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How to start a chat with members of a Facebook group you are in [Infographic]


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Facebook Group chat is a useful feature to facilitate the communication among group members. This article will show you how to start a chat with members of a Facebook group you are in.

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How to start a chat with members of a Facebook group you are in [Infographic]

  1. 1. Created by @grytics Join us on Facebook for more useful tips! HOW TO START A CHAT WITH MEMBERS OF A GROUP YOU ARE IN FACEBOOK GROUP FUNDAMENTALS Click “ ... ” 1 2 CONGRATS! Now you can start a chat with members of a group. Sources: Image credit: Click the button “...” in the top-right corner of a group you're in and click “Send Message”. Note Group size Depending on the size of the group, you may not be able to start a chat with everyone in it. Group nameName Home Group name Public Joined Notifications ... Discussion Members Events Photos Files Write Post Add Photo/Videso Create Poll More ADD MEMBERS MEMBERS Invite by Email DESCRIPTION TAGS Click to check the boxes next to the person you want to message, or click “Select All” to message the entire group. Then click “Start Chat”. Send message Click “Send message” Chat with « your group name » Start Chat Cancel x Search by Name x Select All Choose the person you want to chat with Or click “Select All” Click “Start Chat” Add people Anyone in the conversation can add other people, whether those people are in the group or not. Anyone added will be able to see all of the previous messages. Friends All members of a group can chat together in group messages, even if they're not all friends with each other. However, only friends can start a one-on-one conversation.