What’s new in NX 8.5             Smarter decisions. Better products.             Benefits                              Sum...
NXWhat’s new in NX 8.5Sketching                                      Creating helical shapes such as springs or      synch...
NXnow reads more data from JT files, making    solid model into a sheet metal part. With         Visualizationthe resultin...
NXuser to perform more flow analysis inside     Drafting                                      weld symbols, including the ...
NXNX DraftingPlus                                                           NX 8.5 for simulation productivity            ...
NX•	 With a simulation displayed, make the       •	 Fewer mesh mating conditions and           •	 A new ability to create ...
NX•	 Ansys (Note: The Ansys solver-specific                                                          design geometry and o...
NXStructural analysis                                edges of axisymmetric elements. Edge-to-          Thermal and flow an...
NXmotion study to kick off a durability                Motion analysis                                  NX 8.5 for manufac...
NXMulti-stage machining processes also track     incremental rough/finish operations                Mold and die Valley re...
NXTeamcenter, with a full range of search                CMM measurements are read back into NX          Data managementfu...
NXManufacturing Resource Library                With Shop Floor Connect, machineConnect for NX A lightweight web-based    ...
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Siemens plm-nx-whats-new-in-8-5 (2)

  1. 1. What’s new in NX 8.5 Smarter decisions. Better products. Benefits Summary • More productive product NX™ 8.5 software delivers new capabilities and many customer-driven development enhancements to existing features. These improvements reduce the time it • Better product quality, faster takes to create, analyze, exchange and annotate your data. NX 8.5 introduces development, lower costs new simulation capabilities that add new optimization and multiphysics • Faster, more efficient solutions, help you prepare and update more accurate analysis models faster, modeling and speed solution time for structural, thermal and flow analysis by as much • Better compliance with as 25 percent. Boost your part manufacturing productivity with new standards and product capabilities that accelerate NC programming and machining times, close the requirements quality inspection loop, manage tooling libraries and connect the NC work • More clearly understand package directly to the shop floor. finite element model context • Faster design-analysis NX 8.5 for design productivity iterations • Improve product durability Fundamentals • Speed simulation time up to The NX 8.5 user interface provides you with as many or as few options as you 25 percent need. See-through preview highlights the feature being created or modified • Faster NC programming and by de-emphasizing other geometry. New options for the display of smooth machining of parts edges make it easier to understand your • Save on cutting tool costs model, and model rotation is easier to use • Better part accuracy and more intuitive. Enhanced measurement options make it easier to investigate a model and determine clearances. New context-sensitive toolbars show you the options you need for the situation you are in and can be fully customized. This means less time hunting for the command you need. See-through preview makes it Context-sensitive toolbars show you easier to see your geometry only what you need. change.NXAnswers for industry.
  2. 2. NXWhat’s new in NX 8.5Sketching Creating helical shapes such as springs or synchronous technology makes it easier toSketching in NX 8.5 has been streamlined. threads has been streamlined with new do “what if” design studies so you canThe coordinate system display in sketches commands which give you full control over explore all options and optimize yourhas been simplified to make it clearer, and the properties of the helix. The resulting design.sketch coordinate systems now have shapes are fully parametric and easier tounique names to make them easier to modify than in previous versions.select. You also have increased flexibilitywhen placing constraints, streamlining thesketching process and reducingdevelopment time.Feature-based modelingNX 8.5 delivers many usabilityenhancements and new capabilities infeature-based modeling. You can use openprofiles to create features, which auto­matically extend to the surrounding The face on the right has been labeled as a blend, Helix creation is easier and more powerful. the one on the left has not.geometry to create a closed feature. Youcan now emboss a body with anotherbody, which is useful for creating dies or You can now add draft to a model using anensuring sufficient clearance between intersecting surface as the parting line. Freeform modelingtwo parts. While this has been possible in the past, Freeform modeling in NX 8.5 has improved the new functionality makes this action geometry creation, analysis andThere is a new way to create unions significantly faster and more efficient, with visualization features. Some commandsbetween two solid or sheet bodies. You 40 percent fewer features and only a third have been enhanced with new law types,can select which regions you want to keep as many commands as the old method. giving you more tools to create theor remove, allowing you to create your complex geometry you need. You candesired geometry with about 30 percent Synchronous modeling enhance the visual display of your curvefewer commands and 25 percent fewer NX 8.5 is the fifth release of NX with geometry by highlighting end points infeatures. synchronous technology, and it continues several different ways. New surface and to be enhanced and refined with new radius analysis tools help you ensure that functionality. The existing commands are your geometry meets all necessary now more capable and more intuitive to requirements. You can now fit a curve or a use. You can now label faces as blends, surface to existing geometry such as facet adding intelligence to history-free data bodies or points, which is useful for and making it easier to get the results you reverse engineering. want when you use synchronous modeling to modify the geometry. New options give Data exchange you greater control of your geometry as NX 8.5 builds on the open philosophy that you modify it, meaning you are more likely guides Siemens PLM Software with tools to to get the result you want the first time. work seamlessly with other systems, Synchronous technology can now alert you protecting your design investment. With when the changes you are attempting will the improved JT™ Export interface, it’sYou can select which part of a body you want cause potential errors so that you can easier to control how your information isto keep. adapt accordingly and spend less time exported. You can save your configuration repairing your data. The flexibility of to a file, saving time on future jobs. NX
  3. 3. NXnow reads more data from JT files, making solid model into a sheet metal part. With Visualizationthe resulting NX file easier to understand this and other tools you can quickly NX 8.5 delivers improved visualizationand diagnose, which means you spend generate a robust, re-usable sheet metal tools that make it easier to understandmore time using your data and less time part from a standard solid model, reducing your models and generate aestheticallytrying to decipher it. A new wizard makes design time. correct renderings of them. A newit easier to export data to the DXF or DWG background environment maps aformats by streamlining the process and panoramic image onto a hemisphericalimproving control over export options with dome, so as you pan around your model, itan improved user interface. appears to be in realistic environment from any angle, making visualization moreRouted systems design realistic and useful.Routing in NX 8.5 makes it faster andeasier to create the geometry you need.New capabilities allow you to mirrorrouting objects to create symmetricrouting networks, saving time andensuring consistency. There are new Beads and dimples can now be added after bends.options for creating and navigating runswhich make it easier and faster to ensurecompliance. It’s easer to find and replace Re-usecomponents with the same specifications, The NX Reuse Library, a common Visualization tools enable you to make attractive,saving time and ensuring that require­ repository for all of your re-usable realistic images.ments are met. geometry, has been enhanced for NX 8.5. You now have the option of changingSheet metal design deformable parameters on a part when NX 8.5 for tooling design productivitySheet metal design has been throroghly you drag it from the Reuse Library, givingenhanced in NX 8.5. You can now create you more control. When you add a Tooling design in NX 8.5 has beendimple features before or after bends, or component to an assembly, you now have enhanced to optimize the overall mold andput bends across existing features, and the option of viewing the component in a die design process and to improveeverything adapts correctly. NX pattern preview window to verify that it meets productivity by eliminating many manualfeature functionality has been extended to your needs before you place it. You also modeling steps.sheet metal in 8.5, saving time when have the option to add multiplecreating multiple features. You now have occurrences of a component at the same Mold designmore options to help you create bend time. This is especially efficient for Parting surface design methodologies haveregions, making it easier to create standard parts that are used in many been improved to make the design processcompliant geometry in fewer steps. There places at once, like fasteners. more efficient. Creating and modifyingis now a wizard with cleanup and cooling channels is easier and moreconversion options to help you convert a Validation intuitive. Injection flow analysis functions Check-Mate has been enhanced with new are now integrated into NX, permitting the checkers that make it easier to investigate your data and find issues before they cause problems down the road. This makes you more productive and ensures quality models.
  4. 4. NXuser to perform more flow analysis inside Drafting weld symbols, including the ability toNX . The standard parts management tool Drafting in NX 8.5 has been comprehen­ change the weld standard without havinghas been improved to provide consistent sively enhanced in response to customer to reset the whole drafting standard inuser interaction by using the NX Reuse input. You can now create lightweight your NX session. The new function lets youLibrary framework. Many new capabilities drawing views which improve performance control the size of your weld symbols morein the electrode design process have been and reduce system resource usage. The easily. All of these changes are designed tointroduced to improve user productivity. drafting user interface has also been make you work faster and smarter when simplified to clean up the interface and creating standards-compliant drawings.Progressive die design make it easier to find the commands A variety of improvements have been you need. Product and manufacturing informationmade to support the more complex un- Product and manufacturing informationforming design workflows. Process support The view creation wizard has been (PMI), which embeds critical manufac­for parts with zero bend radius, bends with enhanced with new commands and turing and other information directly incomplex features such as Gusset, ribs, etc. options designed to optimize performance your 3D geometry, has been enhanced forare now possible. Improved engineering with large assembly drawings. A new NX 8.5. The PMI user interface has beendie design (transfer and compound dies) option gives you the ability to permanently simplified and some commands have beenprocess supports many aspects of die align a view with other views, giving you renamed and moved to make them moredesign more efficiently. greater control. intuitive to use. You now have greater control over which PMI is displayed inStamping die design which places, helping to clean up andNX 8.5 delivers new capabilities to perform manage your PMI. When trying to find themore accurate trim angle checks for PMI associated with selected geometry,complex parts. Support is also added for you now have the choice of viewing it in athe complex draw die punch design permanent or temporary view. Whenprocess that eliminates many manual extracting geometry from a body, you nowmodeling processes. Plus new blank have the option of extracting PMI datanesting capabilities perform the nesting along with it, reducing rework and helpingoperations in an integrated environment. create smarter models. Lightweight views save system resources. You now have the option of having your associative custom symbols update automatically when the master you created them from changes, helping ensure that your symbols remain up to date. New options give you greater control over the linking and positioning of custom symbols. You also have more control over PMI is easier to understand and manage in NX 8.5.
  5. 5. NXNX DraftingPlus NX 8.5 for simulation productivity understand where you might need to editNX DraftingPlus delivers enhanced 2D node locations for connections to the restdesign capability inside NX, and on its Whether developing race car components of the assembly.third release, continues to add function­ for next week’s race, or the structure forality. You can now create Drawing the next-generation submarine that willBooklets, which are multiple drawing files launch five years later, all developmentcombined into a structure that allows you teams face time constraints that are costlyto group together the drawings needed to when designs fail and schedules aren’tdefine an assembly or study. Since the files met. NX for Simulation is a modernin the booklet are managed as a single simulation environment that can helpunit, it’s easier to manage them; and the development teams engineer theirimpact on system resources is reduced, products right the first time. With the 8.5making the whole system faster. release, NX CAE introduces over 240 new capabilities in areas such as simulation modeling, structural, thermal, flow, motion, multiphysics and optimization Assembly analyses. An assembly FEM of a disk brake assembly. 1: The Part A Part B Part C Part... Simulation modeling assembly FEM is both the displayed and the work FE model in context NX CAE 8.5 expands part. 2: The disk is the work part. 3: The brake pad Drawing is the work part. 4: The caliper is the work part. (intro sheets) Drawing A Drawing B Drawing C Drawing... upon its unique distributed CAE environment for building analysis model Drawing booklet assemblies by allowing you to edit a single FE component model in the context of the The new FE model in context capabilityDrawing bookets help you organize your drawings. overall assembly. In NX CAE 8.5, you can supports many new workflows, including now set the work part independently of the following: the displayed part, which allows you to see • With an assembly FEM displayed, make aIt is now possible to easily move drawing and reference the rest of the FE assembly component FEM the work part to createobjects from one view to another while while editing just the FE component or edit meshes, clean up or modifymaintaining their associativity and proper model. In previous releases, if you wanted polygon geometry, or modifiy physicalscale, orientation and style. You can now to generate a mesh or edit an existing and material properties.smash a drawing view, meaning the mesh, you would first need to change the • With an assembly FEM displayed, make aobjects in that view are no longer displayed part to the FEM file containing subassembly FEM the work part toassociated with the view itself. This gives the geometry. So you would have only resolve label conflicts or edit connectionyou more flexibility in placing your objects seen the FE component displayed on the meshes.in a 2D design environment. screen, which could make it difficult to
  6. 6. NX• With a simulation displayed, make the • Fewer mesh mating conditions and • A new ability to create face pairs based component FEM the work part to modify stitch edge recipes are recreated and on the ratio of thickness to face size is meshes or polygon geometry in the replayed. particularly helpful for models with context of applied loads and boundary • Fewer meshes are deleted and recreated. highly variable thickness values. conditions.• With a FEM displayed, make the These changes speed the update process, idealized part the work part to create or reduce potential manual rework and can modify geometry in the context of the save you significant time when working mesh. with large models.FE model in context significantly speeds Mid-surface productivity enhancementsthe modeling process because each of A number of enhancements have been Illustration of “rolling ball” algorithm where thethese workflows help engineers make the made to the mid-surfacing capabilities in software uses the diameter of a ball at a givenright modeling decisions in the right NX CAE 8.5. These changes can provide a location as the thickness of the part at that location.context of the problem to be solved. better result on the first pass, and ultimately allow you to mid-surface yourFaster FE model updates NX CAE 8.5 part up to five times faster. Some of theincludes improvements that speed the new enhancements to the mid-surface Solver-specific element quality checksoverall update process for the FE model command include: The element quality command now canwhen the design changes. Specifically, • The progressive pairing option uses a evaluate the quality of elements in yourthese improvements are designed to new “rolling ball” thickness calculation model based upon the specific qualityminimize the amount of polygon geometry algorithm which provides more granular criteria employed by the solver you arethat is affected when there are changes to thickness information throughout a using. This means NX CAE can highlightthe underlying CAD geometry. body. This new algorithm calculates element quality issues before you export more accurate thickness data for both your input data file and run the solver,Now, during the polygon geometry update constant and variable thickness parts. which saves you time and eliminates theprocess: This results in more accurate face pairs frustration of finding quality issues at solve• Fewer polygon faces are deleted and and you spend less time editing the data time. Solver-specific quality checks are recreated. after mid-surface generation. supported for the following solver• Manual modifications that you make to • Automatic pairing now available for environments: the polygon geometry are now tangent-continuous parts helps you • NX Nastran® preserved. reduce manual work on surfaces that are • MSC Nastran tangent within a specified angle. • Abaqus
  7. 7. NX• Ansys (Note: The Ansys solver-specific design geometry and other parameters. checks in NX are consistent with the This is useful for tradeoff studies and to quality checks in the standard Ansys determine optimum operating conditions solver. They are not consistent with the for a product. For instance you may need quality checks used by the Ansys to minimize the temperature of a critical Workbench platform.) component within an electronic device• LS-Dyna through variation of airflow patterns. One way to reduce the temperature may be toEngineering optimization optimize the airflow rate into the device,NX Shape Optimization NX Shape which you can then set as the designOptimization is a new NX CAE product Left: Original design with high stress concentra­ variable. NX CAE will then automaticallyintroduced in this release. NX Shape tion. Right: New design after shape optimization. adjust the flowrate, update the model andOptimization helps engineers suggest solve, and evaluate the resultingspecific detailed improvements to an temperature at the component. NX CAEexisting design when only minor changes then automatically iterates this processand improvements are permitted due to until the desired objective is achieved –design constraints. In these cases, leaving you with the optimal flowrate andengineers are typically looking to minimize temperature in a fraction of time it wouldstress concentrations, or to maximize take using conventional means.selected natural frequencies, which arefactors that can extend product life anddurability. To achieve the objective, eachdesign node is displaced with the objectiveof reducing the local stresses. In the high-stressed area, the design nodes aredisplaced outward and the structuregrows; in the low-stressed area, the designnodes are displaced inward and thestructure shrinks. The resulting node Overlay of new design and old design to show how dimensions have changed.locations can be communicated to thedesign team in the form of an STL file,which allows designers to visuallyunderstand how to update the geometry. Geometry optimization in NX Thermal and NX Flow NX CAE 8.5 introduces Minimizing critical component temperature by geometry optimization within the NX optimizing flowrate. Thermal and NX Flow products. Geometry optimization lets you drive the design toward an optimal solution by varying
  8. 8. NXStructural analysis edges of axisymmetric elements. Edge-to- Thermal and flow analysisEdge-to-edge glue and contact support edge linear contact can be used in Multithreading to achieve fasterfor NX Nastran NX Nastran is a leader in solutions for linear statics, normal modes, thermal computations Multithreadingstructural analysis solutions and is at the buckling and modal frequency and takes advantage of multicore and multi-forefront of developing new connection transient response. processor hardware to speed up thetypes that allow engineers to build their thermal computations. The newmodels faster. NX Nastran 8.5 introduces Bolt preloads on solid elements for NX multithreading option in NX Thermal isnew glue and contact connections which Nastran NX Nastran 8.5 adds a new most useful for radiation-dominatedare also supported within the NX CAE 8.5 capability supported by NX CAE 8.5 to models. For transient runs, depending onrelease. allow more detailed representation of output intervals, run time can be reduced bolts, including contact between hole and by up to about 25 percent (using 4 cores).New edge-to-edge gluing is a simple and bolt, which gives you more accurateeffective method to join dissimilar shell results. New fully coupled scheme for parallelmeshes. Glue connections, between the flow solver NX CAE 8.5 introduces a fullyedges of shell elements in the same plane, coupled scheme for the parallel flow solversimplify the modeling process for the in NX Flow, which helps to solve largeengineer without compromising accuracy models faster. This fully coupled pressure-of the structural analysis. velocity scheme is now used by default and is better suited for solving steady-state models or transient models using larger timesteps. In the previous release, the fractional step scheme was the only Model bolt preloading on solid elements such as scheme used by the parallel flow solver, for the bolts mounting this manifold assembly. but is more suitable for transient models with small timesteps. Import Fibersim HDF5 files in NX Laminate Composites Fibersim™ software Multiphysics is now a member of the Siemens PLM Durability analysis based on flexible product family, and so NX CAE is able to body motion simulation results You can strengthen its integration with Fibersim. In now easily perform a durability analysis onEdge-to-edge glue allows easy connection betweentwo dissimilar shell meshes along an edge. NX CAE 8.5, you can directly import a component that was simulated as a Fibersim ply-based layups from a Fibersim flexible body in a motion analysis. In NX, HDF5 (*.h5) file into NX Laminate you can seamlessly move from CAD Composites. In previous releases, you assembly to a motion study using a flexibleSimilarly, NX CAE 8.5 supports the new could only import layups from a Fibersim body, and then use the results of theedge-to-edge contact capabilities in NX XML file. Importing the HDF5 file gives youNastran 8.5 to define contact conditions more information for each ply than isbetween selected polygon or element available in the XML file, such as: • The starting point of the draping • The direction of the draping • The orientation angle
  9. 9. NXmotion study to kick off a durability Motion analysis NX 8.5 for manufacturing productivityprocess on the component in question. Suppress/unsuppress motion objectsBased on the durability results, you could A new feature in NX Motion Simulation NX 8.5 boosts part manufacturingeven use the new NX Shape Optimization allows you to suppress individual motion productivity in the machinery,module introduced in this release to objects and their dependent objects from turbomachinery, aerospace, medical, andsmooth out areas of concern in the being included in the active solution. For mold and die industries. Save timegeometry that would help extend example, you can suppress a link to programming and machining parts withproduct life. remove it from the solution. That link’s new machining operations, more tool path dependent joints and any other dependent control and easier ways to automate objects – such as springs, markers, programming. Close the quality loop by bushings, etc. – will also be suppressed. creating CMM inspection programs and This saves time so that you can quickly analyzing results all directly within NX. simulate design alternatives without Save on tooling costs and use the right having to physically delete or recreate data from NC programming through to objects in your motion simulation. If you machining with new tool library and CAM then unsuppress one of the dependent data management capabilities. objects, that object’s parent object will also be unsuppressed. Machining productivity NX CAM delivers the next level of NC programming productivity with specialized industry-specific capabilities. NX CAM for machinery Volume-based 2.5D milling provides a very fast and intuitive method of programming prismatic parts. Simply select faces such as walls and floors within on the 3D part model to define the machined volumes. An instant visual preview provides fast and easy validation of the planned machining operation. Programming can be 5 to 10 times faster. The system continuously keeps track of uncut material and minimizes air-cutting, reducing machining time up to 10 percent.Durability results based on a flexible body motion Suppress motion objects from motion simulationsimulation of motorcycle suspension bracket. model for quick debugging or evaluation of alternative ideas.
  10. 10. NXMulti-stage machining processes also track incremental rough/finish operations Mold and die Valley restmilling isthe in-process workpiece for greater between thin blades to maintain rigidity enhanced with new hybrid Z-level andefficiency. Updated blank models are and improve finish quality. projected patterns that identify, sort andautomatically maintained for each station. prioritize the valleys to find the best cutting motions. By combining steep andAdvances in feature-based machining nonsteep cutting approaches into a singleautomate the sorting of machining pattern, you can easily clean out valleysoperations across multiple setups for with various orientations and achieve afaster, easier programming. smooth finish. New finish patterns allow incremental finishing for thin blades. Aerospace and medical Swarf or flank milling with the new contact point control reduces passes and produces a better surface finish on complex parts that require 5-axis strategies that cut with the Cutting directions are optimized for the best finish. side of the endmill. By positioning the toolVolume-based 2.5D milling speeds programming tip past the contact point, more materialfor machinery. can be removed per pass leaving smaller Tool library The enhanced NX CAM cusps and extending tool life. tooling library supports a broader definition of tools that includes toolingTurbomachinery milling New roughing devices and holders. It also includesoperation options improve machining context information for faster machineefficiency for turbines and multibladed simulation setups such as pocketparts. By adding depths to slotting assignments, mounting points and visualmotions, roughing operations can be previews.assigned higher feed rates or deeperdepths. Additional finishing options The new Manufacturing Resource Libraryprovide swarf (flank) milling and also allow (MRL) is used to manage tooling vendor catalogs and preferred tool assemblies, as well as your custom resources. The MRL stores and classifies its content in 5-axis flank milling options make smaller cusps.
  11. 11. NXTeamcenter, with a full range of search CMM measurements are read back into NX Data managementfunctions and graphical displays so you as .mea or .dml files. They are compared to CAM Data Management helps to eliminatecan easily find and access your tools. From the measured datums, including the the delays and costs that come with badNX CAM, you can search the library, find associated tolerances according to ANSI data. The introduction of thethe tools you need, and pull in accurate 3D Y14.5, ASME Y14.5 or ISO 1011 standards. Manufacturing Resource Library (MRL) andmodels of the selected cutting tools right Measurements are displayed in the the Manufacturing Resource Libraryinto your CAM programming session. operation navigator as a list and linked to Connect for NX products make big the graphical display for each measure­ advances in building and making available ment. Best-fit analysis and verification help complete and accurate tool data. illuminate the possible causes of tolerance failure and assist in decision making that Manufacturing Resource Library The will improve component quality. new Manufacturing Resource Library (MRL) is used to manage tooling vendor catalogs NX CMM inspection programming CMM and preferred tool assemblies, as well as inspection programmers work directly in your custom resources. The MRL stores and the NX 3D environment and use the PMI classifies its content in Teamcenter, information, GD&T applied right to the Siemens PLM Software’s comprehensive solid, to generate programs quickly. NX 8.5 system for managing product lifecyclePowerful new tool library capabilities available for delivers time saving updates, such as new management (PLM) data and processes,NX 8.5. transitions methods that find key with a full range of search functions and interferences and automatically resolve graphical displays so you can easily find them. Scans are previewed with probe and access your tools. From NX CAM, youCMM inspection programming and orientations to make sure the desired can search the library, find the tools youresults analysis results are achieved. More complex scans need, and pull accurate 3D models of theMaximize the efficiency of your complete can span multiple features. selected cutting tools right into your CAMquality inspection process with the programming session.enhanced offline programming and newinspection results analysis capabilities in NX.NX CMM data analysis Users can quicklysee and evaluate their “as-built” measure­ments in the graphical NX environment,right next to the “as designed” models thatdrive the CMM inspection programs.Putting the measurement results intocontext helps manufacturers find the most Tool definitions include solid models ready for NC simulation.effective approaches to achieve quality 5 axis scanning with NX 8.5 CMM Inspectionimprovements. Programming.
  12. 12. NXManufacturing Resource Library With Shop Floor Connect, machineConnect for NX A lightweight web-based operators can directly access productioninterface connects even disconnected NC released data. Using job numbers or workprogrammers to the rich tooling data of package identifiers, operators can locatethe MRL. NC programmers can browse, the correct data files needed forsearch and select tooling assemblies from production, including CNC programs, toolthe MRL. Of course, this includes the solid lists, setup sheets and drawings. Whenassembly representations that then further CNC programs are created, modified orimprove the simulation of the NC optimized by the production team, theyoperation. can be saved and maintained as new data or revisions to existing data.Shop Floor Connect for Teamcenter ShopFloor Connect for Teamcenter delivers CNC program files directly to machinecontrollers. More than just a traditionalDNC system, the connection to thecentralized Teamcenter database ensuresthat manufacturing data is secure and themanufacturing plan-to-production processis controlled. It avoids data duplication and manages revisions to make sure thecorrect manufacturing data is used on theshop floor. Shop floor personnel can directly access the data they need. © 2012 Siemens Product Lifecycle Management SoftwareContact Inc. All rights reserved. Siemens and the Siemens logo are registered trademarks of Siemens AG. D-Cubed, Femap,Siemens Industry Software Geolus, GO PLM, I-deas, Insight, JT, NX, Parasolid, SolidAmericas +1 800 498 5351 Edge, Teamcenter, Tecnomatix and Velocity Series areEurope +44 (0) 1276 702000 trademarks or registered trademarks of Siemens ProductAsia-Pacific +852 2230 3333 Lifecycle Management Software Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and in other countries. Nastran is a registered trademark of the National Aeronautics andwww.siemens.com/nx Space Administration. All other logos, trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks used herein are the property of their respective holders. X18 31071 8/12 B