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Mobius app promotion


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An offline learning application for training

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Mobius app promotion

  1. 1. OFFLINE LEARNING Mobius App- A Performance support application
  2. 2. Why is Employee training needed ? Educates workers about effective use of available resources. Enhance interaction among different levels of human resources. Guides the employees about the rules and regulations. Employees become more aware about the changing market. Ensures organization’s competitive edge in the market.
  3. 3. Training modes commonly followed in India Classroom Training Online learning Trainee Dependent Internet Dependent
  4. 4. What if we reduce these dependencies: The Advantages could be listed as follows: 1. Learning resources could then accessed in any particular environment. 2. Convenient training which is much more configurable. 3. Cost-effectiveness( internet expenditures would be minimized) 4. More flexible and continuous learning minimizing barriers due to poor networks.
  5. 5. Introduction of Offline learning Imagine if students can have all their textbooks / course materials on their laptop/tablet/mobile devices, then they can study anywhere even without internet connection.
  6. 6. Our major contribution in this area: Mobius App: A performance support application which runs in online/offline modes. It allows the trainee to access resources, give assessments and get trainer feedback even if he/she is offline.
  7. 7. Let us go inside the app Here you login using the information received on your mail at the time of downloading App’s Side menu bar
  9. 9. Now, you are ready to give your assessment Once done with your set of questions, you then Sync back the result with the trainer. This way trainer get the evaluate your performance.
  10. 10. The Evaluation Part:
  11. 11. You then get your scores in an instant!!
  12. 12. Mobius app thus brings a Revolution in training management system !! So now, Reduces frustration due to poor network Ensures effective Nugget learning Also, it saves an ample amount of usage time and also secures your data !! Convenience