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Young Marketers Elite 3_Assignment 21.1_Mobile Marketing

Câu hỏi duy nhất - Phân tích 4 case mobile marketing ở Châu Á thành công: trong đó có 1 case thành công do technology innovation, 1 case do consumer insight xuất sắc, 1 case xuất sắc khi kết hợp mobile với những platform khác, 1 case có sales conversion thành công . (100%

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Young Marketers Elite 3_Assignment 21.1_Mobile Marketing

  1. 1. ASSIGNMENT 21.1 – DIGITAL MARKETING – Hau, Hiep, Minh, Vy.
  2. 2. SAMSUNG VIETNAM: WATCH IT WITH S6 Double screen technology BACKGROUND: In 2015, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge burst onto the smartphone scene with a whole host of desirable features. The launch of this 2 products is expected to revitalize the brand gaining points on brand equity and brand love, and ultimately drive volume sales to gain market share. OBJECTIVES: With the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge’s breakthrough design and functions, Samsung aims to drive product engagement that would lead to sales and competitive conversion. Digital and mobile are one of the key channels with a huge potential to achieve these goals. TARGET CONSUMER: Vietnamese young adults, aged 18-35, who belong to middle to high social class. CONSUMER FACT: They are curious and desired to experience new, interesting technology things. SOLUTION: Samsung launch a love story video of Thanh Hang, falling in love with a strapping young man in Paris. We shot the entire film in Europe capturing the sophisticated style and aesthetics aspired by the Vietnamese consumers. Not all the juicy parts of the video are shown as to trigger curiosity among non-S6 users, the juicy bits only appeared on S6 screens only when users sync their smartphones with the main screen, made possible through the double screen technology. The technology integrated the online film for desktop and mobile at once enabling the users to connect with the film and interact with it seamlessly on both screens. The platform automatically detected if a non-S6 phone was connected and streamed a different version of the film prompting the user to use an S6 to unveil the full story.
  3. 3. WHY IT WORKS & BECOME SUCCESFUL 1. NEW TECHNOLOGY: Double screen, interactive, phone type detected 2. GOOD VIDEO STORY: Top celebrity – Thanh Hang, love story in Paris as audience is driven by passion for celebrities and love stories 3. EXPERIENCE DIRECTLY ON PRODUCT: Only by using Galaxy S6 to watch the video 4. CONSUMER INCENTIVE: a chance to win a trip to Paris by answering the trivia about the love story at the end of the film. • With 500,000 people experiencing the platform in 4 weeks • Over 150,000 iPhone users (31%), became the most frequently visiting users. • Samsung market share in the premium segment grew by 233%
  4. 4. CHOK: COCA COLA CAMPAIGN IN HONG KONG First time ever interactive TVC with mobile phone BACKGROUND: To encourage youngster in Hong Kong watch new Coca Cola TVC and get key communication message. CONSUMER FACT: TVC is now less involving with consumer, much lower reach vs. past especially youngster. They are more engaging with smart phone, social network and application.. SOLUTION: Combine TVC platform with mobile. Using mobile app to trigger youngster watch TVC in fun and exciting way. HOW IT WORKS: Step 1: Download Chook app Step 2: Wait for TVC at 10 pm every night Step 3: Chok or swing smart phone to catch instant prizes straight from the screen  Every Chok can instantly win discounts for mobile games or vouchers.
  5. 5. WHY IT WORKS & BECOME THE MOST SUCCESFUL PROMOTION OVER 35 YEARS IN HONG KONG? About 380,000 apps of Chok was downloaded in the first month, more than any branded apps before. 1. VERY EXCITING NEW NEWS. First time ever interactive TVC with mobile, creating unique and fun experience. 2. GO VIRAL: People talk, post clips, post status about Chok as phenomenon in the Internet. 3. GO BEYONG TRADITIONAL PLATFORM: Using mobile platform to bring excitement to old media platform like TVC, OOH. 4. CONSUMER INCENTIVE: Consumer can get instant incentive when playing Chok  creating the motivation for them to make Chok go viral.
  6. 6. Campaign: “The language of Hair” Brand: Sunsilk Client: Unilever. Creative Agency: Ogilvy Việt Nam Media Agency: Mindshare Mobile Platform: Zalo/Adtima Channels: TV, Print, Digita, Mobile Laucnh Date: 10/2014 MOBILE MARKETING THE EXCELLENT INSIGHT
  7. 7. CATEGORY - Hair category is one of top 3 categories for spending in Vietnam advertising - 7 brands in this category had made communication highly competitive. Moderate equity & been synonymous with “soft and shine” BUT competitor messaging that focused on making hair soft and smooth had diluted the differentiation between brands for young women in Vietnam. CHALLENGE To strengthen loyalty among customers who also used other brands => Sunsilk needed to find a credible claim that would differentiate OBJECTIVES - BUSINESS OBJECTIVE: To increase loyalty by 1% - COMMUNICATION OBJECTIVE: To differentiate on key attribute “making hair soft & smooth” by 5%.
  8. 8. Vietnamese women, 20 to 28 years old. - They are constantly on the move and have busy lives. - They are always working, traveling, pursuing their interests, or going out - they want to look their best at all times. HOW “SUNSILK WOMAN” ARE? * Has deep sense of national culture & prides herself on being successful. * She aims to be well groomed at all times, so having long, soft, and smooth hair is an integral part of her identity. * She ranks her hair as one of the key influences on her confidence and personality. ONLINE BEHAVIOR Mobile is their “always-on” ally with favorite activities such as uploading photos and online socializing with friends - an ABSOLUTE MUST TARGET AUDIENCE
  9. 9. CONSUMER UNDERSTANDING What they do? The young girls with a long, soft and smooth hair often untie and then touch their hair Why they do it? The way the girls touch their hair reflects their immediate emotions. When a girl touches her hair, there are many reasons for the way she touches it. BRAND’S BEST SELF With Sunsilk, you would have a “Soft & Shine”hair, then you can be confident of stepping out of the door fired up for the day ahead CONSUMER INSIGHT As a young girls with a long, soft and smooth hair, I often untie and touch my hair as the way to express my personality, the emotional signals as well as messages behind.
  10. 10. WHY THIS IS AN EXCELLENT INSIGHT? CONSUMER INSIGHT As a young girls with a long, soft and smooth hair, I often untie and touch my hair as the way to express my personality, the emotional signals as well as messages behind. DEEP EMOTIONAL DRIVER PERSONAL (I &ME) SPECIFIC CATEGORY FUNDAMENTAL TRUTH WELL-CONNECTED BRAND
  11. 11. PHASE 1: TRIGGER KEY HOOK: Viral Clip CONTENT: A little story about a geek who is attracted to a cute girl, but doesn’t understand the HairComb language that she uses to express herself. SUPPORTING TACTICS The short film was broadcasted and promoted on - YouTube - Zing TV - Zing MP3. PHASE 2: ENGAGEMENT KEY HOOK: A Chibi Maker Contest CHANNEL: Mobile – Zalo platform *** Why Zalo: - The most popular social media chat app in Vietnam - 67% of TA actively use Zalo to chat with friends/share selfies *** Why Chibi drawing - Trendy activity among Vietnamese girls. HOW APP WORK Signed in to Zalo => Send photo to Sunsilk Zalo page via Zalo chat => Chibi Maker Tool created a personal Chibi drawing => Send back To challenge the youngsters to incorporate their knowledge of Hair FingerComb languages into their Chibi drawings PHASE 3: SPREAD The most special and lovable Chibis were selected and a Hair FingerComb Language Chibi Sticker Collection => Zalo Sticker Store
  12. 12. PRE-ORDER APPS. BACKGROUND: To improve the serving time per consumer & service satisfaction. Starbucks has launched a Pre-order Apps. CONSUMER INSIGHT: Starbucks is my choice for the morning start. However, it’s always in a huge traffic & long queue waiting for your order & then, your drink. I wish to have a solution to save my time in the morning rush to enjoy my favorite coffee. SOLUTION: Pre-Order Apps. HOW IT WORKS: 1. Install the Starbucks App 2. Open the App & Choose your drink 3. Order & make advance payment. 4. System will send the order to the store, and then, barista makes your drink. You can make time & skip the queue to receive your pre-order.
  13. 13. WHY IT WORKS & HOW TO ENCOURGE CONSUMER TO ORDER VIA APP? About 21% of Starbucks transactions are done via mobile app 1. TACKLE & SOLVE CONSUMER ISSUE. According to consume feedback, they can save 10-15mins to order via mobile. 2. CONSUMER INCENTIVES: Via using birthday gifts, special bonus, discounts to engage them to use the app. 3. LOYALTY COINS: To accumulate digital coins & redeem the free drink. 4. CRM: Leverage the app to send out the notification, survey to keep track with consumer.
  14. 14. Thank you!