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Bizhawk sponsorship proposal


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361 degrees hospitality in association with SOCH is proud to present to you BIZHAWK , the annual business event of Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce , Delhi university. contact us for associations and sponsorships to promote your brand to an audience of 2500+ students and multi-fold impressions. email us at :

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Bizhawk sponsorship proposal

  1. 1. About BizHawkBIZHAWK - annual business event of SOCH-the EntrepreneurshipCell, SGGSCC for the first time brings a completebusiness event for those with high spirit and passionof being one of big future entrepreneurs.BizHawk means : The Hawk of the Business world. The person who can employ thoughts in business as Hawk does for surviving. The person who can keep his senses at red alert every time to cash any business opportunity that come his way just like a HAWK. The person who holds the capability of being the leader of business world and keep increasing the benefits for everyone just as The Hawk leads the sky and is majestic.
  2. 2. About BizHawk• BizHawk ,being a two day event will be held on 20th and 21st February and Students from pan-India will be invited to participate in this ‘War Of business minds.• Commencing with a guest lecture on the theme of event – entrepreneurship, various competitions will be unraveled. BizHawk will see the campus turning in to veritable kaleidoscope of people who not only compete in various competitions but also celebrate the energy of youth and passion of entrepreneurship.• The expected footfall for BizHawk, based on existing popularity of SOCH throughout the university circuit and increasing network with various entrepreneurial institutions is over 2000 inclusive of both participants from Delhi University as well as from universities across country. This implies over 2 lakh to 3 lakh impressions. With a proposed regressive marketing of event, the event is set to see greater particpation and enjoy a wider audience than other similar type of events.
  3. 3. Our Goals The event aims to bring out crest of entrepreneurial talent in the spotlight and provide a platform for future entrepreneurs to build a strong network of like minded people. Through this event, SOCH intends to encourage students to instill entrepreneurship bent of mind at onset of their career, provide in- depth knowledge about entrepreneurial realities and assist them in setting up their own start up ventures. Through competitions relating to different major fields of entrepreneurship, we purport to provide a comprehensive insight into corporate entrepreneurship. This is how every part of event contributes to our aims.
  4. 4. SOCH Live your dreamsThe Entrepreneurship Cell, SGGSCC SOCH, was founded on 3rd August 2011 through an orientation program in association with Nurture Talent academy(NTA) with an aim to instill entrepreneurship thinking in minds of students. Within few months of its incorporation, it has achieved a breakthrough by holding winning positions in several inter college and a national level business competition. The cell also organized a seminar on “Entrepreneurship and challenged faced in Startups” in association with Nurture Talent Academy (NTA) and took part in TATA FIRST DOT ---- An entrepreneurship workshop organized at IIFT, Delhi by National Entrepreneurship Network(NEN) in association with TATA. At present, it comprises of 21 members‟ team including 2 founders and 4 core members having a passion for entrepreneurship. Progressing at a commendable pace, it is going to organize a business event – BIZHAWK in February 2012. Within a very short span of its commencement , it has already undertaken its first startup by taking over the lead in managing one of its kind website for providing to the customers anything and everything they can desire in gaming world-from games to gaming consoles to gaming peripherals. To render further knowledge of the pract ical aspect of entrepreneurship to its members, SOCH has also proposed to launch some more „startup businesses.‟ Varying from „Notebooks at prices less than half of their value „to publishing newsletters to start ing foodie ventures.
  5. 5. About the College Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, founded in 1984, as the commerce college in the University of Delhi, has emerged as a unique institution progressing towards unprecedented heights. The college provides a blend of resources and environment for all round personality development. Its goals are in consonance with the fact that national economic and commercial relations are becoming so closely interdependent that meaningful vital changes are being introduced with academic curriculum in the centers of higher learning. The college possesses modern infrastructure including spacious classrooms, sprawling grounds, a well-equipped library, highly sophisticated computer labs, seminar hall and conference room. Apart from academic excellence, the thrust is also on personality development and group dynamism. -Strategically located near the T.V.Tower, Pitampura, the college is sponsored by Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee, a statutory body, constituted under an Act of Parliament. The college is credited by the University of Delhi for the following courses of study : -B.Com. (Hons.) -B.Com. (Pass) -B.A. (Hons.) Economics -B.A. (Hons.) Business Economics -B.Sc. (Hons.) Computer Science -Diploma in Business Journalism and Corporate Communication (D.B.J.C.C) -Post Graduate Diploma in International Marketing (P.G.D.I.M) -Along with add-on courses on: -Certificate course in French Language.
  6. 6. About the University The University of Delhi is the premier university of the country and is known for its high standards in teaching and research and attracts eminent scholars to its faculty. It was established in 1922 as a unitary, teaching and residential university by an Act of the then Central Legislative Assembly.The President of India is the Visitor, the Vice President is the Chancellor and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India is the Pro-Chancellor of the University. Ever since its inception, a strong commitment to excellence in teaching and research has made the University of Delhi a rolemodel and path-setter for other universities in the country. At present, there are 16 faculties, 86 academic departments, 77 colleges and 5 other recognised institutes spread all over the city, with 132435 regular students (UG: 114494,PG:17941) and 261169 students (UG:258831,PG:2338) in non-formal education programme.
  7. 7. SOCHBOOK A SOCH INITIATIVE The idea is to produce and sell the registers of the prevailing quality in the market at a much lower price. The project is initiated by handful of Delhi University (DU) students studying in Guru Gobind Singh College. We can foresee three major phases: > Ist Phase(foundation) :Initially we will produce and sell registers in the colleges that are recognized by DU. > IInd Phase(extension) : We will take this venture to Schools and other colleges all around Delhi. > IIIrd Phase(commercialization) : We will commercialize the product, since the product by now must have gained popularity. we will sell in wholesale market through commercial distribution channel through which it will reach other parts in NORTH INDIA. The prices are kept reasonably below the original market price to ensure maximum reach. The product details are as follows: * > Sheet Size : A4 > GSM : 58 gm > No. of Pages : 150 > Dimension : 28.5 x 21 cm
  8. 8. Sochbook: How This Is Done•By advertising on the back cover page of the register the cost of production, which is much higher than the selling price is reduced, and the burden is transferred to the advertising company.•In return the company is benefitted from the marketing of the product, which will remain in the hand of the user for at least six months on an average.•The all round benefits goes to the students who purchase the same register at one third the market price of the same register (*with same quality and aspects as mentioned).•A little amount of benefit is kept by the society as profits, i.e. (selling price)- (production cost- advertisers fee)SOCIAL ANGLE:The registers are produced from a leading NGO, NFB (National Federation Of Blinds) giving the project a social enlightenment and making the product a better product and completing the corporate social responsibility.
  9. 9. Company Profile is a product of Gridiron Gaming Company. It is the retail destination for gamers across India. It is an online outlet to sell anything and everything that concerns games. Lead by a team of enthusiast gamers, the team holds a passion for gaming, a commitment to our industry and a disciplined business perspective to continuously drive value with shareholders, customers, venders and employees. Till now the company has shipped more than 250 different products to customers in more than 70 cities across India. Currently the company is reselling products of Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, JBL Harman Kardon, and games published by publishers like Electronic Arts, Activision, Rockstar, Sony(SCE), Namco, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Codemaster, 2k Games and more. We send newsletter and promotion to customers on regular basis, informing about the new releases and latest offers. We also advertise through our pages and communities on Facebook, Orkut, Hi5,Twitter and blogs. Apart from developing and increasing our online customer base, we plan to open physical stores around Delhi and Mumbai within next few years.
  10. 10. List of Events BizHawk is a complete package for all such enthusiastic and passionate people who have that spark in them of being one of those future leaders who aim to revolutionalize the world with their ideas. BizHawk comprises all those events that can actually bring out the best of you. BizHawk comprises following events: The B-plan : Generation of new and unique business ideas and presenting them in a complete professional manner. The Case Study : Stimulating brain storming to solve a particular problematic case that arose in existing or existed businesses. The Elevator Pitch : Presenting the well prepared business idea before venture capitalists or angel investors to fetch in finance for business. Mock–Stock : Trading virtually over the computer giving real time trading experience of stock market. Scamster : Stressing the minds and squeezing them till the last drop of thought to conduct a SCAM in a well established business and make tons of profits.
  11. 11. Expected CostsDescription CostPrizes 1,65,000Management and 45,000OperationalMarketing 1,75,000Food and Beverage 30,000Honorariums 30,000TOTAL 4,85,000 *Amounts in INR
  12. 12. Sponsor’s Benefit Platinum Sponsor Rs 2.75 lacs Display of 20 banners in the college campus. Provision for setting up two stalls in the college campus on the day of event. Provision to distribute any promotional item. Organization‟s name on posters, letters, banners, backdrops, winning and participating certificates as the title sponsor for the event. Sponsor‟s information will also be shared on the event website, mails, pages on various social networking sites. Sponsor‟s logo and name will also be printed on the t-shirts and badges worn by the BizHawk OC and volunteers. A special privilege of modifying a competition to advertise the sponsor organization. Complete cover page advertisement on 1000 Sochbook. Advertisement on ,, ( has the database of around 10,000 customers).
  13. 13. Sponsor’s BenefitGold Sponsor Rs 1.5 lacs Display of 10 banners in the college campus. Provision for setting up a stall in the college campus on the day of event. Organization‟s name on posters, letters, banners, backdrops, winning and participating certificates as the associate sponsor for the event. Provision to distribute any promotional item. Sponsor‟s information will also be shared on the event website, mails, pages on various social networking sites. Complete cover page advertisement on 500 Sochbook.
  14. 14. Sponsor’s BenefitSilver Sponsor Rs 50,000 Provision to distribute any promotional item. Organization‟s name on posters, letters, banners, backdrops, winning and participating certificates as the event sponsor for the event. Complete cover page advertisement on 200 Sochbook. Sponsor‟s information will also be shared on the event. website, mails, pages on various social networking sites.
  15. 15. Promotion StrategyPhysical promotion Posters: 125X1,000= 125,000 impressions Around 700 posters will be placed across 125 colleges in Delhi over various universities- Delhi University, IP University, Amity University, IIPM etc. Banners: 2,000 impressions Banners will be placed in the college campus for the event, which is expected to have a footfall of around 2,000 students. Sochbook: 20,000 to 30,000 impressions E-Cell organizing the event BizHawk is taking up a new start up project of printing low price registers called Sochbook. 2,000 such Sochbook will be used for promotion of the event, expecting that a register is viewed by at least 10 to 15 people.
  16. 16. Promotion StrategyOnline promotion Website: 2,500 impressions A website for BizHawk is launched with an expected number of 2,500 views. Social Media: 18,000 impressions BizHawk has a reach to the database of around 3,000 students through fan pages of various college activities and clubs. Moreover, around 12,000 to 15,000 more students can be reached through the networking sites like Facebook, twitter, etc. Promotional Teaser: 2,500 impressions A promotional teaser is also under development which will be circulated through media‟s like YouTube, Facebook, BizHawk website,,, etc. Database E-mailing: 15,000 impressions Along with college Database, BizHawk also has an access to 10,000 other customers of and 3,000 registered users of Text Messaging: 3,000 impressions A group of around 3,000 other students can also be approached by the bulk sms facility provided by the college itself. MAILS: 1,500 impressions A group of around 1500 other students can also be approached by the mailing facility through college to the college database itself. ..