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The Dawn of the Internet

Columbia University student Gordon Gould invented the laser in 1957 by applying Albert Einstein’s insight about stimulating the emission of light. Based on this principle, Gould’s company, his protege Dr. David Huber and Kevin Kimberlin co-founded the venture that first commercialized and subsequently led the global adoption of the high-capacity light amplification technology that serves as a foundation of the Internet today.

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The Dawn of the Internet

  1. 1. The Dawn of the Internet Kevin Kimberlin Chairman, Spencer Trask & Co.
  2. 2. Albert Einstein first conceived of stimulating the emission of light in 1916
  3. 3. In this paper
  4. 4. Based on Einstein’s proof, 40 years later, Columbia University student, Gordon Gould, invented the Laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation)
  5. 5. First awareness of the laser!
  6. 6. Gordon Gould co-founded Optelecom Inc. to use lasers for communications Source: Taylor, Nick, Laser, Simon and Shuster; August 2000, page 212.
  7. 7. Their Light Optics Program leader was Dr. David Huber
  8. 8. Gould’s company, Dr. Huber and Kevin Kimberlin founded a company to create…
  9. 9. Breakthrough: light amplification within Dense Wave Division Multiplexer
  10. 10. “…that first commercial DWDM system was “the real dawn of the internet.” “Ciena was the first to offer dense WDM (DWDM)…in 1996.” OSA Centennial Snapshots Boom, Bubble, Bust: The Fiber Optic Mania JEFF HECHT In the decade from 1996 to 2005, breakthroughs in fiber optics and networking transformed society and laid the groundwork for the global internet.
  11. 11. “…commercial WDM transport systems as the common basis of all… telecommunications networks.”