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This release announces for the iPad, a seamless integration of content discovery and Web publishing.

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  1. 1. SCOOP.IT LAUNCHES IPAD APP MERGING CONSUMPTION AND CREATION THROUGH CONTENT CURATION SAN FRANCISCO, September 5, 2013 –, a leading social curation publishing platform, launched an app for the iPad today that merges content consumption and creation through content curation. The app can be used to discover, organize and share relevant content to topic pages on the Web. Now, users can easily publish from the iPad to their topic pages and build a smarter online presence anywhere and anytime they are inspired. One part content discovery, the other, Web publishing on the go, for the iPad is an evolution from reading apps that aggregate trending news and popular media. “With the iPad, Apple created an innovative and powerful device that took media consumption on tablets to an unparalleled level, but the creation of media and content still remains predominantly on laptops and desktops,” said Co-founder and CEO, Guillaume Decugis. “We felt that through content curation, we are able to merge the two experiences – content discovery and publishing.” Content Discovery in Two Ways With for the iPad, users can find articles, videos, visuals and more on niche topics in two ways: • From an established community of knowledgeable and passionate curators • From a dynamic topic suggestion engine’s suggestion engine is powered by big-data semantic technology that crawls and qualifies more than 10 million web pages every day. Along with its proprietary search engine, has a community of curators who have already indexed and shared over 50 million pieces of content on topics of interests. Web Publishing on Mobile Tablets With this iPad app, current users can now publish to their topics, webpages that are customizable and search engine optimized. Most users build topics for professional reasons such as: • To share knowledge among those who have similar interests • To build thought-leadership and subject matter expertise • To strengthen a brand through smart content marketing “As our community grows, we increasingly realize the value we bring to them and what they bring to us,” said Co-founder and President, Marc Rougier. “Motivated by the ease of publishing and sharing smart content, our users not only build their knowledge-base but also their own communities of interests. This in turn helps them contribute to our greater vision of
  2. 2. organizing the Web into a smarter place.” for the iPad Key Features • Organize by topic, a hub for their content a home from which they can publish and share • Find great articles, videos, photos and other content in two powerful ways: through interest-based communities and’s personalized suggestion engine • Share engaging content to all of their social networks • Build greater visibility on the Web through search engine optimized and customizable topic pages • Engage and grow their own interest-based community Download for the iPad from The Apple App Store here: ### About is a better way to organize and share ideas that matter. Combining a big-data semantic technology that crawls and qualifies more than 10 million web pages every day with a robust publishing hub, lets users discover, curate and share relevant content on their topics of expertise. This not only helps them build their online presence through topic pages from which they feed their social networks but it also makes the Web a smarter, more organized place for everyone. is headquartered in San Francisco with an office in Toulouse, France. The startup has 16 employees comprised of seasoned engineers and social media professionals. Founded by Guillaume Decugis and Marc Rougier, whose previous companies were successfully acquired by Microsoft and IBM, respectively, raised its seed and its A round from Partech Ventures, Elaia Partners, IXO Private Equity and Orkos Capital. To schedule interviews with Guillaume Decugis or Marc Rougier please contact: Marie Domingo (650) 888-5642 RELATED LINKS: • - • for the iPad: • The Story of for the iPad: • Download for the iPad from The Apple App Store: