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Attracting, Hiring, Retaining Top Millennial Talent

Attracting, Hiring, and Retaining Top Millennial Talent is a presentation designed to provide insight on how to attract, hire, and retain (AHR) top millennial talent. AHR involves cultural transformation from Industrial Age production management strategies to Connected Age innovation through Dream Team formation and activation led by top Millennial talent.

Transformation synthesis is a process where senior organizational leaders transfuse (thru mentoring and coaching) their wisdom and institutional knowledge into top Millennial talent for the purpose of innovation, replication, and multiplication across service lines of an organization. This is the heart of creating a growth company.

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Attracting, Hiring, Retaining Top Millennial Talent

  1. 1. Attracting, Hiring and Retaining (AHR) Top Millennial Talent Building The Dream Team Dr. Philip Zimmerman, PE, PCC Engineering Leadership Design Company, LLC LinkedIn: Dr. Philip Zimmerman Twitter: @EngrLeadership Coaching Flat Out Works!
  2. 2. Background Culture Conditions Dream Team Formation Coaching Flat Out Works!
  3. 3. Culture Clash Industrial Age PRODUCERS (1700’s–1990’s) (Baby Boomers & Older Gen-X’ers) • Task Oriented, Outcome Based, Goal Focused • Working With Materials to Make THINGS • Nose on the Grindstone Till Dark Coaching Flat Out Works!
  4. 4. Connected Age INNOVATORS (2007-Present) (Young Gen-X’ers & Millennials) • Play Oriented, Mastery Based, Discovery Focused • Assimilate, Synthesize, Master & Discover • Virtual Workplace & Friends on the Levee at 4:30 Coaching Flat Out Works! Culture Clash
  5. 5. Culture Commonality Marketplace Singularity • Sustainability, Functionality, & Green • Global Availability/Local Applicability • Beyond Cutting Edge Technologically • Globally Connected/Locally Accessible Coaching Flat Out Works!
  6. 6. Culture Oil & Water Workplace Personalities • Industrial Age Producers • History, Wisdom, Brick & Mortar, Projects • Connected Age Innovators • Curiosity, Knowledge, Smart Phone, Purpose Coaching Flat Out Works!
  7. 7. Culture Transformation Dream Team Formation • Top Organization Producers • Executive, Institutional Knowledge, Mgt. • Working to Leave an Indelible Mark • Top Millennial Innovators • 5%’ers, Motivated, Looking for Challenges • Playing for Mastery & Discovery Coaching Flat Out Works!
  8. 8. Culture Transformation Dream Team Lineup • Role Players - Producers (Mentors & Coaches) • Know What Is Needed & How It Is Done Now • Produce Excellence That Works Today • Star – Millennial Innovator (Key to WINNING) • Question Everything & Play for Mastery • Discovers What Will Work Tomorrow Coaching Flat Out Works!
  9. 9. The Dream Team The Games They Play… • Envision The Future of What Can Be • Opportunity Not Permission to Innovate • Institutional Knowledge Synthesizers • Market Sector Domination Drivers Coaching Flat Out Works!
  10. 10. Recruiting Dream Team Star Player Coaching Flat Out Works!
  11. 11. Recruiting The Star Player What Millennials Want In A… • Boss: Mentor & Career Path Guide • Company: Strong Values & Skill Training • Learn: Career Advancing Expertise • Life: Purpose Fulfillment Beyond Self Coaching Flat Out Works!
  12. 12. Recruiting Foundation Attracting Is Intentional • Visibility of Company • Transparency of Opportunity • Clear Expectations of Performance • Career Path Mentoring & Coaching Coaching Flat Out Works!
  13. 13. Recruiting Outcomes Attracting Seamless Integration • Job Fulfillment In Career Path • Position & Assignment Fit Person • Chemistry With Peers & Leadership • Work & WINNNING are Collaborative Coaching Flat Out Works!
  14. 14. Signing Dream Team Star for Relationships Coaching Flat Out Works!
  15. 15. Relationship Foundation Hire Star Player Who… • Shares Company Values & Image • Has Capacity for Technical Skill Mastery • Career Path Expectations Align w/Vision • Possesses Innovation DNA - Synthesizer Coaching Flat Out Works!
  16. 16. Relationship Outcome Hire Star Player Who… • Can Create Internal Synergy at All Levels • Will Captivate Customers • Wants to Make Sales Calls • Sees Role in Enhancing Revenue Growth Coaching Flat Out Works!
  17. 17. Retain Dream Team Star By Winnning Championship Coaching Flat Out Works!
  18. 18. Winning Foundation Mentoring & Coaching • Mentor to Instill Company Values/Image • Mentor to Develop Technical Skills • Coach to Elicit Career Path Excellence • Coach to Actuate Innovation Coaching Flat Out Works!
  19. 19. Winning Fundamentals GAME Preparation • Practice Strategies, Offense & Defense • Transfuse Institutional Knowledge • Promote Out of the Box Innovation • Full Engagement in Business of Business Coaching Flat Out Works!
  20. 20. WIN Consistently Dominate Competition • Know Their Stuff & How It Works • Use Cost Saving/Cutting Edge Innovation • Piercingly Relate & Clearly Articulate • Over Deliver & Out Perform Coaching Flat Out Works!
  21. 21. WIN Decisevly Play to WIN • Take Actions That Produce Results • Optimize Productivity by Collaboration • Are Fiercely Loyal to Team & Values • Love to WIN and WIN BIG Coaching Flat Out Works!
  22. 22. WIN Championship WIN Pulling Away • Capture Majority Market Share • Lead Field in Innovation • Grossly Profitable • Care for ALL Customers Coaching Flat Out Works!
  23. 23. Championship Payback Retaining Star Player • Integral Member of Leadership Team • Actively Mentored & Coached • Mastery & Innovation Promoted • Compensation Tied to Results Coaching Flat Out Works!
  24. 24. Championship Payback Retaining Star Player • Happiness in Vocation & Life • Making a Difference in the World • Client Interactions Validate Efforts • Winning As a Team Is Addictive Coaching Flat Out Works!
  25. 25. Dream Teams Continue to WIN Coaching Flat Out Works!
  26. 26. Dream Teams Give Back Coaching Flat Out Works!
  27. 27. Summary Attracting, Hiring, & Retaining (AHR) Top Millennial Talent • Form a Dream Team • Actively Recruit in Marketplace • Sign The Star Player • WIN Championships Coaching Flat Out Works!
  28. 28. Attracting, Hiring and Retaining Top Millennial Talent Building The Dream Team Coaching Flat Out Works! Thank You