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1 minute intro

Get started with Loomideck!

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1 minute intro

  1. 1. 1 minute intro
  2. 2. For the very beginning Note: Everything you share in Loomideck team is available for each teammate Teammates are those who accept your invitation to join team which you send by email It is easier to add pin using “Save to Loomideck” button You can share files by dropping it on screen
  3. 3. Get the latest news from your team “News” gives you overview of everything what happened in your teams. If you want to check what happened in exact team, just choose team from dropdown
  4. 4. Shared content “Pins” is your team’s library. Shared files and bookmarks sorted by date and nicely embedded
  5. 5. Keep your team connected Choose team and press profile. In it you will see each teammate, statistics and will be able to invite new teammates. Stay connected!
  6. 6. Communicate Press “Conversations” and chat with you entire team, or click photo in a sidebar and start private conversation. Share files with conversation participants by drag and drop.
  7. 7. Notify and be notified while being offline If you are connected with Facebook, you can notify and be notified by your teammates while you are offline. Message from conversations will come as Facebook message directly to your Facebook messenger.
  8. 8. Enjoy!!