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Sustainability competitive advantage for companies Kahra


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Workplace menu on sustainable lifestyles on February 6, 2019
Sitra and CLC

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Sustainability competitive advantage for companies Kahra

  1. 1. Sustainability – competitive advantage for companies Matti Kahra, Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) 6.2.2019
  2. 2. Confederation of Finnish Industries represents: 70% of Finland’s export of goods 70% of Finland’s R&D expenditure 2/3 of the GDP created by companies 2/3 of the private sector jobs 4.2.20192 Matti Kahra
  3. 3. In 12 years the business environment for Finnish companies will be either: A) Global economy with -45 % emissions B) Global economy adapting to ~2 C warming
  4. 4. The private sector is crucial for ambitious climate action • Our actions: – Committed to a Science- Based Target (1,5 C) – Creating Sectoral Roadmaps to Carbon Neutrality – Communicating Risks and Opportunities – Responsible Policy Engagement 6.2.2019 Matti Kahra4
  5. 5. Thank you! @mattikahra 6.2.20195 Matti Kahra