pharmacypractice notes pharma d. pharmacy hospital pharmacy hcp diploma pharmaceutical pharmacognosy pharmaceutics biochemistry hospital and clinical pharmacy pharmacy d pharmacy bpharmacy d. pharmacy second year notes pharmacotherapeutics dsbm pharmacynotes pharma notes pharmanotes pharmacotheraputics dpharmacy d. pharma hospital crudedrug shivaneevyas classification of fatty acids lipids biochemisry notes pharmaceutics-i msbte d. pharmacy second year dsbm notes pathophysiology enzymes education role of ptc pharmacy and theraputic committee clinicalpharmacy vitamins dchp prescreption cholesterols pharma guide atherosclerosis obesity fatty liver ketoacidosis ketolysis ketogenesis beta-oxidation of fatty acids lipolysis lipid metabolism glycosuria hypoglycaemia hyperglycaemia abnormal metabolism regulation of blood glucose glycogenolysis glycogenesis krebs cycle citric acid cycle embden-meyerhof pathway glycolysis major pathways of carbohydrate carbohydrate metabolism metabolism vitamin b9 folic acid cyanocobalamins vitamin c vitamin b12 vitamin b3 vitamin b2 thiamine vitamin b1 vitamin k vitamin e vitamin d vitamin b vitamin a fat-soluble vitamins water soluble vitamins industrial use therapeutic importance allosteric inhibition irreversible inhibition reversible inhibition enzymes inhibitors koshland’s model induced fit theory fischer’s template theory lock & key model mechanism of action of enzyme properties of enzymes classification of enzymes substrates functions of rna difference between dna & rna types of rna ribonucleic acid watson – crick model structure of dna composition of nucleoside composition of nucleotide functions of nucleic acid rna dna nuclei acid metabolic disorders of lipids functions of lipids functions of cholesterol structure of cholesterol properties of protein structure of proteins classification of lipids properties of lipids biochenistry kwashiorkor disorders of protein deficienc classification of proteins reactions of proteins functions of amino acid amino acid properties of proteins proteins & its structure simple proteins derived proteins conjugated protein classification of protein functions of proteins protein proteins biochemisry biological role of carbohydrat barfoed's test iodine test fehling's test molisch's test benedict's test reactions of carbohydrates polysaccharides oligosaccharides disaccharides monosaccharaides classification of carbohydrate functions of carbohydrates carbohydrates cytoplasm lysosomes golgi body endoplasmic reticulum mitochondria nucleus cell membrane prokaryotic or eukaryotic the cell cell organization application in pharmacy biochemistry notes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease abilities of clinical pharmaci functions of clinical pharmacy objectives of clinical pharmac clinical clinical pharmacy practice clinical pharmacy role of computers in pathology hcp role of computers in drug stor role of computers in medicatio role of computers in inventory parts/ components of computer role of computers in hospital computer computers in hospitals computers types of capsules soft gelatin capsule hard gelatin capsule typesofcapsules capsules quality control of capsules studymaterials copd asthma classification types of asthma pathophysiology of asthma management of asthma asthma classification of bp what is hypertension? how to prevent hypertension blood pressure bp symtoms of chf management of chf etiopathogenesis of chf congestive heart failure chf hyperlipidemia mi mycardial infraction angina pecroris b pharmcy diploma notes handling of prescription parts of presciption careerinpharmacy effervescent tablets solid dosage forms capsule tablet dosagefroms i.v. sets hospital supplies bandages gauze cotton surgical dressing chapter 8 drug information bulletin drug information service ptc and emergency drugs ptc and adverse drug reaction functions of ptc composition of ptc wheelchairs: biopsies operative instruments therapeutic instruments health accessories surgical suture hospital equipments hospital beds: surgical instruments gastric and intestinal tubes diagnostic instruments d.pharm mail-order business multiple shops or chain stores retail departmental store retailer wholesaler channels of distribution dsbm chapter 3 pyrogen test direct inoculation method membrane filtration method official methods of sterility testing sterility test clarity test leaker test non-sterile manufacturing procurement of stores various stages involved in manufacturing of parent laminar air flow sterile manufacture economic consideration of manufacturing in hospita factors affacting economy of a hospital hospital manufacturing hsp codification of various items of drug store codification storage contracts tenders credit information purchasing layout of a drug store legal aspects of a drug store selection of site b pharmacy drug house management dsbm chapter 4 outpatient inpatient drug distribution system dsbm chapter 2 cooperative society joint-stock company partnership sole proprietorship forms of business organization management types of industries industry economincs commerce drug store and business management pharmacy notes b. pharm hosptal and clinical pharmacy epilepsy classificationofcrudedrugs clove cinnamon nutmeg blackpepper ginger asafoetida ajowan cardamom fennel coriander carminatives digitalis arjuna cardiotonics sandalwood lemongrassoil orangeoil lemonoil peppermintoil flavouringagents perfumes yeast diastase papaya senna isabgol castoroil rhubarb aloe laxativedrugs laxative tradionalsystemofmedicine introductionofpharmacognosy particle size reduction size reduction pharmaceutical engineering method of substitution of crude drug substitution adulteration crude drug adulteration drugevaluation drugadultration sarcoidosis labelling spectroscopy uv monochromators electronic transition beer law lamberts low electromegnetic radiation analysis roleofpharmacist notes powderflowproperties particlesizedistribution industrialpharmacy 5thsemester physicalcharacterization preformulation ptc overdose drugabuse alcohol drugaddiction requirementsofclinicalpharmacy functionsofclinicalpharmacy medicationcounseling chemistry sourcesofimpurities qualitycontrolofdrugsandpharmaceuticals incompatibilityofdrug incompatibility chemicalincompatibilities plants nutritionalrequirements pharmaceuticalcognosy cognosy emulsifierequipments typesofemulsion pharmaceuticalemulsion biphasicsystem emulsion pharmaceuticalanalysis market analysis hplcinstrumentation seprationtechniques tlc hplc paperchromatography chromatography methodvalidation analyticalmethodvalidaton analytical chemistry types of vitamins vitamintoxicity b12 presentation
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