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  1. 1. rtii€Er,aawd ferSosie=Esonomic {ffiegd-} *niunsil Frwgresm 167,sth floor,AdamBazarBuilding, Eastern Thrissur- 680001 BazarRoad, 97447 074030 0, E-mai : ii pfs@yah com 55248, 1201 | oo. 25th May, 2012The Managing DirectorVillage OrganicsP LtdHyderabadDear Sir.IntegratedCouncil for Socio-EconomicProgress, a.voluntary organization, formed to gatherpubiicopinion, otganizeyouth and welfare activities on the one hand and encourage constructive, all -entrepreneursindustrialists businessmen, and excellingin otherfields of development education, likescienceand technology,social welfare, culture and letters etc., As part of our activities,we areotganizing seminar on " fndiats Development- Current Scenario " a on 24ft June.2012 inHyderabadProminent nationalleaders,captainsof business and industry,leadersof eminenceand expertswill -awardaddress seminar. the One of the highlightsof the seminar will be presentation Excellence of tomen and women of extra-ordinary achievements their chosenfield of activity from all over the incountry.We would like to includeyour namefor the presentation Mother TeresaExcellence of award whichwill be presented the abovementionedfunction in Hyderabad. at You are, therefore,requested tokindly send us your detailed bio-datahighlighting individual and businessachievementJ one andphotograph the earliest. atThankingyou,Yoursfaithfully,.*(ThomasMathew)GeneralSecretary