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  1. 1. Monthly StartUp & Entrepreneurship event in Vietnam
  2. 2. Start Me Up: is a monthly event, which is hosted by a group of young entrepreneurs with a deep passion forstartup. We realized that startup community in Vietnamis still at its pre-matured stage. Thus, we aim to create a place where young entrepreneurs can meet, network, share experience and support each other.
  3. 3.  StartMeUp has happened 9times: since May 2012. More than 1000 people haveparticipated. More than 22 guest speakers.
  4. 4. StartMeUp May• First event happened in May• 120 has participated• Speaker: Chris Harvey, Ex-CEO of Vietnamworks with 4 invited startup founders• This event is sponsored by:
  5. 5. StartMeUp June• Happened on 05 June 2012• 120 has participated• Speaker: Entrepreneur & Angel Investor • Christopher Zobrist • Sieng Tran
  6. 6. StartMeUp July Ver 2.0 Ngan Le - Eat. Write. Love @ Action.vnThe only event in Saigon that is only about entrepreneurship, ICT, Startup stuff gurustartups and most importantly “making things happen”. Join us this “Startup Scene in South East Asia and Vietnam,Friday as our speakers will share their stories and tips for starting what falls and what does not?”business Alain Nguyen - CEO at 5DC Software 15 years experience in software and IT “Bringing products to the consumers: The shift to mobile marketing of shops and restaurants” Loek Hopstaken - Business Consultant, Trainer Over 25 years of Management Consulting experience and coach startup companies to grow from 5 to over 100 staffs “HR and PR tips for starting business” Takaaki Mizuno - CTO at Oceans Inc A veteran with 30 years experience from Hatena, Baidu, DeNA to Oceans, has also written and translated more than 20 technical books “Some mobile trends in Japan and the story of building a mobile product from 0 to 500,00 users within 1 year”
  7. 7. StartMeUp August Viet Hung - Managing Director at KMS Technology Self-awareness and self-development is my ultimate goal in life “My startup story: 3 year journey with KMS Technology” Christopher Zobrist - Entrepreneur and Investor Great passion for building startups “Pitch your idea in 60 seconds” & small Startup Weekend pitching contest for everyoneMike Tran - Founder & CEO at Love entrepreneurship and startups “What did I learn from Startup Weekend last year? And how did I win it?” Duy Le Huy Luong General Partner at PVNI CEO at BluewayProminent leader in global Passionate about changingsoftware development, the way people learncorporate operation andearly-stage venture capital
  8. 8. StartMeUp SeptemberVi Ton - Co-founder & Art Director at Studio BCA3 years working experience in web, advertisingand interactive industry in Singapore“Design to win your first 10,000 customers”Christopher Browining - Online Marketing CoachSpecializing in taking startups from $0 to$10,000 per month in 6 to 8 months“How to avoid the 3 most costly marketingmistakes and beat the pants of your competitionTrung Huynh - Investment Analyst at IDG & Launch’s Co-founderPassionate about helping startups and early-stage business“Experience after hearing 100+ pitches”
  9. 9. StartMeUp October Ver 3.0 Khanh Ho - CEO and Co-founder of (Groupon) The feeling of first time entrepreneur is like going on a roller coaster with many ups and downs. However, I really like building a meaningful product that bring benefits for people “My life and startup story of” StartMeUp is very happy to welcome Khanh Ho – CEO of You will have opportunity to learn from his startup story from the first company – CyVee to and his viewpoint toward groupon and startup in Vietnam Media Partners Organized by
  10. 10. StartMeUp November Special Edition
  11. 11. Vietnam is the 1st country in ASEAN licensing this film. And START ME UP is proud to be its host. With biggest crowd ever – 200 attendantsThe Startup Kids is a documentary about youngentrepreneurs in the US and Europe. It wasstarted by two highly motivated Icelandic girlswho like to travel and meet new people.Interviewees are the founders of Vimeo,Soundcloud, PlayFish, WordPress, Posterous,Dropobox, Kiip, and many others.
  12. 12. Meetup with special guests from Rackspace & Chartio Melissa Smolensky • 8th employee at Chartio • Worked at Rackspace Robert Hrdinsky • 2nd employee at CloudKick (acquired by Rackspace) • Working at Rackspace
  13. 13. StartMeUp December Willis Wee- Founder of TechInAsia The founder of the blog –, an entrepreneur since the age of 19 and ran an educational center for five years before selling it to his other partners. He also has experience in both traditional as well as digital advertising. “My startup story and general view of startup scene in Asia” Ray Wu - Ambassador at JFDI Asia Ray is passionate about working with entrepreneurs. He is an ambassador of JDFI.Asia, a 100-days seed accelerator program. In the past, he facilitated Lean Startup Machine workshop around the world.
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  15. 15. Our foreign friends Should you be the next one?
  16. 16. Come by Vietnam and want to meet local startups? Say Hi to us @ Visit our FB @ Representative: