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My favourite esl mobile apps May2013 A_Palalas


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mobile-assisted language learning apps

Published in: Education
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My favourite esl mobile apps May2013 A_Palalas

  1. 1. Agnieszka (Aga) Palalas, Ed.D.May 6, 20131
  2. 2.  Audience poll Introduction to Mobile-Assisted LanguageLearning (MALL) Who, where, and why of MALL apps What and how of MALL apps Built-in tools and apps Examples of my favourite apps Q&A2
  3. 3. What smartphone are you currently using?A. iPhoneB. AndroidC. BlackberryD. OtherE. I don’t have one3
  4. 4. Have you used smartphones in your teaching?Yes/No4
  5. 5. Augment (in the MALL context)A. ComplicateB. Enhance, extendC. Enlarge◦ Could be done with Polleverywhere or Socrative5
  6. 6. 6• Knowledge construction, skill development and performance support• Learners participate across locations, times and contexts (inside andoutside the classroom)• Enabled by portable devices and web connectivity• flexible on-demand access to learning materials, experts, peers andother resources• tools to create content and interact with peers, experts, learningsystems and supports, and the environment in which the learning isoccurring• M-learning devices: handheld, highly portable, connected, always-on,personal…contingent on needs and contextMobile learning defined
  7. 7. Augment in-class/out-of-class instruction and practice Communication support, immediacy of communication (incl. speech and data-sharing) Portable and flexible (whenever, wherever), fitting into learners’ lives (productive ‘dead’ time) Access to language resources, supports, scaffolding Access to mentors, tutors and others learners on-the-move Bite-sized e-learning resources delivered to learners; spaced learning Situated language practice (embedded in real language situations) Enhanced motivation by context-inspired authentic content and challenge Creativity, fun, engagement (tools for student-generated materials) Rehearsal and practice in a less threatening environment Student-centred and personalized learning Capturing of data, record of learning processes Assessment tools, peer and expert evaluation and feedback exchange Flexible collaboration7
  8. 8.  Teachers and learners, other speakers of English Individual and collaborative In-class and out-of-class Using innovative tools8
  9. 9.  Built-in tools◦ e-mail◦ web browser◦ audio and video player◦ voice recorder◦ camera – photo and video recording◦ notes◦ SMS/texting◦ GPS9
  10. 10.  Audio and video player (“iPod”)◦ podcasts◦ audiobooks◦ YouTube videos Voice recorder (Voice Memos, Record)◦ record and share speech sample◦ Record parts of the class – replay, rehearse◦ create mini-stories◦ record speech for feedback Camera – photo and video recording◦ capture communicative situations◦ record speech sample for evaluation◦ be creative, e.g., role-play, stand-up comedy10
  11. 11.  Mobile apps (web-based and native)◦ Feedback, polling, student response system Polleverywhere, Socrative◦ Vocabulary acquisition, WWAudioUS, Flashcard Machine,Flashcards◦ Speaking and Listening (phloging, pronunciation) Audioboo, iPadio, Free Audiobooks, Sounds◦ Integrated Story creators, Evernote11
  12. 12.  Creating quizzes for instant formative or summativeassessment, ice-breakers Engage your classrooms with educational exercises andgames: Multiple choice, T/F and Short answer questions Quick Quizzes, Exit Tickets and other games Mobile (Apple, Android) and Web Wireless connection needed Free12
  13. 13.  Creating quizzes for instant formative or summativeassessment, ice-breakers Engage your classrooms with educational exercises andgames: Multiple choice, T/F and Short answer questions Get instant feedback– online charts Answer by text, app, web, direct link Mobile (Apple, Android) and Web Free (up to 40 consecutive users)13
  14. 14. 14• Dictionary, thesaurus, searchable, audio• No Internet connection needed when searching words• Mobile (Apple, Android) and Web• Free (premium version available)
  15. 15.  Dictionary, thesaurus, searchable, audio Customizable Apple, Android, Web Works offline Almost free ;) – $3.9915
  16. 16. 16• Study, learn and master words on yourphone (audio pronunciation, definition matching )• Create and co-create word lists (decks)• Use existing decks• Share content• Get your progress stats• Works offline• Apple, Android, Web• Free• Caveat: not being able to write your own definition on thephone, but only online
  17. 17. 17• Similar to Flashcards• Caveat: Free version has 100 flips only
  18. 18. 18 Record and share audio recordings Collaborate and peer evaluate; e.g., class radio, dictionary,story, play (listen and continue the story) Improve fluency iPhone, Android, Nokia and Web Blackberry and Windows coming soon Works offline Free
  19. 19. 19 Practice pronunciation on the go Interactive phonemic chart Apple, Android, Web Works offline Free (premium version offersquizzes and analytics)
  20. 20.  Adapt this note-taking platform Integrative practice Collaboration and sharing, e.g., class book, dictionary Take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, recordvoice All notes searchable, whether you are at home, at work,or on the go Synchronize across devices• Works offline• All mobile platforms and Web• Free20
  21. 21.  Create/co-create an electronic storybook Create the text, add photos or drawings and then addsounds or music Peer evaluate Share your stories with a class or keep them private Apple, Android, Web Works offline Free21
  22. 22.  Replay/re-listen Record Rehearse Repeat Redo Remember Reflect22
  23. 23.  Communicate Collaborate Connect Co-create Construct Contextualize23
  24. 24. 24Dr. Agnieszka Palalasaga@epluslearning.comTwitter: @agaizaLinkedIn: