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  1. 1. Product sheet BC Six Evolving the user experience SIXEasy to use, self-evident, familiar, simple; the user experience has beencentral to the development of BC Six, the latest version of our industryrenowned project collaboration service. “The extranet you can build on” now boasts a • New user interface new interface, more desktop integration, and improved email management, all developed • Integration with MS Office with one single premise, to put ease of use at the forefront of the user experience. • Improved email management • Improved drawing management Enhanced usability A brand new portal-inspired interface, that is both appealing to use and familiar, has been developed with two fundamental purposes: to inform users by driving key information to them; and to rapidly direct them by making navigation simple and as quick as possible. We’ve introduced new server, project The new interface showing a project page and module summary pages and made the global dashboard clearer. Enriched collaborative management Integration with MS Office 2003 and 2007 has been extended, with direct file uploading from within MS Office applications, and email attachment only uploading from MS Outlook®. Email management has been improved to include header metadata. New document management features enable metadata editing for issued files, drawing comparisons and simpler batch printing. All-in-all, these are just a shortlist of some of the new powerful features, that makes BC Six more than just an upgrade.
  2. 2. What’s New in BC Six SIXEnhancing usabilityMaking time more productiveFind files using enhanced navigation panel Take fewer steps to find project information withThe navigation panel now provides users with quick search portletalternative methods to navigate the system simply and A quick search portlet provides users with a simplequickly. The panel can be switched between projects search form available from the server summary and(previously referred to as workspaces) and the user’s project summary portals.personal areas (e.g. their bag, waste bin, saved searches,schema settings, etc.). Using new navigation buttons, Batch print with easethe panel can also display a searchable list of projects, The batch printing functionality has been revampedor a reworked global dashboard. and enhanced. Users can now refine selections, utilise customisable default settings (for quick processing) and pick from templates to include metadata in the banners or watermarks. Cutting-out the pain Clearly view your projects The new projects panel replaced the workspace panel. Pagination in the panel has been replaced with vertical scrolling - making the panel more scalable no matter how many projects a user has - and also enables projects to be grouped in categories. This list now alsoView contextual module information with module includes the Projects where the user has been invitedtabs and portlets only to access sub-folders within those projects. A “flag”It is now possible to extend the interface by adding icon highlights new projects.module tabs and portlets that display informationcontextual to the current project. This ensures users Know exactly where you are with improvedcan quickly view the relevant information from other location barmodules without having to switch to them. The new location bar has been improved to clearly display the project being accessed and the user’sUse email file metadata for rapid retrieval of current location within that project. It only appears onuploaded correspondence one row, no matter what the location; a new drop-Email header information (such as To, From, Subject, down reveals the full path of the current location whichetc.) are now saved as metadata, meaning that sorting can be used for navigation.and searching for emails is even easier. Jump easily between modulesQuickly access recent projects New, always visible, module links enable users to easilyA list of recently accessed projects is presented in switch between BC modules without opening multipleRecent Projects portlet, available on the new server browser windows.summary page. Users can quickly return to the projectsthey last accessed without needing to browse to them Easily access user informationusing the navigation tree. User information has been relocated to the top-right, with the intuitive new location making access to user settings easier.
  3. 3. SIX Making it familiar Customise project workspaces Available on project summary pages, the projectRemove duplication of effort with repeat issuing information portlet enables user to present basicWhen issuing document revisions, it is now easy to information relating to the project, such as a projectaccess a list of recipients of the previous versions description, project owners as well as a project specificusing the user picker. Users who previously received image.documents for information can be promoted toreviewers and suggested recipients are contextual to Maintain familiarity with backward compatiblethe previous workflow, ensuring that previous review interfaceprocesses can be followed. BC Six will continue to work in the Sapphire Interface although without any of the new user interfaceEdit metadata after issuing files components. The new Graphite interface has beenCertain privileged users can now make corrections designed so that the majority of custom-brandedto file metadata after the file has been issued and/or interfaces can be easily migrated. Familiarity is retainedrevised. All changes and previous data are captured with the benefits of the new interfacein the files audit trail. This improves the accuracy ofinformation and management of documents and files.Enriching collaborative managementGiving you more control Instantly know project activityBring key information to the fore with portal- The Project Totals portlet provides improved visibility ofinspired interface activity by listing the document and transmittal types inNew server summary page and project summaries a project, with a count of each.pages, utilising a portal-like approach, have beenintroduced. The portlets drive information to users and View the status of project taskspresent a range of summary, server, project and related The Project Tasks portlet displays a summary of taskmodule information. information, akin to the new global dashboard in the left-hand panel, but relative to a project.Get more visibility to tasks with granular globaldashboard Stay abreast of file changes with Brava!® XThe Task dashboard is now presented in the left- BC Six incorporates the powerful Brava!® Enterprisehand panel and provides a more granular and detailed .NET compare functionality. Files can be visuallyview of outstanding tasks and their due period. The compared by using side-by-side comparisons,documents/issue toggle has been removed. Coloured dynamic fade overlaying, or using automatic differencetext clearly indicates overdue tasks. highlighting. Brava!® Enterprise is the “flagship” release from IGC which ensures file compatibility and theSee your Day file largest feature set, and can be pre-installed for BCThe Day file (right) summarises a user’s incoming enterprise customers – something the JavaTM versionpipeline of work over a prescribed period. By default cannot be.summarising all incoming issues for the previous day,the user is able to see a breakdown by type of issue andtheir action status.
  4. 4. SIX Better process support Receive clearer instant email notifications Instant email notifications have changed to look more like an email and can also be formatted with custom branding. Notifications will appear to have been sent by the user. The emails also include more context, including the details of any response or reply. Improving information sharing & Improving team communication management Stay abreast of project news Integrate with your desktop using MS Office add-in The BC News module, now implemented as standard, A .NET add-in for MS Office Standard 2003 and 2007 enables users to stay up-to-date on project, (including Outlook®, Word, Excel® and PowerPoint®), programme and company developments. The news has been developed to provide a simple and intuitive module enables permitted users to add news items and way to save files directly to BC Six, without having to present recent headlines on the main news page. The save them locally or first close the file. Projects can module can be further extended to show headlines in a be browsed and searched from within the add-in portlet on the server start page. and previously accessed projects found easily through Bookmarks and Recent locations. Extract & upload email attachments using enhanced MS Outlook® add-in Provides a simple and intuitive way to add project- related files that are attached to emails. The MS Outlook® .NET add-in has been extended to enable attachments to be uploaded and tagged separately. www.unit4collaboration.com UNIT4 Collaboration Software LimitedCopyright © UNIT4 Collaboration Software Limited. All rights reserved. 9th Floor, Reading Bridge House, George StreetThe information contained in this document is intended for general Reading RG1 8LS, United Kingdominformation only, as it is summary in nature and subject to change. Any third-party brand names and/or trademarks referenced are either registered or T +44 (0) 118 902 8500 F +44 (0) 118 902 8545unregistered trademarks of their respective owners. E info@unit4collaboration.com U4CSBCSix_V1.4