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2017 UK & European Employee Engagement Awards Entry Pack


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All you need to know about entering the UK & European version of the only global Employee Engagement Awards

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2017 UK & European Employee Engagement Awards Entry Pack

  1. 1. North America, 2017 January 25th 2018 | Wembley Stadium @ee_awards ENTRY PACK 2017 1 /eeawards
  3. 3. OUR HISTORY As the first and only global dedicated Employee Engagement Awards & Conference business, we believe in inspiring & educating people to remake the way organisations think about, and engage, people to achieve their purpose. That's why we created and continue to improve the Employee Engagement Awards; to champion best practice in engagement that inspires action and drives the industry and the employee experience forward. Our evolution has now enabled us to publish unique content and is creating a global community of EE professionals to enable global collaboration. In the space of under 3 years we have established our awards and conferences in 4 continents with plans to include 2 additional ones in 2018. 3
  5. 5. WHY ENTER? Network and interact with hundreds of HR and engagement professionals at our Awards Gala Provides proof that your company is investing in their people Opportunities to showcase your work and learn from others at our Awards & Conference and provide thought-leadership in the Employee engagement sector Rewards all those people who work hard to make the employee engagement programme work Provides your brand access to global and local marketing platforms via online and offline media Shows you care about employee involvement in the future of the business making you more attractive as an employer as well as rewarding your employees 5
  6. 6. OUR CONTENT Watch the acceptance interview from The People Insight Employee Engagement Company of the Year Award winners Virgin Trains in the UK. Watch the acceptance interview from The ANZ Employee Engagement Company of the Year Award winner Vocus Communications from Sydney. Watch the Employee Engagement Panel Discussion from the Employee Engagement Awards Conference in London. Watch Dr. Bob Nelson discuss The Power of Recognition in the workplace at the Employee Engagement Awards Conference in London See photos from our 2016 Employee Engagement Awards Gala hosted at Wembley Stadium. See photos from our 2016 Employee Engagement Awards Conference at the CavendishConference Centre in London Download one of our award-winning case studies provided by People Insight 6
  7. 7. OUR PARTNERS 7
  8. 8. TERMS OF ENTRY ▪ All entries must be submitted using the official online entry system by October 06, 2017. ▪ Work submitted must have taken place from anytime between January 2014 to September 2017. ▪ Organizations entering must be based in Europe ▪ The shortlisted entrants will be announced during November 2017. ▪ There is no limit to the number of projects that you enter, providing they’re clearly different from each other. ▪ Entrants agree to co-operate fully with the judges and their representatives as part of the judging process. ▪ The Employee Engagement Awards and the sponsoring organizations take no responsibility for incidental costs incurred by entrants. ▪ By entering The Employee Engagement Awards you agree for your logo to be used on all related websites and marketing materials when needed. ▪ The decision of the judges is final and no further correspondence will be considered. Due to the volume of entries we cannot always provide individual feedback on entries and reserve the right not to do so. READ MORE HERE 8
  9. 9. TOP TIPS BE A COMPELLING STORY TELLER Make sure you tell the story. Be clear and concise. Remember our judges don’t know you, your business or your project and you only have 1,500 words to not only explain to but wow them. BUSINESS CASE – TANGIBLE RESULTS Indicate how the project links to Employee Engagement for the betterment of the business. Set out what the goals of the campaign were and ensure that you provide credible proof that you delivered, or even surpassed those goals. A clear ROI will always be seen in a positive light by our judges. AVOID JARGON Plain English enables judges to clearly understand all sections of the entry, with no confusion or misunderstanding. BRING IT TO LIFE Do you have any materials that can bring the entry to life? Make it more real & human? Videos; images; leaflets; websites & testimonials. READ MORE HERE 9
  10. 10. AWARD CATEGORIES The People Insight Employee Engagement Company of the Year Employee EngagementUnsung Hero Award Employee EngagementSMB Company of the Year Employee Engagement Enterprise Company of the Year Award This award will go to the organisation that demonstrates the most compelling and holistic approach to their strategy for engaging their workforce. The winning business will provide evidence that they’ve utilised multiple opportunities for employees to engage with their company and become more fulfilled in their work. Judges will be looking for varied engagement methods and metrics used to measure their return on investment. This award is designed for companies to nominate that one person in your company who is your linchpin, the person that ensures employee engagement strategies succeed rather than fail. Who is in the frontline day- to-day. The person that might not be responsible for creating the strategy but without them it would never be rolled out. This is your chance to give that person the recognition they rarely receive or expect to receive. This award follows the same criteria as The People Insight Employee Engagement Company of the Year Award but focuses on those companies with 0-500 employees and reflects the budgets they may have to work with. The winner of the SMB Company of the Year will have triumphed over pressures with budgets or resources to truly create a culture of employee engaged plus show ROI This award follows the same criteria as The People Insight Employee Engagement Company of the Year Award but focuses on those companies with 500+ employees and reflects the budgets they have to work within. The winner of the Enterprise Company of the Year will show how engagement initiatives have affected the company as a whole. 10
  11. 11. AWARD CATEGORIES Employee EngagementPublic Sector Company of the Year Award Employee EngagementNon- Profit/Charity Company of the Year Award Internal Communications Award Employer Brand Award This award will be presented to a public sector organisation that has undertaken a project in the past year that has driven employee engagement in the organisation. All projects, whether around wellness, internal communications, technology or reward, can be entered. Judges would like to see information around the full project lifecycle including planning, implementation, measurement and reflection. This award will be presented to a not- for-profit or charitable organisation that has undertaken a project in the past year that has driven employee engagement in the organisation. The winning organisation will have shown how engagement lead to improved outreach or performance of goals. Noted by many engagement consultancy companies as the biggest issue of concern for disengaged employees, this award will be presented to the company or organization who has gone to considerable lengths to improve internal communications. Candidates must demonstrate a well thought out Internal Communications programme that delivers proven results that have the employees at the heart of the campaign. One of the best ways to engage staff and keep them engaged year-on- year is to connect them to the company brand, culture and values. This award will recognise the businesses that can demonstrate they have an excellent employer brand strategy, which delivers: proof of measurable benefits to the business, engagement of key stakeholders within the business, impact & understanding of messaging and positioning across workforce etc. 11
  12. 12. AWARD CATEGORIES Overseas Project of the Year Award Employee WellbeingAward Employee Reward and Recognition Award Employee Diversity Award This award follows the same criteria as The People Insight Employee Engagement Company of the Year Award but focuses on those organisations outside the UK & Ireland. Any submission from overseas must be tangibly different from a UK submission from the same company. There are no boundaries on number of employees within a business for this award. This award will be presented to an organisation that uses wellness initiatives to better engage staff with the organisation’s goals and future, improve day-to-day productivity and create a better working environment for all. Judges would like to see evidence of how the organisation has encouraged staff uptake of wellness initiatives and the results this produced. Of course reward & recognition are important parts of any business – and some organisations go above and beyond to create additional value. We want to hear from these companies. This award will go to a company that ties their reward & recognition strategy to business objectives and engages employees beyond simple transactional elements such as salary or private medical insurance. This award recognises an organisation that can clearly demonstrate that it actively executed a strategy that put diversity and inclusion at the heart of its business. It may focus on one minority group but preferably the winner will communicate a strategy that provided clear support and inclusion for all whether women, people from BME backgrounds, people from the LGBTQIA community, disabled people and other minorities. 12
  13. 13. AWARD CATEGORIES Social Responsibility Award Customer EngagementAward Best Use of Technology Award Employee Engagement Consultancy of the Year Award Employees continue to want their work and their company to contribute to more than just profit. This award will recognise a project dedicated to engaging employees through a social responsibility initiative or program. The judges would like to see evidence of the impact the project has had on both the workforce and also the wider social contribution it has made. As one of the most integral part of a company’s profile, this award focused on how companies and organizations relate to their customers. Candidates must demonstrate new and innovative examples of customer engagement specifically how each organization delivers on customer satisfaction. This award recognises the use of technology to support and drive employee engagement and will be looking for a people-first approach to using technology effectively rather than a technology-first approach. Entries that can quantify the measurable impact of the technology on employee engagement and how the organisation has gained employee uptake will be looked upon favourably. This award focuses on the efforts and achievements of consultancies that aim to bring employee engagement into the forefront of a business. We want to award the consultancies that deliver their expert skills to the benefit of their clients and employees. 13
  14. 14. DAVID LITTLECHILD Head of Culture & Engagement Lloyds Banking Group CATHY BROWN Exec Director Engage for Success RUTH DANCE Managing Director The Employee Engagement Alliance OUR JUDGES PAST & PRESENT ALAN WILD VP, Employee Relations & Engagement IBM KELLY JOSCELYNE Global Chief Talent Officer Mastercard AMANDA ATKINS Head of Internal Communications Slack AIMEE LUCAS VP, Customer Experience Transformist Temkin Group ROB CATALANO Co-Founder WorkTango MACY ANDREWS Global Talent Brand & Culture Cisco JASON LAURITSEN EE Awards Advisor 14
  15. 15. HOW TO ENTER 1. What problem/goal did the project set out to solve/achieve? 2. Tell us about the planning stage of the project. 3. How did you ensure the project implementation went smoothly? 4. How did you include the opinions of employees in the project to ensure long-term uptake and buy-in? 5. Tell us about how you brought an employee-centric, collaborative approach to delivering the project. 6. What was the quantifiable business impact and results achieved? 7. What learnings did you take from running this project and how would you approach it differently next time? Go to: to start the entry process The entry form is as follows: Clearly answer the following questions. Attempt to be as clear and concise as possible. Each question has a maximum limit of 300 words. Consultancy & Vendor of the Year have different entry criteria to the above. Please visit the site for more details 15
  17. 17. Wembley Stadium is the natural home for great events. In the shadow of the imposing arch, one of London’s most iconic landmarks, pass through the dedicated entrance and there you’ll find the capitals most tempting array of beautiful, flexible and inspiring conference and banqueting spaces, each unique in design and decor. Add superb facilities, our creative food policy and an outstanding event management team and you have the ultimate venue. Event Itinerary - Champagne Reception - Black Tie Event - Pre & Post Gala Entertainment (to be announced) - Awards Ceremony - Three Course Meal Host: TBA THE AWARDS NIGHT “A well put together awards package, providing good exposure and profile for us (as a category winner) and, of course, a cracking night out at the presentation itself” “Fantastic celebration for people in this area and the hard work and commitment they give. Also a great venue and well organised event.” 17
  18. 18. THE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT AWARDS CONFERENCE The Employee Engagement Awards Conference hosts employee engagement award winners & thought leaders across a powerful day to maximise the value you receive for the time out of the office. During the conference, we present some of the case studies from some of out award winning entries. No other event can offer the mix of award winning campaigns that we can. VENUE: Cavendish Conference Centre USE CODE ENTRANT TO GET 50% OFF YOUR TICKET “Good range of speakers sharing practical their experience from across a range of industry sectors.” “I found the presentations a really good balance of speakers and companies of different sizes. The information was really relevant and useful for our engagement survey.” “The EE Awards stands out as the leader in what is becoming a very crowded market place.” 18
  19. 19. MATT MANNERS CEO & FOUNDER CONTACT US If you have any questions or queries regarding the application process, entries and other issues regarding the Employee Engagement Awards, you can access our website at: UK Landline: +44 (0)203 3711 877 UK Mob: +44 (0)7799 876473 USA Landline: +1 (212) 380-1246 Finally, you can reach us through our Twitter: @ee_awards STEFAN WORBURTON 19