How Adding 2 Words Got Me 2x More SEO Clients


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These 2 words got me 2x more SEO clients for my SEO business.
Find out what those 2 words are & how you can use them in your own SEO business.

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How Adding 2 Words Got Me 2x More SEO Clients

  1. 1. How Adding 2 Words Got Me 2x More SEO Clients by Stanley Founder of Reporb
  2. 2. 2 quick questions before we begin :- What separates a Grade “A” SEO business from a Grade “B” SEO business? & Why are you not getting enough SEO clients to your business eventhough you have the seo skills to rank all your clients to page 1 Answer: Your Marketing Message
  3. 3. What is a marketing message? A marketing message or marketing communication is what you tell your visitors you are about. It’s usually a 1-2 sentence message telling your visitors why they should buy from you & what you can do to solve their problem. “Combine a superb message + Jedi-level promotion skills, your SEO business will convert visitors to customers like how Amazon convert theirs.” You’ll never have to worry about your customers exiting your website or sales page without buying anything from you.
  4. 4. Now, you must be thinking how does a marketing message relate to how I got 2x more seo clients by adding 2 words Read on >>> (the next slide is very important)
  5. 5. It’s dead simple. I have been analyzing businesses outside the SEO industry on effective marketing messages and 1 of the marketing message which I found extremely effective is “Market Targeting” What is Market Targeting? Let me give you an example :- Imagine your SEO business is looking for web hosting services. So you are out looking for a business to host your site. Now imagine these 2 web hosts marketing message :- Before going into the 2 web hosts marketing message, keep this sentence in mind: 1 of the main big thought that goes into a prospect’s mind is “Will this work for me?” Web Host A – “Best Web Hosting” Web Host B - ”Web Hosting Dedicated For SEO Businesses” Which marketing message are you more attracted to? or which business would you order from? Web Host B, I assume? I would too. But why? 2 reasons :- 1. Remember the above sentence? “Will this work for me?” Yes! Once you label your customers, your visitors will trust you more because you will know their web hosting is serving other businesses like yours as well. 2. Even if Web Host A has the word “Best” in their message but it doesn’t hook you on compared to Web Host B’s marketing message. Now, why isn’t Web Host A marketing message effective? Answer: Because there is still the thought in our mind which is “Will this work for me?” That is what I call “Market Targeting”.
  6. 6. SEO Business Cool Fact: People like to be labeled. If you think deeper on the previous slide, both web hosts provide the exact same service (web hosting). There is completely no difference between hosting a website for a SEO business, a Web Design agency, an E-commerce store or
  7. 7. 1 Action To Take-Away From This Course Add words to your marketing message that label your customers. The more targeted the better. Super effective words to add are :- For (insert industry or niche market here). e.g: For Web Designers, For Affiliate Marketers, For Lawyers, For Accountants. “Now combine your advertising + your targeted marketing message and get more clients for your SEO business.”
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