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2020 Africa Employee Engagement Awards Entry Pack


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All you need to know about entering the Africa version of the only global Employee Engagement Awards

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2020 Africa Employee Engagement Awards Entry Pack

  2. 2. THE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT AWARDS - AFRICA CONTENTS What we Do Watch Our 2019 Highlight Film Join our Esteemed Brands Benefits of Entering TheAwards Our Judges- Past & Present How to Write a CompellingEntry How to Enter Categories Our Rules to Enter When? And How Much? Join us at the Awards& Conference Wantto Find out More 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 - 26 27 - 28 29 30 31 PAGE 2
  3. 3. WHAT WEDO AFRICA ENTRY PACK 2020 As the first and only global dedicated Employee Engagement Awards & Conference business, we believe in inspiring & educating people to remakethe way organisations think about, and engage, people to achieve their purpose. That's why we created and continue to improve the Employee Engagement Awards-to champion best practice in engagement that inspires action and drives the industry and the employee experience forward. The all Africa 2019 Employee Engagement Conference and Awards Gala will be held on August 4 in Johannesburg. Our network of experts enables us to publish unique content and is creating an international community of EE professionals to enable global collaboration. In the space of under 5 years, we have established our awards andconferences across 4 continents. Read on to find out how to get on board. PAGE 3
  4. 4. AFRICA ENTRY PACK 2020 WATCH AFRICA’S FINEST FROM 2019 PAGE 4 Welcome to the all Africa Employee Engagement Awards. WATCH VIDEO
  6. 6. BENEFITS OF ENTERING AFRICA ENTRY PACK 2020 • Provides proof that your organization is investing in theirpeople and your teams’ ideas • Opportunities to showcase your work and learn from others at our Awards & Conference and provide thought-leadership in the Employee Engagement sector • Rewards all those people who work hard to make the employee engagement programme work and often go unrecognised • Network and interact with hundreds of HR and engagement professionals at our Awards Conferences internationally and on the continent • Provides your brand access to global and local marketing platforms via online and offline media • Shows you care about employee involvement in the future of the business making you more attractive as an employer as well as retaining your best talent PAGE 6
  7. 7. AFRICA ENTRY PACK 2020 Carol Abade Chief Executive Officer, Africa-Wide EXP Agency Peter Sullivan Journalist & Former GroupEditor-in-Chief, Independent News & Media Brigitte De Gama Chief People Officer, McDonalds South Africa Thandeka NoziphoMgoduso Business Founder, Board Chair, Non-Executive Directorships David Ssegawa Global Director forPeople Oxfam International Dr Olayiwola Oladapo Ag. CEO & Registrar Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria Lucia Swartz VP People, ABInBev PAGE 7 SOME OF OUR INDEPENDENT JUDGES Seeallourjudgesat: Professor Shirley Zinn Professor UP’s Department of HRM
  8. 8. HOW TOWRITE A COMPELLINGENTRY AFRICA ENTRY PACK 2020 TELL A POWERFUL STORY OF IMPACT Make sure you tell the story. Be clear and concise. Remember our judges don’t know you, your businessor your project so share insights and the story not just the stats so that you wow the judges! AVOID JARGON Plain English enables judges to clearly understand all sections of the entry, with supporting evidence uploaded. BUSINESS CASE– TANGIBLERESULTS Indicate how the project links to Employee Engagement for the betterment of the business. Set out what the goals of the campaign were and ensure that you provide credible proof that you delivered, or even surpassed those goals.A clear ROI will always be seen inapositive light by our judges. BRING IT TO LIFE Do you have any materials that can bring the entry to life? Make it more real & human? Videos; images; leaflets; websites& testimonials. Upload jpeg or PDFs documenting impact. PAGE 8
  9. 9. HOW TOENTER AFRICA ENTRY PACK 2020 EE Awards is case study based and the same case study can be entered into multiple categories if relevant, e.g. Employee Wellbeing and Diversity & Inclusion, or Innovation and Customer Experience, if the evidence and impact are relevant to the criteria in each category. Select the categories you want to enter, and then go to: 1. This invites you to register (select from top of page) as an entrant after which you will have access to the online entry system and able to start, save and manage all your entries. You will be expected to upload company logo, photographs, documents to support your entry. Video may also be uploaded such as staff testimonials etc. 2. Click ‘Create Entry’ to begin– you will then be able to select yourcategory 3. Here you will see the full entry submission form for the category selected. Youcan complete part of the entry, save it and revisit it as many times as youwish 4.Youcan download the entry form to on the top right hand side of the entryform and get it as PDF when you submit. 5.Youonly pay once you submit and can only submit via paying so don’t be worried aboutsubmitting prematurely. 6. Free categories are acknowledged by email from our Support Desk. You can reach them at any time: 7. You can pay via credit card or request an invoice if you are a registered company, which will be emailed to you for payment. PAGE 9
  10. 10. AFRICA ENTRY PACK 2020 THE FIRST-STEP ENGAGMENT AWARD Whether you’re in a fast growing company or long-established business, allleaders need to stop awhile and reflect on how the needs of their employees are changing over time. If you’ve grown exponentially, changed your business model, and hadto cut back, moved to AI and had to re-skill, or found your sales force needing new motivation, you’ll have taken a ‘FIRST STEP’ in testing out what kind of employee engagement might work in your current situation. This Award recognises the often tentative, initial steps we’ve all takentowards making our workplaces more effective for our employees. This category is free to enter: one entry per company PAGE 10
  11. 11. AFRICA ENTRY PACK 2020 PROFESSIONAL OF THE YEAR AWARD Designed to recognise the professional that has driven a successful Employee Engagement programme within the business. Entries must clearly demonstrate measurable outcomes of the engagement programme and how they, personally, were the driving force behind it. Entries from professionals working incompanies of all shapes and sizes arewelcome. This category is free to enter: one entry per organisation PAGE 11
  12. 12. AFRICA ENTRY PACK 2020 COMPANYOF THE YEAR AWARD SMALL ORENTERPRISE This award will be presented to an SMME sized company (those employing 15-49 people) which has undertaken a project to drive employee engagement in the organisation. All projects, whether around well-being, internalcommunications, technology, training or reward, can be entered. Judges would like to see information around the full project life cycle including planning, implementation, measurement, and reflection PAGE 12
  13. 13. AFRICA ENTRY PACK 2020 CORPORATE PROGRAMME OF THEYEAR AWARD (50+ EMPLOYEES) This category is designed to include companies who have experience in engagement initiatives and who want to showcase a successful initiative. Designed to feature a project across the company or in Africa Business Units of multi-national companies. All projects, whether aroundwell-being, internal communications, technology, training or reward, can beentered. Judges would like to see information around the full project lifecycle including planning, implementation, measurement and reflection. PAGE 13
  14. 14. AFRICA ENTRY PACK 2020 NON-PROFIT OF THEYEAR AWARD This award will be presented to a not-for-profit or charitable organisation that has undertaken a project that has driven employee engagement inthe organisation. All projects, whether around well-being, internalcommunications, technology or reward, can be entered. PAGE 14
  15. 15. AFRICA ENTRY PACK 2020 PUBLICSECTOR COMPANYOF THE YEAR AWARD This award will be presented to a public sector operation that has undertaken a project that has driven employee engagement in the organisation. All projects, whetheraround well-being, internal communications, technology or reward, can be entered. Judges would like to see information around the full project life cycle including planning, implementation, measurement and reflection. PAGE 15
  16. 16. AFRICA ENTRY PACK 2020 CUSTOMER & EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE AWARD The single biggest influence on the customer experience is that of your employees. By driving and improving the employee experience an organisation can transform its CX and overall business performance compared to its competitors. This category is dedicated to those thatby improving the EX have delivered CX and real businessimpact. PAGE 16
  17. 17. AFRICA ENTRY PACK 2020 INNOVATION IN ENGAGEMENT AWARD In a rapidly changing world of work, to engage employees consistently requires creativity and adaptability. This category will celebrate those who are breaking from the pack and creating innovative new ways to drive employee engagement. PAGE 17
  18. 18. AFRICA ENTRY PACK 2020 CULTURE & PURPOSE AWARD The creation of a company culture is essentialbut far from easy. It’s more than a vision than the collective can unite behind and give purpose to their employment.Howhasyourcompany created an engagingculture thatbrings stafftogether, improved their experience and the company’s performance as a result? PAGE 18
  19. 19. AFRICA ENTRY PACK 2020 LEARNERSHIPS& SKILLS DEVELOPMENT AWARD Skills development is the foundation of maximising Africa’s potential. This award recognises the company which is going beyond the scorecard with support for learnerships or apprentice programmes in the workplace. Registered programmes which have significantly impacted employees’ skills or development opportunities which include mentoring, would score highly in the judging. You can upload photos or other evidence from beneficiaries to show how your approach makes a difference to employees. PAGE 19
  20. 20. AFRICA ENTRY PACK 2020 DIVERSITY & INCLUSION AWARD This award recognises an organisation that can clearly demonstrate that it actively executed a strategy that put diversity and inclusion at the heart of its business. PAGE 20
  21. 21. AFRICA ENTRY PACK 2020 REWARD& RECOGNITION AWARD Reward & recognition via Employee Benefits are important parts of any business but we want to see companies that are extracting additional value. This award will go to a company that ties their reward & recognitionstrategy to business objectives and engages employees beyond simple transactional elements such as salary or private medical insurance. PAGE 21
  22. 22. AFRICA ENTRY PACK 2020 EMPLOYEE WELLBEING AWARD This award will be presented to an organization that uses wellbeing initiatives to better engage staff with the organization’s goals and future, improve day-to-day productivity and create a better working environment for all. Judges would like to see evidence of how the organization has encouraged staff uptake ofwellbeing initiatives. PAGE 22
  23. 23. AFRICA ENTRY PACK 2020 INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS/ EMPLOYERBRAND AWARD Open, transparent, two-way communication channels are important if employees are to feel engaged. This award recognises companies that are championinginternal communications as a strategy to improve employee engagement instead of just a method of disseminating information. Judges would like to see information that shows a coherent strategy around either Employer Brand or Internalcommunications and the thinking behind the approach. PAGE 23
  24. 24. AFRICA ENTRY PACK 2020 SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY/ SUSTAINABILITY FOR ENVIRONMENT AWARD Employees continue to want their work and their company to contribute to more than just profit. This award will recognise a project dedicated to engaging employees through a socialresponsibility initiative or program around natural resources or environment of a community. The judges would like to see evidence of the impact the project has had on both the workforce and also the wider socialcontribution it has made. PAGE 24
  25. 25. AFRICA ENTRY PACK 2020 CONSULTANCY/ VENDOR OFTHE YEAR AWARD This award focuses on the efforts and achievements of consultancies that aim to bring employee engagement into the forefront of a business.Consultancies that have delivered their expert skills to the benefit of their clients and customers by improving the employee experience and provide compelling evidence will get the judges excited. The winning company will also be able to show how their own internal practice reflects what they offer clients. PAGE 25
  26. 26. AFRICA ENTRY PACK 2020 OUTSTANDING EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT COMPANYOF THEYEAR The finalists in this category are taken from judges’ recommendations only, drawing on the best case studies entered in all the other categories.We will notify you if your entry is shortlisted for consideration in this category – the best overall engagement project from the 2020finalists! PAGE 26
  27. 27. RULES TO ENTER AFRICA ENTRY PACK 2020 • All entries must be submitted using the official form or online entry system/offi cial manual entry form by noon 7 May , 2020. The Africa Employee EngagementAwards reservesthe right to extendthe entry deadlineas applicable. • Work submittedmust have taken place from anytime between March 2019 to April 2020 inclusive. • Organisations entering must be based in Africa, have directly employed staff in Africa, or registered to operate in Africa. Both HQ and regional offices can enter. • Entries must be submitted inEnglish. • The shortlisted entrants will beannounced during June 2020 and winners at the Awards Gala in August 2020 • There is no limit to the number of projects that you enter, providing that the same project is entered into different categories, for instance an Innovation Entry can also be a Diversity & Inclusion Entry. It is also possible for different projects from the same organisationto be entered in a singlecategory. • Entrants agree to co-operate fully with the judges and their representativesas part of the judging process. • Category Finalists will be invited to attend the Awards Ceremony on August 4 2020 in Johannesburg. Tickets for the Awards Ceremony are discounted for categoryfinalists. • The Africa Employee EngagementAwards and the sponsoringorganisationstake no responsibilityfor incidentalcosts incurredby entrants. • By entering The Africa Employee Engagement Awards,you agree for your logo to be used on all related websites and marketing materials when needed. • The decision of the judges is final, and no further correspondence will be considered. Due to the volume of entries, we cannot always provide individual feedbackon entries and reservethe right not to do so. PAGE 27
  28. 28. RULES TO ENTER CONT’D AFRICA ENTRY PACK 2020 • Consultants entering on behalf of a client organisation must gain the organisation’s written consent before completing the offi cial entry form. Consultants are advisedto clarify the position with respect to intellectual property with their clients in advance of entering. We recommend that the client be notified of dates for attending the conference and awards evening. • EEA is not responsiblefor verifying ownership of content submitted by individuals or organisations in respect of Awards entries. EEA will use reasonable means to verify and clarify content or results of any shortlisted entries where we deem this necessary. • The name of the entering organisation will always be used as the name referred to in all appropriate marketing communications,unless a nominated organisation has been stated, in which case the nominated organisation will be the name referred to. This will also apply to Award trophies and certificates, should these be relevant. • The Africa Employee EngagementAwards can promote the case studies entered after clarifying which data is sensitiveand shouldbe excluded. • The prize is non-transferable,non-negotiableand no cash alternativewill be offered. • Two categories are TOTALLY FREE to enter – see the category listing or the 2020 Entry Pack for more information on which categories in 2020 are free to enter • All gala award bookings are non-refundable. Conference bookingsare refundable within 4 weeks of the event, or tickets can be transferred to colleagues. • All shortlisted finalists have the right to promote themselves as an Award finalist. The Employee Engagement Awards will provide each shortlisted organisation with the relevant copy and artwork. EEA has the right to request copy approval before publication if the copy we provide is to be edited. PAGE 28
  29. 29. KEY DATES &PRICES Entries Open February17th2020 Pay for one entry and enter a second for free* Entry Deadline May 7th2020 Corporate Entries (over 50 employees) R3 000 excl.VAT Finalists Announced June2020 Small companies/enterprises R1 500 excl.VAT Conference & Awards Ceremony August 4th2020 NGOs R750 excl.VAT Entries for the following categories are completely free: EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL & FIRST STEP ENGAGEMENT AWARD ConferenceTickets R1 800 excl.VAT Early Bird Conference R1500 excl.VAT ConferenceExhibitor R2500 excl.VAT Single Awards GalaSeat R3995 excl.VAT Early Bird Awards GalaTable (10 seats) R33 995 excl.VAT Finalist Awards GalaTable R39 995 excl.VAT Non-Finalist Awards GalaTable PAGE 29 R45 995 excl.VAT Entries to the Awards : prices are ex vat for SA organisations. VAT is not applicable outside SA EVENT TICKET PRICES * enter 1 category and your second entry will be free – details sent to you on entry
  30. 30. THE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT CONFERENCE The Employee Engagement Awards Conference hosts employee engagement award winners & thought leaders across a powerful day to maximise the value you receive for the time out of the office. During the conference, we present some of the case studies from some of out award-winning entries. Noother event can offer the mix of award-winning case studies and learning that we can. VENUE: - Illovo,Johannesburg DATE: - August 4, 2020 “The EE Awards stands out as the leader in a subject often misunderstood as an HR discipline’. “I found the Indaba day inspiring and practical” ‘The Conference was full to the brim of content and great speakers – and I’m happy that I can ‘watch again’ on the video podcasts to share the ideas more widely in my company’ PAGE 30
  31. 31. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT AWARDS If you have any questions or queries regarding the application process, entries and other issues regarding the Employee Engagement Awards, you can access our website at or see below: The Team:Contact No: +27 (0) 63 692 1813 Email: Address: 1-3 West Street Houghton Estate, Johannesburg SouthAfrica NakediMatjea TriciaSibbons Sandra Burmeister CEO @ee_awards