Leverage social media to drive business the case sept 2012


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  • Introductie
  • Consumer – small & medium business – Large Enterprise – Public (Education, Healthcare and Government)Mobile devices – computers – servers – storage and IT servicesIT End to End Solutions
  • 28 years ago.At the age of 19Current CEO (47y)
  • We achieved the highest revenue in the history of Dell.
  • Support of CEO is important. We are lucky with Michael’s vision on Social Media.
  • 2006; tech support team for tech support matters raised by bloggersIn June 2007 we joined Twitter and have had great success in connecting with customers on everything from tech support, to IT for small business, to our corporate social responsibility and green IT efforts, as well as folks looking for special offersWe have both a business and consumer Facebook page. In 2009 we launched Dell Tech Center, a community for IT pros, and it grew rapidly that first year….in the area of 400%Ideastorm:Almost 18.000 ideas in 5,5 yearsAlmost 750.000 votesMore than 500 ideas implemented (backlight keyboard, Red campaign, Vista, next day delivery)
  • Lesson 2: If you go into the social web with only your agenda and messages you failListening to 25,000 conversations everyday about Dell is crucial to putting the customer centricity at the forefront of these effortsWe have over 180 different search profiles that help us parcel up those 25000 conversations and make sense of the volume of discussions related to Dell.For those interested in a little more detail, yes… those 180 search criteria include things like geography, reach, sentiment, subject matter of the discussions, where they are taking place on the web… and moreYOU DON’T LEARN MUCH IF ALL YOU DO IS TALK TO PEOPLE WHO LIKE YOU A LOT.
  • Lesson 3 and I have touched on this…but over 5 years we have found the conversations touch every part of Dell’s business……well, I'm not sure accounting has many customer conversations about them To realize business value from the customer, it is important that web interactions and conversations are heard by those who are most impacted, the relevant Dell team members and various parts of the business.
  • Lesson 4 builds on Lesson 2 and 3. Listening is one thing. Recognizing that customer conversations are not just about products or tech support but can impact building a better business across all business and customer segments as well as business functions…well that requires action to follow up on what we learn, and raises the question of how to scale.First: Listen, then engage and connect and finally act to build a better business. Input from customers can mean questions about the status quo, and action by business on what we learn from that input. Social media does not always mean saying Yes, but it does mean we have a responsibility to listen learn engage and act where it makes sense and leads us to being a better more customer centered business. That’s where the medium becomes two way and all about customer connectivity -- not just messaging By thinking of social media more like a tool, like email or the telephone, the possibilities to scale can also be realized.
  • Lesson 5 relates to giving employees the tools to do their job…that means training.At Dell, We have put in place a robust social media and community curriculum that covers everything from our policies about transparency and protecting company and customer information to how to best use tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and bloggingWe continue to evolve the training program offerings. Our training is also global, and includes innovative unconferences (held in the US, the UK, China and India last year and more planned this year). Today, we have more than 15 courses offered in person and using Live Meeting….and there are more in the worksAnd, we see an amazing thirst for this as more than 5,000 Dell employees have taken at least one course; more than 2000 Dell certified professionals have completed 4 courses/8+ hoursThat’s commitment and interest from employees
  • Perhaps one of our most important lessons is there is no single ROI….or using a revenue number that is attributable to social interactions fails to accurately account for the significant business value to be realized in using social media. Our experience to date shows signs of real business value in social media. That value is found and realized where something is of value to our business and the customer. Those intersections do not just happen at a point of purchase or with a transaction. In fact, these happen around the full or complete life cycle of the customer relationshipsBy delighting and connecting to customers, they are coming back for more and we are able to focus more on exactly what it is that enables them to do moreour work in measuring what matters, we now know that social media is a decision factor in both the consumer and b2b space; social media is about more than awareness or brand sentiment…it is that;but it is also about every aspect of the customer lifecycle and impacts the complete customer lifecycle….Social media can impact loyalty, and the amount returning customers purchase from Dell. This work is not done, but we are well on our way to really understanding both the metrics and business value and we know where we are going Improves Dell’s reach and share of voice;  we know there is causality between social media activity and purchase,  it provides high business value and contributes to demand generation,  Social media based support improves sentiment and correlates with higher revenue Engaged social media customers improve loyalty
  • Lesson 7: Finally let me say, the interactive web is still growing and morphing. The use, business value and application of the social web to every day business activities continues to morph and “emerge”There was no Google Plus several months ago; Facebook changes features and rules regularly , automated sentiment analysis and natural language processing are evolving fields; the “social stack” and the ability to plug it into traditional and legacy CRM systems is like using bubble gum and bailing wire to hold things together….But to really use social media as a tool to be a better business, we learn and evolve, rather than simply think of social media as yet another medium in which to broadcast messages
  • Social Media is zowel B2C als B2BDell business 20% B2C en 80% B2BHoe ga je hiermeeomConsumer: Fans, Owners, Geeks en Freeloaders. Freeloaders willen we Geeks maken, Geeks willen we Owners maken en Owners willen we Fans maken.Business: Business, iedereen die verantwoordelijk is voor IT aanschafbijbedrijf
  • So is it time for marketing to be less about campaigns, advertisements, glitz, big new ideas and noise and really about reconnecting with people who are or should be our customers.
  • CAP = Customer Advisory Panel
  • Leverage social media to drive business the case sept 2012

    1. 1. Leverage Social Mediato drive your businessSimone VersteegPR & Corporate Communications Manager Dell – @simoneversteeg
    2. 2. A leading globalprovider oftechnology solutions
    3. 3. Founded by CEO Michael Dell for$1,000 in 1984
    4. 4. Over $60bnrevenue
    5. 5. 103,000 team members in 64 countries
    6. 6. 25,000 online posts about Dell each day98% resolution rate on SocialOutreach Services (like@DellCares @DellLuistert) 8,000 Dell employees participated Social Media trainings of which 3,000 are certified
    7. 7. Dell’s Direct & Online Heritage: Critical Enabler Leader in online First to sell complex First company to frictionless configurable items hit $1M a day in commerce from online revenue order to delivery One of the first One of the first companies to Early adopter of to launch online social media discussion forums launch online support
    8. 8. June 2005 – August 2006: Several OnlineIssues = Offline too
    9. 9. Five years of experiments and experience February 2006 December 2006 October 2007 May 2008 June 2009 Michael Dell Asks Ratings and Michael Dell quote in Business Week Dell Outlet achieves Global Twitter Dell named #1 most Why don’t we reach out and help Jeff Jarvis story quote, “These conversations are social brand in reviews on $0.5M in sales via Twitter revenues of $6.5 M bloggers with tech support issues? going to occur whether you like it or not. Do you ranking of 100 top Dell.com want to be part of that or not? My argument is you Community team active on Twitter brands absolutely do. You can learn from them. You can Small Business improve your reaction time. And you can be a blog launched better company by listening and being involved in that conversation.” August 2006 Blog outreach expands beyond tech support February 2007 March 2008 March 2010 Accepted Solutions China Micro- IdeaStorm Launched A voting based site allowing launched on Community January 2009 June 2009 Blogging customers and others to submit Dell France begins Online Dell Organizes in to $2M+ Sales ideas for Dell. Community Outreach 4 customer focused via Twitter business units Social Media Listening Command Center2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 July 2006 Dell Social Media and Community University Direct2Dell launched June 2007 April 2008 2009 launched/5,000 team Today Direct2Dell exists in members trained by English, Spanish, Norwegian, Dell joins Twitter Inside IT launched Dell TechCenter Blog focused on business end of year Japanese and Chinese. January (Aug.) Dell launches 2008 customers, and Cloud Computing. EmployeeStorm Dell aligns Internal Blogs organization Spring 2009 December 2009 Altimeter recognizes Dell with Launched for for success Employees. Some Members of Huffington Post Blog “Open Leadership Award for Community and Innovation and Execution” Conversations (Oct.) deployed within each DellAugust 2006 of the new Dell launches January 2007 B2B pagesBlog outreach StudioDell launched Business units Facebookexpands beyond Dell’s video and podcast (Jun.)tech Support site, with helpful tips and February 2008 tricks. Eventually expanding this into the YouTube channel Twitter expanded November 2007 making sharing easier. DellShares launched The first investor relations blog by June 2008 a public company. Channel blog launched 10 Global Marketing
    10. 10. 11 Confidential 9/28/2012 Global Marketing
    11. 11. Before the Social Web: Our Online Perspective Our Dell.com Communities12 Global Marketing
    12. 12. Lesson #1: Opportunity of a Powerful Ecosystem Dell.com External Communities Our Communities Team Members 13 Confidential Global Marketing
    13. 13. Lesson #2: starts with listening to Be A Better Business, across the Business14 Confidential Rishi Dave | Inside Out 3/21/
    14. 14. Lesson #3: Integrate where Customer & BusinessValue are realized across all business functionsProduct Development Marketing Online Presence• Feedback Loop • Demand Forecast • Ratings & Reviews• Early Warning • Lead Generation • Communities• New Product • Message Reach • Customer Stories Ideation Sales Customer Service Communication• Collaboration • Listening • Rich Media• Thought Leadership • Support Widgets • Brand Reputation• Blogs • Outreach • Influence • Reputation Global Marketing
    15. 15. Lesson #4: Listen + Engage = Act.It’s at the heart of all strategies…But How to Scale? Think of it as a tool, not a channel Global Marketing
    16. 16. Lesson #5: Empowering Employees:Social Media & Community University Principles Policy Governance Training & tools Rishi Dave | Inside Out
    17. 17. Lesson #6: The quest for a single ROI? Business Value across the full customer lifecycle18 Global Marketing
    18. 18. Look across the entire customer lifecycle. It can be used everywhere … • Insight: Social media improves Dell’s reach and share of voice• Insight: SM keeps customers engaged, provides solutions and improves loyalty. Dell.com Our External • Insight: Established causality Communities Communities between social media activity • Insight: Social media based and purchase support improves sentiment and correlates with higher revenue • Insight: Social Media provides high Business Value and contributes to demand gen vehicle
    19. 19. Lesson #7:It is ajourney notsimply“marketingcampaigns” Rishi Dave | Inside Out
    20. 20. SM  B2C & B2B21
    21. 21. Marketing; Time for renewal and evolution? Image thanks to Hugh McLeod @Gapingvoid22
    22. 22. The world around us is changing Control is not as successful as influence companies that embrace this the fastest will win • Disintermediation between the customer and the expert is happening already • Users spending more time across the web engaging – beyond company’s website • Customers trust their peers more than anyone else • Traditional methods are not scaling; Does Social Media?23
    23. 23. Dell’s Social Grid on Facebook (Consumer) • Content to increase favorability • Profile of your Social Life • Discover new things through the passion of your friends • No ongoing conversations
    24. 24. Alienware on Facebook (Gaming) • Dell’s Gaming brand • Separate from Dell NL • Active (gamers) community • Ongoing conversations • Daily content
    25. 25. CSR: American Red Cross Disaster OperationsCenter – Powered by Dell
    26. 26. CAP days / Think Tank is…. • First and foremost, it’s a LISTENING event. • Agenda/objectives/attendees determined based on existing conversation online • A discussion with customers, experts or bloggers who are particularly vocal / influential in social media • Open/honest face-to-face dialogue • Forum for feedback that is funnelled back to the business for action. • An opportunity to build relationships with key influencers. Looking for…• Positive buzz about Dell in social media• Increase in positive coverage across social/traditional media (measured via Communications Pulse Tracker)• Key learning and feedback to help drive improvements to our business• Ongoing relationships with influencers who can help tell the Dell Story and become brand advocates
    27. 27. Dell Social Biz Community • Share social media best practices • Discuss how online engagement meets business objectives • Explore the journey to become a social business http://dell.com/socialbiz28
    28. 28. Connecting Around the Web www.dell.com / www.dell.nl www.dell.com/conversations www.direct2dell.com www.dell.com/twitter http://www.slideshare.net/dell_inc http://www.youtube.com/user/DellVlog http://www.flickr.com/photos/dellphotos/ http://www.facebook.com/dell Global Marketing
    29. 29. Thanks & Join the conversation@DellNederland @simoneversteeg @DellLuistert Global Marketing