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Social Brands


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Liz Brown Bullock, Director of Social Media and Community, shares how big brands (like Dell) are using social to listen, engage and act with customers to support their marketing efforts and deepen customer relationships. Presentation with University of Texas MBA students October 2012.

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Social Brands

  1. 1. Social BrandsLiz Bullock, Director Social Media & Marketing@lizbbullock
  2. 2. The world around us is changing How companies market, sell to and support their customers is changing Connections between the customer and the expert is happening already Users spending more time across the web engaging – beyond companies own website Customers trust their peers more than anyone else Traditional methods are not scaling Companies that get there the fastest will win2 Confidential
  3. 3. The Social Media Revolution• Video Link: Confidential Global Marketing
  4. 4. Social Media = opportunity to engage customersdirectly around our brand• Any tool or service that uses Internet to facilitate conversations• Words, pictures, video, audio, experiences, observations, opinions, news and insights• Connections and collaborations between friends, peers, and influencers• The redistribution of influence• An opportunity and privilege - Brian Solis, “Engage!”4 Confidential Global Marketing
  5. 5. Social Media has reached Mass Maturity5 Confidential Global Marketing
  6. 6. SM  B2C & B2B6 Confidential Global Marketing
  7. 7. Five years journey of embedding social to be a betterbusiness December 2006 October 2007 May 2008 June 2009 Dell named #1 most February 2006 Ratings and Michael Dell quote in Business Week Dell Outlet achieves Global Twitter social brand in Michael Dell Asks reviews on Jeff Jarvis story quote, “These conversations are $0.5M in sales via Twitter revenues of $6.5 M ranking of 100 top Why don’t we reach out and help going to occur whether you like it or not. Do you bloggers with tech support issues? want to be part of that or not? My argument is you Community team active on Twitter brands absolutely do. You can learn from them. You can Small Business improve your reaction time. And you can be a blog launched August 2006 better company by listening and being involved in Blog outreach that conversation.” expands beyond February 2007 March 2008 March 2010 tech support Accepted Solutions China Micro- IdeaStorm Launched January 2009 June 2009 launched on Community Blogging A voting based site allowing Dell Organizes in to $2M+ Sales customers and others to submit Dell France begins Online 4 customer focused ideas for Dell. Community Outreach via Twitter Social Media Listening business units Command Center 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Dell Social Media and Community University July 2006 launched/5,000 team Direct2Dell launched June 2007 April 2008 2009 members trained by end of year Today Direct2Dell exists in Dell joins Twitter Inside IT launched Dell TechCenter English, Spanish, Norwegian, January (Aug.) Blog focused on business Japanese and Chinese. Dell launches 2008 customers, and Cloud Dell aligns Computing. Altimeter recognizes Dell with EmployeeStorm Spring 2009 December 2009 “Open Leadership Award for Internal Blogs organization Launched for for success Some Members of Huffington Post BlogInnovation and Execution” Community and (Oct.) Employees. Conversations DellAugust 2006 January 2007 deployed within each launchesBlog outreach StudioDell launched of the new Dell B2B pages Facebookexpands beyond Dell’s video and podcast site, February 2008 Business units (Jun.)tech Support with helpful tips and tricks. Eventually expanding this into November 2007 Twitter expanded the YouTube channel making DellShares launched sharing easier. The first investor relations blog by June 2008 a public company. Channel blog 7 launched Global Marketing
  8. 8. Listen, Learn, Engage & Act5 years: 4,000 posts a day to 25,000 posts a day Global Marketing
  9. 9. Heart of Listening Operations at DellSocial Media Command Center & Ground Control Team • Measure, monitor and report on 25K+ conversations a day • Alert team members of systemic issues and contain negative conversations • Provide access to listening tools/training • Support local language tool set up and listening reports • Ensure compliance with Dell brand standards and governance guidelines9 Confidential Global Marketing
  10. 10. Social Outreach Services (SOS)Building a culture of listening & engagement to deliver the bestcustomer experience possible in social media and online communities.10 Confidential 3/7/2012 Global Marketing
  11. 11. A tool to be leveraged across the fabric of the company:different functions, uses and valuesProduct Development Marketing Online Presence• Feedback Loop • Demand Forecast • Ratings & Reviews• Early Warning • Lead Generation • Communities• New Product • Message Reach • Customer Stories Ideation Sales Customer Service Communication• Leads• Collaboration • Listening • Rich Media• Thought Leadership • Support Widgets • Brand Reputation• Blogs • Outreach • Influence • ReputationMarketing Global
  12. 12. Social Media Impact: Business Value throughoutthe customer lifecycle.• Insight: SM keeps customers engaged, provides solutions • Insight: Social media improves and improves loyalty Dell’s reach and share of voice • Insight: Established causality between social media activity and purchase• Insight: Social media based Our External support improves sentiment Communities Communities and correlates with higher • Insight: Social Media provides high revenue value in terms of demand gen Global Marketing
  13. 13. Building powerful enablers • 25,000 conversations daily Listening • Listening command center • Outreach team • Employees certified to Empowered Teams engage with customers • Chatter (internal tool) Building Robust • Build rich customer connections across Communities communities & Effective Analytics • Make data actionable Social Media & Community (SMaC) Global Leadership Council Manish Mehta On track for hitting At risk/ possible risk of not Com m itted launch date and/ or G Y R Custom ers/Partners on Social Media SMaC:LE Priorities com m itted launch date, and key hitting com m itted launch date, or m ilestones. m ilestone will be m issed. Issue or risk will im pact schedule or Clear and consistent m ilestones (Have recovery plan) viability/ success of the program . • LE PUB CSMB Work Stream RYG SMaC LE Q2/ Q3 Collaboration Goal Status Details & Upcoming Milestones Help = Sub- council COMMUNITY Community Jo hnsto n Co lin Telligent platfo rm m igratio n 8/ 13 - Mino r text/ design im pro vem ents to co m m unity SSO Platform readiness in Q2. TechCenter 8/ 27 - Telligent 5.0 upgrade fo r Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese. Ground Control (NPS) Michelle Brigm an English launch in Q3 (Oct). 8/ 27 - TechCenter "Phase 0 " - Launch October - TechCenter "Phase 1" - Launch October - Moderate flow im provem ents to com m unity SSO Online Marketing Rishi Dave John Dalton Michael Buck, Dam ien C. CIO Community Jo hnsto n, Bo nilla Co nsult o n o verall co m m unity 7/ 1 – to use Ning fo r 15- perso n CXO gro up, Pro to type larger Strategy Margetic strategy to engage CIOs (o n and co m m unity o n Telligent. / likely facto r in to o ff do m ain co m m unities, LinkedIn larger co m m unity presence. Services Kevin Curry pro fessio nal netwo rk) Ongoing - Bill co llabo rating with Liz o n engagem ent planning. Strategy/Governance 6/ 30 – SMaC Team Brainsto rm ed initial list o f tactics with Jeff S. GLO BAL FU N C TIO N S Equal Logic Jo hnsto n Sullivan, Co nsult o n gro wth strategies Commercial Channel Cecy Correa Community o n Palatine to wards turbo charging the Equal Ongoing - Jeff S. im plem enting so m e o f these (newsletter, vanity URL) TechCenter Lo gic co m m unity o n TechCenter. strategyGlobalour Brand for Marketing Client Jo hnsto n TBH Co nsult o n strategy fo r building 6/ 30 – To reschedule kicko ff CSG Roger Bjork (Enterprise) Am y Miller Community the Client com m unity on July – Initial discussion o n TechCenter TechCenter. ENGAGE & DELIGHT Support (SOS) Vikram Doddi (LEP), Heath Johnson, Jason Duty (CSMB) Listening & Sierra, Palatine Build LE listening & engagem ent Ongoing - Repo rt validatio n and quality Engagement Dietz engine: (1) build infrastructure fo r WK 8/ 2 - Pilo t training to be co m pleted fo r so m e site edito rs. Influencers, listening (2) then build influencer WK 8/ 9 – Engagem ent Co nso le advanced training sessio n Pro m o ters co m po nent, (3) finally inco rpo rate WK 8/ 9 – To p 6 R6 influencer pro files received, to be validated and PG Jennifer G. (LEP), Brian P Andrew D. (CSMB), Stacy L. (Biz Client) ., pro m o ter pro gram (fo cus o n Go ld list pro file will be created. sto rage/ EqualLogic) Oct 4 - EqualLo gic pro m o ter event. WK 8/ 9 – Plan to be discussed in deep dive next week. Caro line wo rking w/ Geo rge o n appro ach. Brand Karthik Iyer (Monique Bonner) Globalization Zho u Sullivan, LE China listening/ engagem ent/ Wk 8/ 2 - Language Weaver dem o and define pro ject sco pe China Ha, influencer pro gram . Co nsult o n WK8/ 2 - Raym o nd to validate influencer list in o rder to build pro file, Palatine glo balizing TechCenter with August - Raym o nd to kick o ff Chinese blo gger pro gram in sto rage and Corp. Comm. Cory Edw ards (Marc Bien) China fo cus. virtualizatio n - - begin with 1- 2 influencers. WK 8/ 29 Chinese TechCenter launch ENABLE Social CRM Narang Palatine Enable understanding o f WK 6/ 28 - Mid- pro ject update fro m Mu Sigm a reviewed with the Legal Ryan Garcia (Dean Blackw ood) co m m unity behavio r and im pact team . Go o d pro gress and o n schedule. o f visito rs o n Tech Center 8/ 6- TechCenter phase 1 read- o ut planned IT / OPE Brian Koster, Liz Kreller SMaC University Bullo ck Palatine LE inclusio n in training 7/ 8 onwards – SMaC- U pilo ts being kicked o ff develo pm ent and pilo ts. Mo dules 7/ 28 – SMaC Talk spo nso red by SMaC- U. Official kick o ff to be launched in Q3. WK 8/ 2 – Training co urses kick o ff 1 eDell Stuart Wallock *Incubation work stream being worked as part of eDell DELL CONFIDENTIAL
  14. 14. Empowering employees: Social Media & CommunityUniversity Policy Principles Governance Training & Tools14 Confidential 4/16/2013 Global Marketing
  15. 15. Dell is recognized as a leader in Social Media Ranked #1 of top 100 most social brands in 2011 by Headstream - www.socialbrands100.com2010 Forrester Voice of Customer Award customer facing social media programs “…Dell gets social…” “…Dell engages like no other brand …” 2010 Customer Oxygen Award “… Dell is really ahead of the curve when it comes to communicating Social Commerce Summit with customers …” Connections with 50+ thought leaders “…Dell is the social leader…” 15 Confidential Global Marketing
  16. 16. Customers are Love your product/servicedriving the Need help using itconversationsabout brands… Where & how do I find you? I have an idea for you I am helping someone else use your product/service And many, many more… Graphic thanks to Hugh MacLeod Global Marketing
  17. 17. Power of a social brand More than ever – a company’s Visitors to Facebook and Twitter brand is influenced by what spend more money on the Web consumers are saying about the than other Internet users (eMarketer, brand June 2010) People are more A negative customer 25% of search results likely to buy from review on YouTube, for the world’s top brands they follow Twitter or Facebook 20 largest brands are (51% more likely to can cost a company links to user- buy following brands about 30 customers generated content (Socialnomics, ’09) on Facebook. 67% (Convergys Corp.) Twitter) (iModerate research)17 Confidential Global Marketing
  18. 18. My Starbucks Idea: Crowdsourcing products• Share, vote & discuss ideas in actions• Twitter page: 35K+ followers18 Confidential 4/16/2013 Global Marketing
  19. 19. Burberry: true digital company through and through…• +6,000 employees working in 200+ locations• Integrated end-to-end vision with workforce collaboration, CRM, social branding, marketing and online experience all working together• 10MM+ Facebook fans, Chatter internal tool for workers to engage with each other and drive better results• 21% profit increase 4th quarter 2011 “You have to be totally connected with everyone who touches your brand." —Angela Ahrendts CEO19 Confidential 4/16/2013 Global Marketing
  20. 20. Best Buy: Twelpforce20 Confidential 4/16/2013 Global Marketing
  21. 21. Oreo Daily Twist: Celebrate 100th year Anniversary• Effectively reach +28MM fans• June 25th – October 2nd• 100 individual pieces of content: – Incorporated the product – Real time take into account events – Final image crowdsourced21 Confidential 4/16/2013 Global Marketing
  22. 22. Old Spice: integrated campaign & engagement plans• Confidential 4/16/2013 Global Marketing
  23. 23. Connected and Lit Up23 Confidential Global Marketing
  24. 24. Thank You