Getting Your Head In The Penalty Game - SMX Sydney 2014


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Sha Menz from talked about dealing with a manual action for external link spam at the 2014 Search Marketing Expo conference (SMX). The conference took place at the stunning Crystal Palace Ballroom on the edge of Sydney Harbor.
Sha spoke about process and procedures, but also touched on some of the intangibles faced by agencies working in this area .

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Getting Your Head In The Penalty Game - SMX Sydney 2014

  1. 1. Penalty Game Getting Your Head In The by Sha Menz @ShahMenz #SMX Sydney 2014
  2. 2. Situational Awareness @ShahMenz #SMX
  3. 3. @ShahMenz #SMX Can give you the edge you need to win
  4. 4. @ShahMenz #SMX Hero
  5. 5. @ShahMenz #SMX Casualty
  6. 6. WHAT is your Situation? @ShahMenz #SMX
  7. 7. WHY Are we dealing with link penalties? @ShahMenz #SMX
  8. 8. Risk @ShahMenz #SMX
  9. 9. Retribution @ShahMenz #SMX
  10. 10. Reward @ShahMenz #SMX
  11. 11. @ShahMenz #SMX Risk
  12. 12. Calculated: Risks that were knowingly taken Someone decided to roll the dice because they were after the prize and thought they could win @ShahMenz #SMX
  13. 13. Unintended: Tough to come to terms with For these people a manual action hits HARD @ShahMenz #SMX
  14. 14. The Risk of Ignorance: Ignoring the possibility of exposure to an unnatural linking penalty is SHORT-SIGHTED @ShahMenz #SMX
  15. 15. WHY should I care? @ShahMenz #SMX
  16. 16. @ShahMenz #SMX Penguin How does work?
  17. 17. “Penguin works by balancing Good vs Bad to provide a value. If that value is below a threshold you are affected by Penguin. With this in mind the effectiveness of any negative SEO strategy is based on the proximity of the target site to that threshold.” @ShahMenz #SMX
  18. 18. “A truly awesome site with loads of amazing backlinks is unlikely to be phased by anything less than 500,000 bad links. A site however that already has 500,000 bad links working against its good links might only require a nudge to put it over the edge.”.” @ShahMenz #SMX
  19. 19. @ShahMenz #SMX Retribution
  20. 20. You are going to have to work for it @ShahMenz #SMX
  21. 21. @ShahMenz #SMX Reward
  22. 22. The ultimate Reward @ShahMenz #SMX
  23. 23. Barriers @ShahMenz #SMX
  24. 24. Obvious: Time Revenue Resources Expertise Data Gaps Identify solutions that will work for you @ShahMenz #SMX
  25. 25. Unseen: Your mindset Webspam Team mindset Emotional “fallout” Failing to recognise these is effectively sabotaging your effort @ShahMenz #SMX
  26. 26. @ShahMenz #SMX You need to put on your Google Hat © Brandignity
  27. 27. @ShahMenz #SMX “You are what Google thinks you are” until you can prove otherwise
  28. 28. LEARN to play the hand you’ve been dealt @ShahMenz #SMX
  29. 29. Big Brand: Move FAST Use your influence If your prolonged absence from the SERPs could make Google look bad, it’s in their best interest to process quickly. Don’t drop the ball. @ShahMenz #SMX
  30. 30. Not So Big Brand: It’s all about the work Preserve referral traffic Protect that Brand Detail and precision are you best friends. You’re going to have to wait for review. Use the time to eliminate on site issues. @ShahMenz #SMX
  31. 31. Brand? What Brand? Ask yourself if there is anything to save Consider a new start Assess business case Be careful about just “Moving down the road” @ShahMenz #SMX
  32. 32. LISTEN UP it’s all about Process @ShahMenz #SMX
  33. 33. 3 Critical Steps you need to get right @ShahMenz #SMX
  34. 34. Uncovering the Data Pool utilise every available link source @ShahMenz #SMX
  35. 35. Combine and De-duplicate Google Analytics referral traffic Google Webmaster Tools Bing Webmaster Tools Mine the SERPs Majestic SEO SEMrush ahrefs @ShahMenz #SMX
  36. 36. Heads up @ShahMenz #SMX Help with your Google data @TonyMcCreath SWAT GWMT Exporter
  37. 37. Managing Link Data Never delete data Pay attention to patterns Use it to diagnose mistakes @ShahMenz #SMX
  38. 38. 3 Critical Elements of link analysis @ShahMenz #SMX
  39. 39. The Link @ShahMenz #SMX
  40. 40. The Domain @ShahMenz #SMX Don’t get this wrong!
  41. 41. The Profile @ShahMenz #SMX Look for patterns
  42. 42. @ShahMenz #SMX What is a “bad” link? What is an “unnatural” link? are they the same thing? © Wildblogger
  43. 43. Heads up @ShahMenz #SMX Dig into Disavow Data @disdit_
  44. 44. Heads up @ShahMenz #SMX Analyse Backlink Data @TonyMcCreath SWAT Backlink Checker
  45. 45. Heads up @ShahMenz #SMX Retrieve Anchor Text SEO Backlink Checker 1.3
  46. 46. The Final Countdown @ShahMenz #SMX
  47. 47. Finding Viable Contacts The usual suspects – Domaintools database Contact through domain registries Use Reverse IP Lookup Tools Use reverse image search Match incidental data Ask other link targets Follow Social trails @ShahMenz #SMX
  48. 48. Reverse IP Lookup @ShahMenz #SMX
  49. 49. Learn which registries provide access @ShahMenz #SMX
  50. 50. Reverse Image Search @ShahMenz #SMX
  51. 51. Match Incidental Data @ShahMenz #SMX
  52. 52. No shortcuts @ShahMenz #SMX
  53. 53. Do the work @ShahMenz #SMX
  54. 54. Document everything @ShahMenz #SMX
  55. 55. @ShahMenz @rmoov Australia (02) 6145 2065 USA (786) 348-2163 #SMX Sydney 2014 always remember, help is just a tweet away @ShahMenz #SMX