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[ArcFM™ Solution] Responder Mobile


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Improve your utility’s response to outages with Schneider Electric’s Responder Mobile.

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[ArcFM™ Solution] Responder Mobile

  1. 1. Make the most of your energySM ResponderMobile Schneider Electric ArcFM™ Solution Suite Get outage information to the people who need it most. Your field crews.
  2. 2. The battle against power outages is won on two fronts 02 | Responder Mobile
  3. 3. Responder Mobile Improve your utility’s response to outages with Schneider Electric’s Responder Mobile. The battle against power outages is won on two fronts. The first is at your utility’s operation center. With data delivered to Schneider Electric’s Responder, our GIS-based outage management system (OMS), you’ll have comprehensive information about your distribution network — including near real-time representation of the system’s state. It’s a simple, map-based solution that gives you better information to plan your response. The other critical area, of course, is at the site of the outage. For effective problem resolution, the team you dispatch needs to have the same information you have back at the operations center — information that’s relevant, quick and easy to understand and accessible without an active Internet connection. That’s why we developed Responder Mobile. Its streamlined functionality and intuitive user interface is specially made for use in the field by repair crews; typically non-GIS users with little to no GIS knowledge. Responder Mobile puts the same relevant, critical information into their hands that you normally access on your local network. They’ll see exactly where the trouble areas are on a simplified map interface that’s driven by data from your ArcFM™ geodatabase, ensuring consistency of information. And because it’s delivered by mobile device, your teams can access this vital information anywhere there’s a cell phone or other wireless signal. Plus, essential tools for reporting and editing In addition to helping crews locate the source of an outage, Responder Mobile provides tools for editing incident reports, adding devices and hazards to the map, and synchronizing from their field device to your enterprise network. It’s the ideal balance between functionality, ease of use and lightweight deployment. If you’re already using Schneider Electric’s Responder, Responder Mobile is a natural companion product to add to your productivity portfolio. Because it’s natively integrated with Responder, licensing is simple. It can even come bundled with Responder— just ask your Schneider Electric representative about your options. Responder Mobile | 03
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