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Managing Ceph operational complexity with Juju


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James Page: Managing Ceph operational complexity with Juju

Published in: Technology
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Managing Ceph operational complexity with Juju

  1. 1. Managing Ceph operational complexity using Juju James Page, Principal Engineer, OpenStack Engineering Ceph Day London 2019
  2. 2. $ whois jamespage [ ceph | ubuntu | debian| openstack | juju | charms ]
  3. 3. Ceph? it’s just servers and disks right?
  4. 4. Deployment Considerations Block Devices SATA SSD NVMe Networks 10G 25G 100G 40G Leaf/Spine (Clos) Physical Zoning Racks ToR Switches Power Cluster/Public Servers RAM CPU Disaster Recovery
  5. 5. An auto-magic deployment tool for an auto-magic SDS platform?
  6. 6. Juju Controllers Applications Machines Relations Networking Storage Model driven, re-usable open source operations
  7. 7. Charms Installation Configuration Connection Upgrades and Updates Scale-out (and in) Health Operations Encapsulation of operational knowledge of applications
  8. 8. Ceph Charms MON and OSD RADOS Gateway RBD mirror CephFS Upgrades Operations Deploying Ceph since 2011
  9. 9. MAAS Automated physical server provisioning Dynamic allocation of workloads IPAM Zones Web UI and REST API Open source bare-metal automation
  10. 10. LXD Machine containers Resource management REST API Juju integration Faster, denser, lower latency Linux machine containers
  11. 11. Ceph + Juju
  12. 12. Application Model
  13. 13. Machine View
  14. 14. Cross Model Relations us-east us-west
  15. 15. Operations juju run-action -m us-west --wait ceph-mon/leader create-pool name=another-rbd-pool app-name=rbd juju run-action -m us-west --wait rbd-mirror-us-west/leader refresh-pools
  16. 16. Operations [ Demo ]
  17. 17. Operations juju run-action -m us-west --wait rbd-mirror-us-west/leader demote juju run-action -m us-east --wait rbd-mirror-us-east/leader promote
  18. 18. Operations - Upgrades juju config ceph-mon source=cloud:bionic-train juju config ceph-osd source=cloud:bionic-train
  19. 19. Encryption at Rest
  20. 20. irc: #openstack-charms Thankyou! Questions?