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CADA english

  1. 1. GRC SoftwarePowered byhfp Informationssysteme GmbH
  2. 2. Discover new methods for data analysis!The most common reasons for not using data analysis tools:•too expensive•excessive implementation effort•minimal user-friendliness•missing functions
  3. 3. Clearly Arranged LayoutExecute projectsExecute projects View results View results Construct analyses Construct analyses Utilize analysis apps Utilize analysis apps Define parameters Define parameters for execution for execution
  4. 4. Intuitive and easy to use! analysis apps analysis apps define analysis paths and with drag & drop with drag & drop define analysis paths and save them as analysis save them as analysis trees treessave and reopen at any timesave and reopen at any time ... or share with ... or share with colleagues colleagues
  5. 5. Distinctions among other tools for analysis CheckAud® for others Data AnalysisRequired user-knowledge and time needed low / 1 day high / 3 daysfor basic trainingAudit security x xwith audit logAudit archive (report + data) x -Results viewer (freeware) x -Integrated CACM function (continuous auditing and x -monitoring)With an open, modular architecture, functionality is x -expandable and customizablePortable (runs from a USB stick) x -Integrate external programs using DLLs x -Special version for editing large amounts of data x -(in preparation)
  6. 6. Audit Security Integrated standards for data integrity The original data is never changed. The software has read-only access. Unique archiving function To secure compliance with audit standards, transfer of reports + original data within the organization or law enforcement agencies. Snapshots for offline processing Identical results available on live systems, via statistical data downloads. This also enables offline processing. Encryption Data + projects are protected against unauthorized access throughout processing.
  7. 7. Customizing optionsCheckAud® for Data Analysis enables clarification of the evaluation and the customization to meetrequirements of individual audits. Extraction from almost any data source: Excel, Text, Oracle, SQL, mySQL, Access, Outlook, SAP, ODBC/OLEDB and many others… Generate top-quality, individual solutions with user-defined combinations from the analysis apps and parameterization. Share and participate Sharing analysis trees or analysis apps within and outside of the company. (e.g. over the web or email) Reproducibility Manual or automatic start according to a defined timetable.
  8. 8. Effective and efficient Automatic extraction and analysis Facilitates focus on the audit results that are important and relevant for you. Daily email reports Simply indicate the desired recipients, activate time controls, and you‘re ready to roll! Easy with outlines Even complex analyses require less time for incorporation with the use of applicable outlines. Incredible performance The volume is limited only by the amount of available harddrive space. Optional scripting module The an integrated vb.NET Editor provide audit professionals with the full functionality of the Microsoft .NET framework. On the go! Equipped with your USB stick, project, and snapshot, you have all you need to work at any Windows computer, anywhere!
  9. 9. New, innovative functions• Data analysis statistics e.g. relative size factor (RSF) or number frequency factor (NFF)• Similarity Check rough comparison of field contents for identifying multiple payments, for example• Bank information checks With this function, German banking details are checked for validity and correctness.• Connecting with R-Code The open-source software packet R is one of the more effeicient tools statistics and graphics. With the existing interfaces, users can access the extensive range of functions of R from CheckAud® for Data Analysis and integrate their analyses.
  10. 10. CheckAud®- Expeerts Ask us about our Demo IBS Schreiber GmbH Zirkusweg 1 20359 Hamburg FON: +49 40 69 69 85-42 Olaf Sauer Christian Wolf Gabi Pommerening