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Origin of the Cellphone

Few realize the true evolution of the cell phone. Many of the well-known giants who get credit for the innovation were among many key players. This educational deck is meant to shine light on the fascinating story of the origin of the cellphone.

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Origin of the Cellphone

  1. 1. Feb. 26 2013. World Press Photo of the Year. “African migrants on the shore of Djibouti City raised their phones to try to capture an inexpensive signal from neighboring Somalia – a tenuous link to relatives abroad.”
  2. 2. The First Mobile Phone
  3. 3. The First Mobile Phone
  4. 4. The 1982 Millicom Vision Hultén, Stephan and Mölleryd. Bengt, ibid. Pg. 19. “…a radical innovation since all phones at that time could only be mounted in vehicles.”
  5. 5. The First Portable Cell Phone E. F. Johnson MT-9100 “Millicom adapted a phone made by the E.F. Johnson firm producing the first portable cellular phone.” Agar, Jon. Constant Touch: Global History of the Mobile Phone. Totem Books. 2004. The 2nd generation, MT-9300 – “The Lunch Box”
  6. 6. The First Handheld Cell Phone Competition from Motorola The Brick Awkward, expensive and impractical for consumers Motorola DynaTAC 8000X
  7. 7. Commissioned by Millicom shareholders The M1 The History of GSM -- Birth of the Mobile Revolution. Then the Breakthrough
  8. 8. BBC. Tomorrow’s World. June 1988. (image) “…an extremely influential phone in the history of mobile…” Nils Martensson shows his phone to Prince Charles Then the Breakthrough The History of GSM -- Birth of the Mobile Revolution. (text)
  9. 9. Technophone M1 (1986) “…turned the mobile from a hand portable to a pocket phone.” The First Pocket-Sized Cell Phone The History of GSM -- Birth of the Mobile Revolution. Technophone M1 (1986)
  10. 10. Daily Telegraph. July 13th 1987. pg. 20 “The intelligent telephone has been launched.” The Second Version – Pocket-Sized Cell Phone
  11. 11. This Pocket-Sized Cell Phone Set the standard form and function of cell phones…
  12. 12. For the next 30 years!
  13. 13. The Origin and Evolution of the Cell Phone 1920s 1981 1983 First Portable E. F. Johnson & Co./Millicom First Handheld Motorola First Pocket-Sized Commissioned by Millicom Shareholders 1986 First Mobile Motorola