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Computer Trouble


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Computer Trouble

  1. 1. Computer Trouble! I’m having trouble with a Computer Project I’m managing.
  2. 2. I’m using Extensis Project management software. That’s lucky as the deadline keeps going back…
  3. 3. First the wrong keyboards were delivered. Here we have an example of a scouser keyboard which was sent.
  4. 4. Then there were problems with the second set of keyboards … The supplier didn’t provide enough of the profanity specials that I’d ordered!
  5. 5. Then there were the endless problems with the software …
  6. 6. … And some of the manuals weren’t much use … It’s enough to drive a guy to drink!
  7. 7. Even the usual software programs seems to be playing up …
  8. 8. I began to think that the computer system had got it in for me!
  9. 9. Thankfully the office girls seem to like the new PC monitors…
  10. 10. But some of the girls are still having print problems …
  11. 11. I’m beginning to think that an upgrade is a really big mistake!
  12. 12. Still there are compensations for being a project manager … Like asking your secretary to file some papers on the top shelf!
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