It's time to relax


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Don’t we all look forward for a time off from work or school and just enjoy the day? Whether you prefer to be alone or with a company, the fact is you are free to do whatever you want to do. You can think of different ways to enjoy your free time and while you’re at it, consider the time and your budget to end the day with fun memories to look back on.

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It's time to relax

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  2. 2. Don’t we all look forward for a time off from work or school and just enjoy the day? Whether you prefer to be alone or with a company, the fact is you are free to do whatever you want to do. You can think of different ways to enjoy your free time and while you’re at it, consider the time and your budget to end the day with fun memories to look back on. One of the best things to do is to watch a movie but the malls are too crowded these days and going into mall theatres could consume so much of your time which you don’t have that much luxury of. Apart from the traffic and the money you’ll spend on a box of popcorn and some beverages, there is a long line of movie watchers waiting to get their tickets. You don’t need to do all these just to have fun. The same thing goes if you plan to watch a baseball or basketball game with your friends, and even more inconvenient to watch a concert or have a boy’s night out since you have work to do early in the morning and all you have is just the day. The best way to relax without changing outfits and spending money is to go to your backyard and immerse yourself in warm and calming water from your very own inflatable spa. You can have a moment of peace and at the same time enjoy the soothing effect of hydrotherapy massage that your spa offers. Let it help relieve the stress from your body while you listen to your favorite music and holding your favorite drink in one hand. Gaze at the beautiful view of the clouds from your backyard and listen to sound of silence. Close your eyes and think of happy thoughts, leave your worries behind and let the water soothe your aching nerves. | If you get bored with silence and need company, you can invite some close friends over and have fun with a few drinks and food to satisfy your cravings while chatting the afternoon away. What makes an inflatable spa perfect for leisure is that it is easy to set up and easier to take down. Just fill the tub with the water from your garden hose, pour in the ingredients and you’re ready to go. No hassles and worries. Having fun doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive and sometimes all you need is just a tub and the people you love. It could be a memory to look back to over the years and the best part of it, the hydrotherapy massage promotes a good night sleep so after soaking in the warm water, you’ll end up having uninterrupted sleep which will make you feel better in the morning, ready to take on your responsibilities once again. We all know what stress can do to our body and mind that is why alleviating stress is very important. Sometimes we become too busy with our jobs and tasks like meeting deadlines, getting along with difficult bosses and annoying colleagues. And because we have so many things in mind, we go home restless and tired, with no time to spare for our loved ones. It may seem like there is nothing we can do about stress, because the truth is, stress comes from within and it is the way we respond to things. If you think you can’t handle something, stop for a while, take a deep breath, and relax. There are tons of stress busters these days; you can spend time with your family doing nothing, watch a movie, play golf or you can spend a few quiet moments with your wife in your very own spa. There are various portable spas to choose from according to sizes, colors, designs and brands; no 2
  3. 3. matter what you are looking for, there is always something to suit your budget and your personal taste. What is good about having your own spa is you always have the pleasure to use it anytime you want even after work or before you go to sleep. Imagine yourself coming home exhausted from the day’s work and soaking yourself in the spa, enjoying the warm water massage on your back while holding your favorite drink in hand. Of course aside from relieving stress from our bodies we also want our eyes to feast on something. You have an option to place the portable spa in your backyard where you can enjoy staring at the night sky covered with stars and just feel the silence of the night. You also have an option to place the spa inside the house where you can also enjoy your favorite programs on the television while sipping on your favorite cocktail. These are just simple pleasures that we can enjoy, not too fancy but can definitely help us combat stress. You can also share the spa with your family depending on its size so you can enjoy a good conversation with them and ask them about their day. This is a simple way of building and creating a good atmosphere at home. It is a great way to bond with your family especially during weekends when all of you are free. You can have a barbecue Sunday on your backyard by the pool and end the day by soaking in the spa and engage in fun filled activities like games for the kids and sun tanning for you and your wife. There are no hassles in setting it up and taking it down and it doesn’t occupy too much space making it the perfect companion on a very tiring day. Get your own portable spa now and start dealing with stress at work. We all know how much children love to play in the water and get wet, so one of the best ideas to celebrate your kid’s birthday is to organize a spa inspired party for him. You can invite all his other friends, your close friends and relatives too to enjoy the day full of surprises and games. It will be chaotic and messy because the place needs to be set up with decorations, tables and chairs comfortable enough for them to sit when they get too tired from swimming. You can assign a close friend to take care of the food, one of the drinks, and another for the venue. The venue should be large enough to accommodate highly energized kids who will run, swim, laugh, chat and move around for hours. There should also be a group assigned to take care of the safety of the kids that will include lifeguards and people who know first aid just in case of minor accidents. It should be in a pool area for kids where there is enough space for them to sit down and enjoy the magician’s performance and a grassy area where they could chase each other without the possibility of slipping. Sharp objects should be removed from the party area. Electrical gadgets should be positioned where it is far from the reach of the children. If there are more than ten kids, you can place at least 3 portable spas near the pool for the kids to enjoy, so that when their tired bodies need a rest, they can immerse themselves in the relaxing and soothing water the spa provides. They will definitely enjoy the experience and will think of hydrotherapy as a fun experience without knowing the positive effects it can give them. Don’t forget to invite the parents so each has the responsibility to watch over their kids and have fun at the same time. A spa party is a great way for kids to | 3
  4. 4. bond, play and create fun filled memories that they will remember for as long as they can. Just set the atmosphere with some tunes and finger foods that won’t take time to eat, refreshing drinks to quench their thirst and rest assured that they will go home happy and have stories to tell you. Make sure to read the safety instructions inside the box to know more about the product and its capacity. Don’t forget to also provide toys that they can use while they are in the pool to ensure more fun and excitement on their part. End the day with loot bags and a thank you card for sharing their time with your kid. | 4