recording
8) Designing a Player
9) Publishing Your Module
10) Advanced Training - (Exploring Animations, Text Variables, Number Variables, True/False Variables, Trouble Shooting)

Articulate Storyline is designed for people who want to easily create interactive e-learning courses and content. Only Articulate Storyline has slide layers, triggers, and states—the features that let you create any type of interactivity you can imagine without programming.

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Certified Articulate Storyline 3-Day Training Session With Ron Price

  1. 1. ARTICULATE STORYLINE 2 SEE WHAT THE BUZZ IS ALL ABOUT! - With over 25 years of experience in organizational and leadership development, instructional design, and e-learning design and develop ment, Ron Price, has collaborated closely with Articulate® to design and is a frequent speaker at industry leading conferences, seminars, and workshops across the globe. MEET THE TRAINER "The training I received for Articulate was very comprehensive. Instructor demon- strations, combined with step-by-step hands on replication of each phase of creating a learning module, provided me the road map to immediately put the skills learned to work. ” "I felt like a fish out of water in the sea of eLearning designers prior to attending the 2-Day Basic and 1-Day Advanced Articulate Storyline Training presented by Yukon Learning. After completing the training I was swimming with the big fish creating eLearning content with the simple, flexible, and powerful tool Articulate Storyline.” R S A H I HE E’ WH T OT ERS ARE SAY NG: Yukon Learning is Articulate’s® strategic training partner. Working closely with Articulate®, Yukon Learning designs, develops, and deliv- Articulate Products in India. Web: 5-7 October 2015 THE ONLY ARTICULATE CERTIFIED TRAINING *Seats Limited Get trained by theWorld’s Best Articulate trainer Ron Price, Master trainer, USA Venue- Ibis, Pune
  2. 2. Articulate Storyline 2 Training DAY 1 - Basic What is Storyline 2? The Building Blocks of Storyline 2 Adjusting Interface Language Settings Adjusting Interface Language Settings Setting Story Size Setting Story Size Adjusting Interface Language Settings Story View / Slide Properties Setting Story SizeSlide ViewAdjusting Interface Language Settings Undocking/ Redocking Tool Panels Before you Begin Getting Started Adding Content to Your Course Using Triggers Changing States Creating Layers / Layer Properties Using Templates Slide Design Illustrations, Pictures, Screenshots,Shapes, Captions, and Text Boxes Media, Video, Flash, Audio Web Object Using the Timeline Cue Points Synchronizing Your Audio to Objects Introduction to Animations / Using the Animation Painter Inserting "Zoom Region" Feature Developing Interactions Triggers Buttons Button Sets Hotspot Markers Scrolling Panels Mouse Pointer Web: Articulate Products in India.
  3. 3. DAY 2 - Basic Using Graded or Survey Questions Importing Questions Creating Freeform Questions Question Banks Result Slides Using a Lightbox for Remediation Why Simulations? -Bloom's Taxonomy -C3 Models -Simulation Maps Building a Simulation Basic Features Menu Resources Glossary Text Labels and Other Settings Customizing Player Settings at Slide Level Disabling or Hiding Navigation Buttons Publish for Web, LMS, Articulate Online, or MS Word Reporting and Tracking Publishing for HTML5 and Mobile Devices Recording Your Screencast Inserting Your Screencast -Video Mode -View Mode -Try Mode -Test Mode Fine Tuning Slides using“Action Fine Tuning” Translation Features Creating Assessments Scenario-Based Learning Getting Started with Screen Recording Designing a Player Publishing Your Module Other Features Web: Articulate Products in India.
  4. 4. Web: Articulate Products in India. DAY 3 - Advanced Exploring Animations Working with Motion Paths Using Animations with Triggers Text Variables Exercise 1 - Creating a Completion Screen - Adding JavaScript Exercise 2 - Adding Conditions to Variables Number Variables Exercise 1 - Using Interactive Sliders Exercise 2 - Performing a Calculation with Number Variables Introduction to Variables - Text (String) - Logical/Boolean (True/False) - Number Best Practices When Using Variables True/False Variables Exercise – True/False Variables Trouble Shooting Variables HOW TO REGISTER • REQUEST REGISTRATION BY SENDING A MAIL ON OR CALL ON +91-981198477 • WE WILL TAKE CARE OF ALL THE AIR TRAVEL AND STAY EXPENSES* *Conditions apply +91-9881198477
  5. 5. Web: Articulate Products in India. Cost of the Training This will include the following - Training cost - Lunch Cost - 1150 $ (USD) Taxes Extra This will include the following - Training cost - Lunch - Return air-fare from any metro city* - Hotel stay in Pune** - Travel from hotel and training site is included Cost - 1450 $ (USD) Taxes Extra * Metro cities included: Delhi(NCR), Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh etc. for complete list call on +91-9871179239. ** Hotel stay @ IBIS or similar star hotels, based on availability. Premium Standard - Networking lunch/dinner and cocktail on the third evening of the training - Networking lunch/dinner and cocktail on the third evening of the training
  6. 6. Web: Articulate Products in India. Day 1 Day 5 October 9:00 am to 5:00 pm 5 October 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Time/ Day 2 Day Time/ Day 3 Day Time/ Below are the dates for the training scheduled at Venue: Ibis Pune , Survey No 32, Viman Nagar, Nagar Road, Pune – 411 014. Tel.: +91 20 4018 4018,Mob.:9665060168 Detailed time-plan of Training 6 October 9:00 am to 5:00 pm 7 October 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  7. 7. Web: Articulate Products in India. Trainers Middle Managers Content Developers LMS Managers Instructional designer e-learning / simulation developers Who should attend this?
  8. 8. Web: Articulate Products in India.