Atlas MarketingTeam Charter<br />Team Purpose<br />We at Atlas Marketing strive to deliver superior projects to our instru...
As we progress through the semester and become more comfortable working with one another, we should attempt to improve our...
All projects will be done to the best of our abilities, be it individually or as a group.
We must make use of all available resources and be forthcoming in disseminating information that could potentially result ...
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Team Charter. Sept28th[1]


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Team Charter. Sept28th[1]

  1. 1. Atlas MarketingTeam Charter<br />Team Purpose<br />We at Atlas Marketing strive to deliver superior projects to our instructors and classmates. By combining material learned in class with active market research and strong team work, we can develop first rate, comprehensive results.<br />Key Customers<br />At Atlas Marketing, we are professionals building careers in a field that is heavily reliant on networking. We are responsible for conducting ourselves in a professional manner that communicates our capacity for success. We are not only responsible for marketing ourselves, but also conveying the information aquired during the process of our studies. We treat our peers as our customers and the information we provide as our product. We hope that our teachers and anyone else who will learn from the information we provide will us it as a tool to progress their own success. <br />Stakeholders<br />Stakeholders are defined as “an individual or group with an interest in the success of an organization in delivering intended results and maintaining the viability of the organization's products and services”(****). At Atlas Marketing, we are not the only ones interested in our success. Our peers are also stakeholders in that they are aquiring information from us. We hope that they learn to trust that we are providing them with relevant and accurate information. Our instructors are also stakeholders in our success as we are the result of their tireless efforts. It is our responsibility to them to prove that we have the ability to not only reiterate our lessons, but to expand from them as well.<br />Goals<br />Atlas Marketing believes that setting goals is the most important thing that we as a group can do. Our goals reflect our belief that self improvement and group improvement are very closely related. We believe the goals we have set for ourselves closely mirror those that are set in the industry.<br /><ul><li>Atlas Marketing agrees that a minimum grade of 86% must be achieved on all group assignments and projects. If a grade of 86% or higher is achieved, then it is the groups responsibility to meet and celebrate.
  2. 2. As we progress through the semester and become more comfortable working with one another, we should attempt to improve our grade minimum from one assignment to the next.
  3. 3. All projects will be done to the best of our abilities, be it individually or as a group.
  4. 4. We must make use of all available resources and be forthcoming in disseminating information that could potentially result in a better mark and/or project.
  5. 5. It is our goal to divide the workload as evenly as possible as we agree that is fair. </li></ul>Roles<br />Roles can make or break a team. They can either inhibit a person or allow them to flourish. We agree that it is in our best interests to have a team that can understand and work with each other. Through role definition, each member is recognized for the particular area of group work they excel in, as well as the areas in which more development is needed.<br />In class, we have carried out several evaluations through which we can assess our strenghts and weaknesses. Although these roles shed light on our percieved abilities we should not limit ourselves to focusing solely on our strenghts while ommitting the potential to grow better in our weaker fields. <br /><ul><li>Ivan Nguyen – (Investigating, Creating, and Implementing)
  6. 6. Due to his creativity, Ivan’s strength is the formation of concepts and ideas around which our assignments or activities can be developed. He is a strong framework person. This role is pivotal to create and extrapolate ideas, researching the key details of a project, and at the end, will result in a unified vision.
  7. 7. Karen Wazny – (Investigating, Coordinating, and Supporting)
  8. 8. Karen is a fantastic listener, planner and mediator. She sees ideas unfolding and promotes them to fruition. To accomplish this goal means to be organized and on top of meeting schedules, time limits and ensuring team cohesiveness. With regards to information and project completion, Karen can play a key role in managing and compiling material submitted from other members into an amalgamated whole which we will eventually refine into a final project.
  9. 9. Jorge Guadalupe – (Supporting, Coordinating, and Implementing)
  10. 10. Jorge is an incredibly insightfull individual with a knack for communicating ideas. He is a good listener, which makes him pivotal to successful group idea sessions. Atlas Marketing relies on his ability to create and extrapolate ideas, keeping the group on schedule for timely submissions of projects, as well as being a key presenter of our finished work.
  11. 11. Cody Smith – (Investigating, Shaping, and Finishing)
  12. 12. Cody’s written and oral language skills dictate that his main responsibilities are to research shape and finish assignments to the highest standard possible. To do this requires specific targets with which to measure quantity and quality of work produced. The group will provide Cody with targets to meet in order to ensure maximum productivity.
  13. 13. Stephanie Hogan – (Creating, Shaping, and Implementing)
  14. 14. Stephanie is a strongly creative person with good leadership and organizational abilities. In order to ensure she is able to reach her full potential, she should be given shaping power in our projects (meaning having a strong directional sway). To do this, she is responsible for creating original ideas that can be extrapolated on by the team. It is expected she will ensure that projects are progressing steadily towards their completion, meeting set timelines and standards. </li></ul>Team Ground Rules<br />Team ground rules set a precedent for expected behaviour within the Atlas Marketing team environment. It is collectively agreed upon that we the members of Atlas Marketing follow these set guidelines with an understanding that if broken will result in punishments outlined in later section. <br />1. Conduct<br /><ul><li>When engaged in activities of the group all members will show mutual respect towards one another.
  15. 15. Poor behavior from one Atlas Marketing group member towards another class mate would reflect poorly on all members of Atlas Marketing, thus our group will also show mutual respect for all members of the class.
  16. 16. All members are expected to attend every meeting and class with a positive attitude (unless absense has been previously discussed).
  17. 17. Member disputes deemed distracting or debilitating to the team in its ability to achieve its goals as a whole will be put forth towards the team for mediation. If the altercation(s) persists after the team mediation efforts, course instructor intervention will be required.
  18. 18. Team bonding will be seen as critical to the success of Atlas Marketing due to its ability to invoke harmony between members. </li></ul>2. Assignments<br /><ul><li>Handing in final copies of projects late is unacceptable.
  19. 19. If it is the fault of the team as a whole, a group meeting needs to be called to discover what happened and how it can be rectified in the future.
  20. 20. If it is the fault of an individual a meeting should be called to discover the nature of the error and a warning will be issued.</li></ul>3. Dispute Resolution and Meeting Arrangements<br />3.1All repeat unexcused absenteeism shall be subject to confrontation by the team in the form of a verbal, written and course instructor warnings respectively.<br />3.2Team meetings will be scheduled as follows:<br /><ul><li>When an event arises that is relevent to the teams successful completion of its mission, a team discussion will ensue. In the discussion all attempts will be made to find a suitable time and place to meet.
  21. 21. If the majority of members agree to the abovementioned meeting the meeting will occur at that time and place.
  22. 22. If one or more member(s) cannot attend that meeting they must have solid grounds as to why.
  23. 23. Changes in team meetings will be addressed as follows:
  24. 24. If one or more members feels a change in meeting time is needed a discussion with the whole group must take place. If the majority of the team agrees a change is required then a date and time will be specified for reschedule.
  25. 25. Group decisions such as (but by no means limited to) direction of a project, must be decided on by a vote in which the majority vote shall be passed. The minority voters reserve the right to put forth one rebuttal as to why they believe their position should stand. If the rebuttal fails to persuade the majority voters, then the rebuttal is put to rest and the project will continue with the majority vote.
  26. 26. Tasks are to be decided upon in a board meeting where we will address project goals, visions, assignment duties and other key tasks. While tasks are devided amongst members special consideration will be given to peoples special skills and talents (outlined in the roles section of team charter) as well as trying to ensure equal division of labour.</li></ul> <br /> <br />IvanNguyenStephanieHoganKaren WaznyJorge GuadalupeCodySmith<br />