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Implementation of secure email server in cloud environment copy1

Implementation of secure email server in cloud computing

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Implementation of secure email server in cloud environment copy1

  1. 1. Implementation of secure mail server in cloud environment Advanced Network Security Dr.Azizol Abdullah
  2. 2. Team WorkNadim K. MadiSolmaz SalehianFarzaneh MasoumiyanAbdulraqeb Abdullah
  3. 3. OutlinesI n t r o d u c t i on me t h o d o l o gy Mi g r a t i ng t o c l oud e n v i r o n me ntCo n c l u s i o n?
  4. 4. Mail transfer agent MTA Postfix Transport Layer Security(TLS) Secure Mail server & SMTP-AUTH
  5. 5. IntroductionPostfix security Transport Layer Security (TLS) : make privacy by using symmetric cryptography and a keyed message authentication code message reliability. SMTP-AUTH : which use Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) Internet Standard method which can be used with protocols such as SMTP for adding authentication support to connection-based protocols .Main aim of using postfix significant impact on Internet mail performance and security
  6. 6. MethodologyLinux-based platform has been configured as a server with postfix and covers TLS and SMTP_AUTH.Implementation Steps: Installation (postfix) Configuration Authentication (SMTP_AUTH) Digital Certificates Encryption Testing
  7. 7. Installation
  8. 8. configuration
  9. 9. Authentication
  10. 10. Testing
  11. 11. Testing
  12. 12. Testing
  13. 13. Migrating to cloud environment• Cloud-Based Email Services: – cheaper than running personal email service on-premise. – rapidly provision new users. More scalable. – Always run the latest software and configurations without upgrade hassles. – Shift the financial burden from upfront capital expense to ongoing operating expense.
  14. 14. Migrating to cloud environment cont ...7. perform backups new cloud-based email service6. start using cloud based-email solution5. Assign the registered domains to several DNS records Cloud-4. forward email from old server to new cloud mailbox Based Email Service3. create a profile to remember all email accounts2. setup new users, storage, aliases, and SharePoint1. new host can import emails from the current one
  15. 15. Conclusion• A mail server has been configured and tested in Linux environment using postfix Email Transfer Agent to “send, receive, and deliver” emails.• The main aim what is ensuring a security level has also been achieved using TLS Security Certificates. Also authentication mechanism is supported using SMTP-AUTH.• This implementation can be migrated to cloud-based level, over 7 phases to ensure end-to-end functions adaption.• A further digging for enhancement might be applied in the mail transfer agent part. As well as the concept of heterogeneity.
  16. 16. ,  ,Thank You for Your Attention Q&A