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  • Imc clas mild final

    1. 1. Integrated Marketing Communications A Proposal PresentationStella Bella; Umul Hikmah (Imung); Willy Andresen(20120117020; 20120117028; 20120117033
    2. 2. “ Smoking is a riteof passage here, ifyou don’t smoke, itslike you’re notIndonesian.” officeof clerk Andre, 23( epidemic)
    3. 3. What’s On the Presentation Background – Cigarette Industry A brief on Mild Cigarette Players Clas Mild – SWOT and Existing Marketing Program Proposed IMC Objective & Strategies Proposed IMC Program and Implementation
    4. 4. Interesting Facts about Cigarettes• Cigarettes are the 2nd largest household expenditures in Indonesia after food• The industry generates $7bn (£4.4bn) in revenue for the Indonesian government every year (source: ( epidemic)• 57 million smokers in Indonesia, 5% of them are women• 3rd top of the world for total numbers of smokers (Source: WHO)
    5. 5. Regulations in Indonesia• Smoke Free Places• Restriction in Tobacco Advertising, Promotion and Sponsorship• Tobacco Packaging and Labeling• Tobacco Control Legislation
    6. 6. Tobacco Companies Market Share
    7. 7. Mild Cigarette History in Brief•Mild cigarette did not exist in Indonesia until 1989When A Mild was born•Mild cigarette was considered ‘not macho’ and onlygained popularity years after its first launched•Mild cigarette market increased while in generalcigarette – SKM market is down•2% Average total growth rate market of mild cigaretteper year••20% of total national market of all kind of cigarettesSource: (GAPPRI, Gabungan Perserikatan Pabrik Rokok Indonesia, 2009)
    8. 8. Trend in Marketing communication strategies adopted by MILD’s players• Word ‘mild’ as identity, except for LA Light• White as dominant color of packaging• Targeting youth and young adult as users• Sponsoring music and events• Using ‘unusual’ tag line and English
    9. 9. Mild Main Players
    10. 10. Comparison A mild LA lights Star Mild Clas MildfactorsYear of launch 1989 1997 2003Company PT. HM PT. Djarum PT. Bentoel PT. Nojorono Sampoerna Prima IndonesiaTarget A-B class B-C class At first B-Caudience class Now A-B ClassTagline Strong brand “Enjoy aja” “Lower than “Clas Mild is activation, Low” Today” contains social “Today’s Spirit” issuesSelling price Rp. 11,000 Rp. 11,500 Rp. 10,000 Rp. 10,000Market share 44% 3.4% national 17%in mild market sharecategory
    11. 11. Promotional campaigns
    12. 12. Clas Mild Existing marketing events
    13. 13. Clas Mild Existing marketing events
    14. 14. Ads expenses Brands Company Promotional Budget (RP) A Mild HM Sampoerna 144, 16 M Class Mild PT.NTI 61,63 M Star Mild Bentoel 58.89 M LA Light Djarum 57,07 M U Mild HM Sampoerna 50.06 M X Mild Bentoel 41,84 MYear:2005
    15. 15. IMC Objectives• Maintain brand awareness, perceived image and perceived quality• Strengthen brand preference• Achieve more market share• Maintain the position as the second place in mild cigarette market• Upscale the target audience to A-B class
    16. 16. IMC Objectives The purpose of this Marketing Communication message is to convince young urban, male and female aged 19-35, aware of taste • Primary Target market: Male age 18-25 and life style, that Clas Mild is the • Secondary Target market: Male age 26- 35 hip, cool and smart choice of • SES : A-B class • Characteristic of the target market: cigarette because it offers premium Young urban quality of LTLN cigarette. It Educated & Smart Professional represents young spirit of being Bold Adventurous smart, bold, adventurous and Possess ‘can do’ attitude Influencer possessing ‘can do’ attitude Appreciate quality and good taste Expressivehe tone of message will be: young, energetic, active, smart, modern, creative, on f
    17. 17. IMC Strategies1. No change in logo and tag line 2. Continue existingcommunication initiatives soundsation and clasensation 3.Create more brandbuzz to maintain the brand presence throughvarious adplacement 4. Connect to the youth to create brandawareness through sponsorship programs 5. Maintainthe loyalty of Clas Mild community and get numbers of new loyalsby offering promotional programs 6. Connect andcommunicate brand image to target audience by givingexperience of a life time (workshops, fun & dare adventure)done in mass and Events 7. Gain exposure brand buzzthrough news coverage, word of mouth, community group and socialmedia conversation
    18. 18. IMC Program: Continue Existing Communication Initiatives• No change in logo tag line• new slogan: “ DARE TO MOVE”• soundsation and Clasensation social media• Piggy backing the other program communication using Clasensation
    19. 19. IMC Program: Ad placement
    20. 20. IMC: Brand Buzz to Maintain Brand Presence through Ad placementProviding smoking box with exhaust in some malls inJakarta, Makassar, Palembang, Semarang where thesmoker can smoke in the box without make thesurrounding air being polluted for the non smoker.
    21. 21. IMC: Brand Buzz to Maintain Brand Presence through Ad placementRedesign gardens in Jabodetabek, Jogjakarta, Bandung, Medan,Padang, and Lampung  make the trees and bush formed into “CLAS”letter respectively, and putting “CLAS” fountain on the garden.
    22. 22. IMC: Brand Buzz to Maintain Brand Presence through Ad placementAds on the train and bus stop
    23. 23. IMC Promotional ProgramLimited edition of packaging, size & shape of the cigarette, and flavorsPACKAGING: • Packaging Tin case & Card case • Printed fun facts, riddle and picture perspective on itTASTE & SHAPE • Different shape – rectangular kick • Different Taste, “Especially Yours” for girls with orange, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate flavor. For Man, cigarette with coffee and cinnamon flavor
    24. 24. IMC Promotional ProgramEvery purchase of 3 packs Clas Mild can geta free 2 hours parking in the mall in Jakarta( GI, PI, PP, CP)
    25. 25. IMC Promotional Program“ATM” touch screen machine for collecting Clas Mildpackage, where everybody can create their personalaccount on “clasensation website”, every package willgive them 10 points.•The rewarded points can be used for discount ingiordano, discount in ticket price by Air Asia, or movieticket
    26. 26. IMC Program: Mass Event “Experience Your Spirit with Clas Mild”•Mass event to communicate and connect with wider target audience.Participants from Java, Bali, Sumatra and Sulawesi are taking part inprogram skill/experience workshops and activities offered at the sametime/date•Venues: Yogyakarta, Bandung, Medan, Padang, Lampung, Jabodetabek,Bali, Makassar, Surabaya•Offer special experience that is fun, adventurous, educative and meaningful.It is in a form of act, workshop, learning experience, adventure experience•Connect the buzz from people who join the event to clasensation website•Opening event by Flash MOB in all venues
    27. 27. IMC Mass Event: Experience Your Spirit with Clas MildWorkshops Physique Adventure Specialties Comic Modern Dance Wall Climbing Photography DJ-ing Salsa Dance Hiking Writing Magic Class Running Sky Diving Painting Golfing Theater Diving Juggling Shooting-Range Muaythai CavingPresentation/M Archery Capoera Snorkeling C-ing Gamelan
    28. 28. Experience Your Spirit With Clas MildThe program is expected to give Clas Mild moreexposure through news coverage (buzz),community group which contains of (mostly)youth, and social media conversation amongyoung people (will be read by youth as well)
    29. 29. IMC: Communicate and Maintain brand image through EventOn Clas Mild Anniversary Celebration:Releasing Balloons on the daylight in HI andreleasing lampions to the sky at night time in Ancol
    30. 30. IMC Program: Event Clas Mild DayOutAnother strategy to keep the brand in the mind of targetDay out is ‘jalan jalan/ bersepeda/treasurehunt/dance on the street/ Nonton Bola BarengSponsored by Clas Mild, targetting communitygroups
    31. 31. IMC Program: Connect to the Youth to Create Brand Awareness through Sponsorship ProgramClas Mild Friendly Match CompetitionRoadshow sponsoring sports groups to schools or universities wherethey go on friendly competition with international and local basketballand football professional players: NBA, MU, Liverpool, Local groups
    32. 32. “Clas Mild – Young Inventor” Competition for Innovative InventionIMC Program: Connect to the Youth to Create Brand Awareness through Sponsorship Program
    33. 33. IMC Program: Connect to the Youth to Create Brand Awareness through Sponsorship ProgramGroup Competition on IMC ideas for Clas Mild•To generate fresh ideas from young groups•Gain intense involvement and ownership from the participants group of university students•To find and accommodate fresh ideas from TA•Use WOM as vehicle for brand awareness
    34. 34. IMC Program: Brand Buzz through mobile social networking game Four Square Check-in: use of mobile devices’ GPS and the Foursquare app to announce their presence at location. Users check into any given location more than anyone else become the “mayor” Badges: users can earn various badges for check-ins and tasks completed Points: Foursquare users can earn a variety of points for their check-ins. They play against their friends and geographic destinations each week to see who can earn the most points
    35. 35. IMC Program: Brand Buzz through mobile social networking game How to game: •Co-branding with 7-11. Lawson, Alfa Mart as destination for Clas Mild Four Square game. •Participants will use GPS to report their presence at location, unlock the badge, and add points for purchase of Clas Mild at the location •Participants complete required number of visits and points become mayor of Clas Mild get a chance to win “Dare to Move Trip” to exotic and adventurous destination in Indonesia
    36. 36. Program ScheduleMonths EventsJanuary Trees & Fountains forming ClasmildFebruary Cycling & watching soccer (every Saturday)March Train & Bus ads and Tin case & Card caseApril Foursquare programMay Releasing balloons & lampionsJune ATMJuly WorkshopsAugust Free parkingSeptember Roadshow sponsoring sportsOctober Smoking box with exhaustNovember Different cigarette shapesDecember Different tastes
    37. 37. IMC Budget estimation
    38. 38.       ( )   Emerging markets economic briefings: Tobacco THAN producers roll with the times. Oxford Business K Group, 2009 July 2003; 110. Available from YOU    SWA edisi 08/2006, 20 April 2006 Google image