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Mosaic Team Charter

  1. 1. ORGB 1100<br />TEAM CHARTER<br />MOSAIC MARKETING CORPORATION<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> SET F<br />SUITLANA KOMINKO<br />BCIT 2009<br /> <br /> <br />MUNNY                    SARAH             MIKE                 PARKER             SUSAN           RAMNIQUE   BRIANA <br />  BERAR          HENDERSON            LUO             MCMULLIN             KEELY           SAHOTA COWAN<br />Team Charter<br />Mosaic Marketing Corporation<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />PART ONE: GOALS<br /> <br />Members: Parker McMullin, Sarah Henderson, Munny Berar, Ramnique Sahota, Mike Luo, Susan Keely, and Briana Cowan (exempt from Organizational Behaviour).<br /> <br />Mission Statement<br />Our mission as a group is to respect and have trust for each other. All members of Mosaic marketing Corporation are to complete all assignments, projects, presentations, two days prior to deadlines. Each assignment is given one hundred percent dedication and effort by all team members. The team will continuously work toward helping one another in our mission to succeed. We all believe we are equal and believe in having strong team integrity. We want every project and presentation to be memorable and unique.<br /> <br />Team purpose <br />Complete all assignments on time <br />Lead by example, being the first team to present, we want to set a positive role and to present all ideas with a well structured background.  <br />A 90% is our goal <br />Use the skills and experience we will acquire in real world situations<br />Create projects that are worthy of showing employers and also to polish up our portfolio <br />Dress professionally, meaning no runners, jeans, sweatshirts. Must be clean shaven and combed hair for all presentation. <br /> <br /> <br />SEMESTER ONE – GROUP PROJECTS<br />       <br />Project/ AssignmentsCourseDeadlineDesired OutcomeMark ValueExample Case StudyMarketingSeptember 28th, 2009To present our knowledge and thorough research to our set and instructor. No Mark Value.#1 Case Study – PresentationMarketingOctober 19th, 2009To present our knowledge and thorough research to our set and instructor90%#2 Case Study – Written ReportMarketingNovember 2nd, 2009Written report must be written with clarity and cover all material needed to achieve 90% 90%#3 Case Study – Written ReportMarketingNovember 16th, 2009Written report must be written with clarity and cover all material needed to achieve 90%90%#4 Case Study – Written ReportMarketingNovember 30th, 2009Written report must be written with clarity and cover all material needed to achieve 90%90%PowerPoint assignment- CommercialBusiness Information Systems October 2nd, 2009The PowerPoint presentation must have a all material needed in order to achieve 90% 90% Team Oral PresentationBusiness Communications November 9th – 13th, 2009To present our knowledge and thorough research to our set and instructor 90%<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Key Customers: For each assignment, our clientele consists of our instructor, each team member, our set members and potential employees.<br /> <br /> <br />Stakeholders<br />Friends, family, future employers, teachers, and peers <br /> <br /> <br />Goals Statement: To achieve ninety percent in all assignments all team members will be will complete all tasks and duties prior to deadline to allow necessary corrections for accuracy to be made. Also all members will follow the guidelines for presentation/assignments for clarity and conciseness. The team will work together in order to succeed. Each and every member will input ideas and strategies for all assignments. All team members will help in our success. Each meeting should be well organized and with a clear mission to follow. Members will come well organized and prepared for all meets and projects. We will dress appropriately and professional for all presentations. All presentations will need to be rehearsed on ones own time and at group meetings. All team members should notify the team leader or any other group member in case of problems, delays, absents, and others.<br /> <br /> <br />PART TWO: Roles (Belbin Assignment)<br /> <br />In our Belbin assignment, we have our results as shown in the table below. <br /> <br />MemberPrimary RoleSecondary RoleRamnique SahotaInvestigatingCoordinatingParker McMullinCreating ImplementingMike LuoImplementingFinishingSarah HendersonInvestigatingCreatingMunny BerarCreatingInvestigatingSusan KeelyFinishingInvestigating<br /> <br /> <br />There were many missing roles. In this case we, the team, divided the roles to the most suitable teammate. Ramnique will be the evaluator. Parker will be the supporter. Mike will be the shaper and implementer. Sarah will be the investigator. Munny will be the creator and coordinator. Susan will be the finisher.<br /> <br /> <br />CHALLENGES: The team came into many challenges when it came to delegating roles. Many members had too many similarities when the Belbin assignment was completed. Our group has too many creating, investigating, implementing and finishing for our primary and secondary roles. As a team, we have decided to assign different roles to each individual for assignments. We also encountered we did not have enough of supporting, evaluating and shaping roles. As a group, we choose a team member who demonstrates those capabilities and who has received the highest score for the category. <br /> <br /> <br />PART THREE: Processes and Ground Rules<br /> <br />Communication: <br />The group will have a weekly meeting on Mondays 9:30am – 12:00pm in the BCIT LIBRARY. Each meeting will cover projects, presentations, a thorough outline of events, project management and other outside meetings dates/locations.  Outside of meetings, we will converse by telephone, email, instant messages, and our facebook group.<br /> <br />Team Meetings: <br />Be at all team meetings at specified (try to approach 5 minutes before hand and have all work/ tasks, asked of  member, out and ready to present. <br />All tasks must be completed as of start of team meeting <br />Member should be well organized, with a well researched plan/mission to cover in meeting. <br />There will be no use of cell phones during meeting (all phones on vibrate or turned off) <br />All meetings will be positive and have a well structured schedule. <br />“LIFE HAPPENS”  Rule: members who have had something unexpected occur which has caused their tasks being incomplete, has to notify a member of  their team as soon as possible to complete tasks another way or by another person. <br />All members should notify team leader when being absent from meeting or in case of lateness. <br />If any member is confused or has forgotten their duties they will as the project manager. <br />All members will bring a positive attitude and a new approach to ideas. <br />All members will engage in all discussions to share their ideas, thoughts and feelings regarding all assignments. <br />Ask questions, when it is appropriate, to clarify all misunderstood ideas or to verify their tasks.<br /> <br />Progressive Discipline Processes:<br />3 Strikes and You’re out Rule: For each assignment members have one chance without notifying a member about tardiness, incomplete tasks, attitude, and/or use of cell phones during group meetings. Once a member has been caught by another member once, the member will be warned by the project manager. If problems seem to continue, meaning it occurs more than twice, the project manager will eliminate that member from the presentation and project, thus that member will receive a zero for that assignment. <br />Harassment of any sort will not be tolerated. The member will not participate in any of group assignments after that point. Member will be eliminated from group <br />No member will be intoxicated and/or under the influence of drugs while at group meeting. The member will be asked to leave.<br /> <br /> <br />Recognizing and Celebrating Success:<br />Recognition of team success is important. It allows each member to feel valued and appreciated. For each completed assignment that receives an overall mark of 90% or greater will be celebrated. Celebration will consist of a group activity which will also help build our team work skills. Activity will be decided as a group from indoor rock climbing, a dinner, and other team building activities. For all assignments that did not meet our expectations the group will have a meeting regarding improvements for next assignment and try to pinpoint the areas of concern.<br /> <br />Task Distribution and Schedule: <br />Research - Mike, Ramnique, Munny<br />Writing/Editor - Parker & Briana<br />Speaking - Sarah & Briana<br />Organizer/Manager - Susan<br />*Note - All these roles are going to be rotated and each case study there will be a new team leader.<br />Each member will have the same amount to work. Tasks will be delegated by project manager and voted upon. Each member will be asked to complete and bring all researched material to meetings for review. If members have problems with the assigned tasks, they must ask for assistance and organize other means of its completion. <br />All assignments will be completed two days prior to deadline to have a second run through to edit unseen mistakes. All scheduling tasks will be established by the project manager. He/she will ask each member what they feel comfortable with and assign according to their preference and their level of capability.<br /> <br />Decision Making and Problem Solving:<br />All decisions are addressed as a group. If decision by chance has left out important information then it is the project manager’s responsibility to organize a meeting and discuss new outcome or an alternative. The new decisions will be voted for by each member. Problem solving will be handled by group. All problems that will occur have to be brought to the attention of all members. The group will make a final decision on how the problem can be solved by process of elimination.<br /> <br />Disagreements and Conflicts:<br />All disagreements between members will be resolved by have a third party mediating a meeting between the individuals. Conflicts between members will not be tolerated at team meetings. No physical or verbal arguments will occur between any member of group or other groups. Every altercation will have one or two individuals, acting as mediators, to supervise a meeting to resolve the issues of members. Any member trying to cause a situation to elevate will be asked to leave meetings and/or group.<br /> <br /> <br />PART FOUR: Evaluation<br /> <br />Performance Criteria #1: Task Performance<br /> <br />Description: Clearly conveys the ability to listen to instructions and completes their tasks on time, while been well researched and organized.<br /> <br /> RATINGS EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONSMEETS EXPECTATIONSBELOW EXPECTAIONS DESCRIPTION Extensive amount of research, shows professionalism All members present Attractive display Organized information Extensive knowledge of topics – correct grammar and spelling Task completed 2-3 days before assignedJust enough information to cover what is needed Finished clearly just in time information is all there, but not fully organized Just enough knowledge to pass Dressed professional Unprepared No research Failure to attend presentation Sloppy presentation Dressed inappropriately Little to no knowledge of topics<br /> <br /> <br />Performance Criteria #2: Attitude<br /> <br />Description: Comes to meets/ presentations with a positive attitude and always encourages other team members. <br /> <br /> RATINGS EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONSMEETS EXPECTATIONSBELOW EXPECTATIONS DESCRIPTION Extremely positive Encouraging and supportive of all team members Participates all the time in discussions Creates a positive atmosphere Accepts criticism in a positive mannerIndifferent to discussion Lack of involvement Participates only when asked Supports others ideas or adds to themPessimistic Constantly complains Contrary to ideas Subjective to other people’s ideas Little to no feed back in discussions Disruptive/ distracting Swearing <br />Performance Criteria #3: Teamwork<br /> <br />Description: Clearly displays skills that help along when working in a group.<br /> <br /> RATINGS EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS MEETS EXPECTATIONSBELOW EXPECTATIONS DESCRIPTION Works effectively when together Contributes more than requested Ensures that team is intact Willing to accept tasks if needed Exceptionally supportive Stays on task Meets outside of class time without negative attitude Considerate of group members personal problemsWill work together when absolutely essential Satisfactory support Avoids extra tasks/ challenges Reasonably considerate of others issues Cares about the teamIs forced to work with others Refuses to do more work than they want Inconsiderate Not supportive of others Disruptive of team process<br /> <br /> <br />Performance Criteria #4: Time Management<br /> <br />Description: The time need and given to complete tasks. <br /> <br /> RATINGS EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONSMEETS EXPECTATIONSBELOW EXPECTATIONS DESCRIPTION Completing tasks before assigned date Keeping on track in all courses and assigned work outside of team On time and on task Well organized Completing task on time Comes to meetings Occasionally falls off schedule/ task Not completely up to date in all other courses Late Unorganized Unable to meet deadlines and expectations of team Behind in majority of courses <br /> <br /> <br />Performance Criteria #5: Communication<br /> <br />Description: is able to understand and describe information and ideas to team clearly, with feedback form team.<br /> <br /> RATINGS EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONSMEETS EXPECTATIONSBELOW EXPECTATIONS DESCRIPTION Being open to discuss all topic and answer questions Being persistent with phone calls, messages, and emails Very effective with gathering information Excellent listenerSomewhat discusses topics in team discussions Ignoring phone calls not being responsive to messages from other team members Somewhat listensSwearing Does not talk to other members Does not communicate Blocks every out and does not listen Seems not to care about group <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Signatures of Members:<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />MUNNY      SARAH             MIKE                 PARKER             <br />BERAR         HENDERSON              LUO                MCMULLIN     <br /> SUSAN             RAMNIQUE   BRIANA<br /> KEELY                       SAHOTA COWAN <br />