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Restore, Open & View Windows XP Backup (BKF) files in Windows 8 & 7


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Visiting pages of SysTools BKF Restore Tool can help you in restoring BKF files in Windows 8 & 7 or any other edition of Windows OS. Free download tool in demo edition before any investment in complete version of tool.

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Restore, Open & View Windows XP Backup (BKF) files in Windows 8 & 7

  1. 1. Now the problem experienced, is the unavailability of NTBackup utility in Windows 7 & 8 as Microsoft has changed its method to backup Windows content. With the increasing demand to restore XP backup (bkf) file in Windows 8 & 7, SysTools has developed a BKF Restore Tool which can help you to extract files & folders from backup file in all Windows OS Editions.
  2. 2. To ease user in complete process with the restoration of BKF Files in Windows 7 & 8, Free Version has been designed which can preview software working features & its capability to perform with healthy as well as corrupt BKF Files.
  3. 3. Working Steps & Complete Knowledge For working steps, you can visit how it works section of the product which can be checked below: You can also go for the purchase of complete functional tool, which is Available in different licenses, visit: