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Golden Moments IITDAA

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Golden moments

  1. 1. 1961-2011Golden Moments
  2. 2. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE 2010-2011 PATRON CHAIRMAN Mr. R.P. Agarwal, IAS Prof. Surendra Prasad BOG - IITD Director -IITD OFFICE BEARERS PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER JOINT SECRETARY Mr. Shashi Munjal Mr. H.R. Vaish Dr. Sanjay Gambhir Mr. Indu BhaskarMD – Symphony International CMD- Instapower Ltd GM & Plant Head- Doosan Director- DSIR, GOI Babcock Engg. & Services ELECTED MEMBERS Mr. R.K. Gupta Mr. C. K. Jain Wg. Cdr. V.K. Parashar Mr. Anil K. Vij President Projects- CEO & Proprietor – Concreations Combine Professor- COO - Global Mktd./Strategic Buss. Satya Group Chief Editor – e-Digest, IITDAA AK Garg Engg. College Escorts Ltd. Group Company Mr. Alok Sahdev Mr. Somnath Bharti Mr. Sanjeev Badhwar Mr. S. Siddharth Sr. GM- DLF Partner – Bharti Associates Delivery Head – IAS, Secretary to CM Bihar Mphasis, an EDS Company Dr. Ashutosh Pasricha Mr. Yogesh Seth Mr. Rohit T. Koshy Mr. Tarun Choudhary Manager- Schlumberger VP Products- Vriti , Asst. Manager, Project Finance – Sr. Associate- Evalueserve L & T Ltd. OFFICE STAFF Mr. Satish Chauhan Mr. Narayan Singh Samant Mr. Deepak Shrestha Manager Manager – Marketing Office AttendantPUBLISHED BY Editor – e-Digest, IITDAAIIT Delhi Alumni AssociationNalanda House, Hauz KhasIIT Delhi, New Delhi 110016Email : Working HoursWebsite: 10.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.Tel: 011-26868523, 26597178/6953 Closed on Monday and Last Sunday of the Month
  3. 3. IITs are Golden –Its not just we who say it"Bill Gates told me that IIT is the place to look for talent”-Warren Buffett"The process for selection is absolutely draconian."-McKinsey head Rajat Gupta quoted in Business Week article on IIT titled Whiz Kids."And its hard to think of anything like IIT anywhere in the world. It is a very uniqueinstitution."-Bill Gates, Microsoft"Put Harvard, MIT and Princeton together, and you begin to get an idea of the statusof IITs in India."-Lesley Stahl, co-anchor on CBS 60 Minutes"Per capita, IIT has produced more millionaires than any other undergraduateinstitution."-Salon Magazine"The computer industry has benefited greatly from the tradition of the IITs."-Bill Gates at the 50th anniversary celebration, Cupernito, CA, January 2003"IITs are a crucial component in the transformation of relationship between INDIAand US."-Robert D Blackwill at the 50th anniversary celebration, Cupernito, CA, January2003"IIT is the Indias foremost industrial leadership development institution."-R Gopalakrishnan, Executive Director, TATA Sons, April 2003 in BuissnessStandard“This competition among high quality students in IIT, sets your aspiration high."-Narayana Murthy, Founder, Infosys
  5. 5. From the Chairman From the Chairman Message from Director I feel privileged to address the illustrious alumni of a great Institution on the occasion of their annual meeting in the Golden Jubilee Year of the Institute. The Institute has gained its fame and brand name through the success of its alumni in all walks of life. They have demonstrated their brilliance in every profession they have taken up. And there is hardly a profession that our alumni have not pursued: Academics, Industry, Corporate Life, Entrepreneurship, Theatre, Literature, Journalism and even Spiritual Pursuits - they have done it all! And they have not only provided leadership of the highest calibre, but also set new standards of excellence in every domain they have practiced. You certainly belong to an exclusive, elite class and the Institute takes pride in your achievements.Message These 50 years of academic life at IIT Delhi have been eventful and in some instances transformational. The present publication, Golden Moments, which I believe is based on authentic information from the Golden Jubilee Committee of the Institute, captures some of the main events in its life, and should be of interest to the alumni. It is an occasion to celebrate, and the Institute is doing it in a grand way through many activities about w h i c h yo u c a n l e a r n m o re f ro m t h e Go l d e n Ju b i l e e we b s i t e, and even participate in any manner which appeals to you. But more importantly, it is an occasion to introspect and plan for the future - to make the Institute one of the most preferred destinations for students, faculty and dedicated staff, and to reach new heights in education and research leadership. All of you as accomplished alumni have a role to play in this task. I invite you all to contribute in any manner that appeals to you. The Institute will be happy to consider your proposals. In the coming years, we also hope to see a much greater engagement of our alumni with each other, and with the Institute. May the friendships and bonds created at IIT Delhi continue to bring great happiness to you and future generations of alumni and enrich not only their own lives, but also touch the life of millions through their work and dedicated efforts in nation building and service to humanity! PROF. SURENDRA PRASAD Chairman, IITDAA & Director, IITD
  6. 6. From the President From the President Dear Fellow Alumni & Friends On this momentous occasion of the Golden Jubilee Year of our institute, I wish to congratulate everyone who has brought it success. Congratulations are due to the Faculty and the entire staff at the institute who have moulded and continue to mould such eminent alumni and diligent students. Congratulations to our alumni and students for making our institute proud with their assiduous efforts. Finally, congratulations to all our entire countrymen for recognizing the achievements of our institute and giving it a world renowned brand image. It is indeed an honour for me to connect with you as the President of IIT Delhi Alumni Association during the Golden Jubilee Year of IIT Delhi. IIT Delhi since its inception has been among the foremost technological institutes in the country and over a span of 50 Golden years established itself as a world renownedMessage institute. Our Alumni, each of whom is member of IIT Delhi Alumni Association (IITDAA) has been moulded by the institute into an elite, distinguished and well rounded personality. IITDAA has now close to 35000 elite members. The Association attempts to meet the varied expectations and aspirations of the Alumni. As per me, the activities of IITDAA can be summarized in 3 categories. The are in the interest of our a) Alumni b) Alma Mater c) Nation The initials of these A A N make AAN or pride. The activities of IITDAA, therefore, are its pride. Over the years IITDAA has carried out numerous activities for its lofty cause. A few of them are highlighted here. A special Chapter has been included on the activities carried out during the Golden Jubilee Year. I am sure this souvenir shall revive the nostalgia, make you proud of our glorious institute and serve as a memorabilia for years to come. I hope you shall treasure it and shall be in contact with IITDAA as well as engaged in its activities. SHASHI MUNJAL President IITDAA
  7. 7. Message From the Editor-Golden Moments Friends, My Vision of Golden Moments is supposedly to take us through a Journey - of our Hardship, Aspirations [esp. families], Milestones, Targets, Evolution, Our Hopes ,Others Expectations-[Started with our parents, Now, of the entire Mankind], Competing with ourselves to set higher Benchmarks - encompassing: Vision , History , Facts , Growth ,Brilliance , Halo , Quotes , Socio Eco Impact [ including the PANIIT Initiatives, etc.], Global Impact , Recognitions , Hi Achievers [Soon after getting into IIT, we alldiscovered: Who is not! Same after IIT!!] Nostalgia, PJs, and much more——.And that meant Collating / Editing Data from across the world: IITians making a mark in a diverse array fields-you nameit - & that too Globally!Like any other IITian would have, I too took on the task of editing the Golden Jubilee Souvenir with great vigour.Once in, it gets tougher – It reminded me of our plight of our IIT days:“You think getting into IIT is difficult? Try getting out!”.Trust you would appreciate our attempt-inspite of its shortcomings in the face of usual limitations of Insufficient: Data,Time, Space, support staff, etc.Thus, We have begun the journey – by touching the tip of the Iceberg.& We have Innovated-akin Wiki:Golden Moments would also be uploaded on the IITDAA Website -& all Alumni, Faculty, Students are invited to send infurther Data to be added-and by the Year end we would all have a Souvenir that we all wanted.My thanx are due to IITDAA EC: Shashi Munjal, H.R.Vaish, C.K.Jain - Office Staff: Satish Chauhan, Narayan SinghSamant - IITD Students: Himanshi Baranwal, & Monika Bhaskar - Thank you all, for your encouragements & pitchingin. ANIL K. VIJ IITDAA EC MemberMessage From the Secretary Our Alma Mater completes 50 years on 21st August 2011. Looking back, we see with pride the jewels who went through the portals of this great institute – alumni who have spread to the corners of the globe, teachers/professors, leaders in technologies and sciences in fields unknown to most, leaders in management of private, public and Government organizations, entrepreneurs, authors, leaders in spirituality, lawyers, film makers, singers and musicians, venture capitalists and what have you; winners of the most prestigious awards, nationally and internationally. Could any founder have asked for more? With 35,000 alumni, growing at over 1,000 per year, we need to expand our vision. 1+1 is not 2 but 11and 1-1 is not zero but –ve. The Japanese are a great example of the success of team-work. Collectively which problembefore this great Nation and the World, can we not solve? In the Global order, India is emerging as a formidable player;amongst the top few in the World. Our alumni should help to hasten this process; through our collective synergies notonly make it be there but sustain and nurture it. In this special year, let us pledge to make this happen - THINK BIG.We need to become a major player in developing/fostering technologies resulting in inclusive growth of the poorestIndian. Service to Man is Service to God. With the increasing disparity, we are sitting on a time bomb. In our interest andthat of future generations we need to solve this problem urgently by bridging the mismatch of resources – People withideas, without resources, and people with resources but no solutions. When we celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, IITD andits alumni should be recognized for development of cutting edge technology for the masses.I am thankful to our President Shashi Munjal and our Editor Anil K. Vij for their special efforts to bring out thispublication & also for their successful Fund Raising . With your cooperation,the Association can bring out acomprehensive publication to highlight special achievements of alumni.Kindly help update the data on the web-site andprovide highlights of your career. HIMANGSHU RAI VAISH President Elect IITDAA
  8. 8. A glorious journey from 1961 to 2011Indian Institute of Technology Delhi HistoryEstablished 1961 HRH PrinceType Education and Research Philip, the Duke of Institution Edinburgh, laid theDirector Dr. Surendra Prasad foundation stonePresent Capacity UG 2771 of the Institute onPresent Capacity PG 3872 January 27, 1959.Location Delhi, India The Institute wasCampus Area 320 acres (1.3 km2) inaugurated byAcronym IITD Prof. HumayunWebsite K a b i r, Un i o n Minister for Scientific Research and Cultural Affairs on August 21, 1961. The Institute buildings were formally opened by Dr. Zakir Hussain, President of India, on March 2, 1968. Campus IIT Delhi is located in Hauz Khas, South Delhi. The longitudinal campus is surrounded by the beautiful Hauz Khas area and monuments such as theThe Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (located at Hauz Qutub Minar and LotusKhas) (formerly College of Engineering & Technology Temple. The campus isDelhi), commonly known as IIT-Delhi or IIT-D, is a major also close to othercollege of engineering in Delhi, India. It forms a part of the educational institutionsleague along with other IITs in India: Kharagpur, Madras, such as the JawaharlalBombay, Kanpur, BHU-IT Banaras - Guwahati - Roorkee Nehru University. The– Bhubaneswar, Gandhinagar, Hyderabad, Indore, Mandi, inside of the campus resembles a well planned city withPatna, Rajasthan & Ropar. gardens, lawns, residential complexes and wide clean roads. The campus has its own water supply and backup electricity supply along with shopping complexes to cater to the daily needs of residents 6 Golden Moments
  9. 9. The overall IIT-D campus is divided into four main Shivalik ? Satpura ?zones: Aravali ? Vindhyachal ??Student Residential Zone Himadri ? Zanskar ? Jwalamukhi ? The residential apartments?Staff Residential ZoneFaculty and Karakoram ? are named after ancient?Student Recreational Area, that includes the Student Indian universities. Kailash ?Activity Center (SAC), football stadium, cricket ground, ? Nalandabasketball courts, hockey field, lawn tennis courts. Kumaon ? Nilgiri ??Academic Zone that includes department offices, lecturetheaters, libraries and workshops. A boys Hostel in IIT DelhiThe student residential zone is divided into two main Each hostel has a capacity of around 400 students thoughsectors-one for mens and another for womens hostels. some hostels can house 600 students. However the womens hostels have a much smaller capacity. Each hostel has its own mess, a common room where residents can watch television, read magazines, newspapers and a visiting room where residents can receive their guests. In addition, each hostel has its own computer room facility, although its use has declined significantly in past few years because increasingly, students now own personal computers. Important inter hostel cultural clubs of the college are: - Music club (RHAPSODY) - Rock Night, Eastern Night, Western Night. Dance and Dramatics Club (DnD) - Duo Dance, GroupHostels Dance, Stage Play, Street Play.There are, in total, 12 hostels (9 for boys and 3 for girls). Quizzing Club (QC) - Various competitive and non-Recently, a new eight story hostel has been constructed in competitive quizzing events.front of main gate near Himadri House for girls only, the English Debating and Literary Club (EDLC)-only hostel having lift facility. Many new ones are expected Parliamentary Debate, other competitive and non-as the number of seats have jumped through the roof. competitive events like word Games and Just aAnother new hostel is being constructed behind Satpura Minute(JAM).hostel. There are also apartments for married students. All Hindi Samiti (HS)- Parliamentary Debate, various otherthe hostels (Known as Houses) are named after various competitive and non-competitive events including wordmountain ranges in India— games. Fine Arts Club (FAC)- Oil Painting, Mask Making, Charcoal Painting, clay Modelling Competition and other non-competitive events. Photography and Hobbies Society (PAHS)- Photography Competition, Skating Competition, Website building Competition, SuDoku Competition. Indoor Sports Club (ISC)- Various competitions of indoor sports like snooker and chess. Spic Macay - Various concerts of noted Indian artists in the campus. Board For Students Publication- Various magazines, both printed and electronic, journalism, reviewing movies and books etc. Golden Moments 7
  10. 10. Student Activity Centre The SAC consists of a gymnasium, swimming pool, a pool room, three squash courts, two table tennis rooms, a musicroom, a fine arts room and a meeting room which is commonly used to organize quizzing and debating events. The SACalso consists of an Open Air Theater in which concerts of various kinds are hosted. Students can also use the radio broadcastfacility in the SAC. 8 Golden Moments
  11. 11. Departments and Centres Inter-disciplinary centresIIT Delhi has 13 departments, 11 multi-disciplinary 1. Centre for Applied Research in Electronics (CARE)centres, and 2 schools of excellence. Together they offer 2. Centre for Atmospheric Sciences (CAS)around 700 courses every semester. 3. Centre for Biomedical Engineering (CBME) 4. Computer Services Centre (CSC) 5. Centre for Energy Studies (CES) 6. Educational Technology Services Centre (ETSC) 7. Industrial Tribology, Machine Dynamics & Maintenance Engineering (ITMMEC) 8. Instrument Design Development Centre (IDDC) 9. Centre for Polymer Science & Engineering (CPSE) 10. Centre for Rural Development & Technology (CRDT) 11. National Resource Centre for Value Education in Engineering (NRCVEE) Schools of excellence A school of excellence is an externally funded (either from an alumnus or an organization) school functioning as a part of the institute. There are three such schools in IIT Delhi which are: 1. Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and Management 2. Amar Nath & Shashi Khosla School of Information Technology 3. School of Biological Sciences Foundation for Innovation and Technology TransferDepartments (FITT)1. Applied Mechanics2. Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology3. Chemical Engineering4. Chemistry5. Civil Engineering6. Computer Science & Engineering Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer7. Electrical Engineering (FITT) was created at IIT Delhi and subsequently8. Department of Humanities & Social Science registered as a society in July 1992. The Foundation is9. Management Studies conceived as an institution with administrative and financial independence, drawing upon IIT Delhi as the10. Mathematics primary resource and supplemented by expertise in other11. Mechanical Engineering IITs, R&D organizations, consulting engineers and marketing experts to serve industry and other user12. Physics organizations.13. Textile Technology Golden Moments 9
  12. 12. Down the Memory Lane Major Events – Last 50 Years1959:? Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, laid theHRH Princefoundation stone of the Institute on January 27, 1959.?Council of Delhi University approves a fiveAcademicyear integrated UG course on 17 December.?Shri J.N. Moudgill is appointed as the convener of theCommittee for Examinations and Syllabus.?The Foundation Day is Celebrated on January 27th,every year. About the Logo: “An Institute of higher learning such a ours, if it Flying atop the administrative block of IIT Delhi is a achieve, must be sensitive to the needs of its small red, blue and gray flag. Incorporated in its lower environment. Our age is characterized by two half is the Institute’s crest symbolizing a lamp, an significant factors: One is the explosion of knowledge exponential curve, a gear, an elephant head and tow and the other, the rising expectations of society as a flowers – the result of the impact of science and technology. It is in lotus and the this context that the educational objectives and rose. Between experiments that are being undertaken by us must be them they sum meaningful. Education, if it is to be meaningful must up what the not only impart information that tends to obsolesces Institute seek to even before it has had time to be fully established, but represent. The also attempt to develop correct attitude and values in l a m p i s life to meet new situations.Further, man in Morden knowledge; the society has not only to be professionally competent curve spiralling and, therefore, useful to society, but also to acquire outwards humane qualities and learn to live harmoniously with represents the Institute’s central theme of engineering; others. It is un this situation that achieving a synthesis the encircling gear depicts the nations industry to between material values on the one hand, and human which its students will go; the elephant represents the and spiritual values on the other, gains validity. With city of Delhi, purity and strength; and the two flowers, such an approach in education, the new generations national symbol of India and England, symbolize the may wll find the answer too many of world’s problems co-operation and close ties between the two countries that defy solution today. The academic policy of this that have brought the Institute in to being, institution has been evolved in the light of this perspective”. Prof. RN Dogra Director’s Report, November 3, 1966 Golden Moments 11
  13. 13. Going Back to the Beginning: college. Though the aid promised was not large, aboutNever lose sight of where you are coming from. It keeps 250,000 pounds, there were other areas of collaborationyour feet on the ground. Those were days when the future and support. More aid came the School’s way over the yearswas taking form, also days of optimism, of a belief in the until it ceased in and in one. Thus, we return time and time again tothat stroke of the midnight hour, when, while the worldslept, India awoke to light and freedom.Actually, we go a little further back, to 1937 and the The First Director , Prof. R. N. Dogra (seen in thesubmission of a report to her Majesty’s Government in Centre) was the driving force behind the project .India. This report, written by two Englishman who went On Jan 27, 1959, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh laidby the names of “ Messer Wood and Abbort, was titled the foundation stone of the CET. Unfortunately it was“Vocational Education in India”. Within the short span of another two years before the campus was in any shape to4 years from the date of submission of that Report, the house the foundation stone permanently.Delhi Polytechnic had opened its doors. By the summer of1942, full time diploma courses had begun and the firstbatch of student wrote the examination in 1945. In 1952, The First Director , Prof. R. N. Dogra (seen in thethe Polytechnic was affiliated to the University of Delhi Centre) was the driving force behind the project .and started offering degree courses in Electrical,Mechanical, Textile and Civil Engineering, Architecture,Applied Sciences (Chemical engineering) and Commerce. The site eventually allotted to the new college was approximately 138 acres to the south of Hauz Khas andIn 1958, as part of the Development for the Second Five west the Mehrauli Road (now Arrobindo Marg).Year Plan, the Implementation Committee, under the Silhouetted against the southern skyline stood the QutabChairmanship of Prof. MS Thacker, Secretary, Ministry of Minar. Over the years additional land was allocated to theScientific Research and Cultural Affairs, decided to transfer Institute, till it reached the present 320 acres.the degree courses in Electrical, Mechanical, Civil andTextile Technology to new College of Engineering and On August 16, 1961, the college opened its doors toTechnology (CET), to be established within 5 years at a admissions for the 5-year integrated course: Electrical,distance of 8 to 16 Km. from Kashneri Gate. On June 14, Mechanical, Chemical and Civil Engineering, and Textile1960, the CET was registered as a society under the 1860 Technology. The Minister for Scientific Research andSocieties Registration Act. The first meeting of Board of Cultural Affair, Prof. Humayun Kabir Inaugurated theGovernors was held the same day in the conference room of teaching of classes.the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Old MillRoad, New Delhi, with Prof. Thacker in the Chair. Construction Activity carried on simultaneously. In fact, work on the eight storey main building went on until 1968,Leading off from here came the appointment of R.N. till after the first convocation which was held under aDogra, Then Principle of the Punjab Engineering College, PANDAL. Today, while some construction andChandigarh, As the Principle of CET. maintenance can still be witnessed, it is nothing comparedIt was around the same time that Prof. Thacker successfully to those frenetic days of building an educational Mecca fornegotiated British Assistance and Collaboration for the the country.12 Golden Moments
  14. 14. A special amendment to the Indian Institute of Technology ? is the first faculty of CET who is sent to Dr. P.K. KattiAct on September 13, 1963, recognised the CET as an UK for higher studies under the Colombo Plan.Institute of national importance. The new Institute ofTechnology now had the privilege of awarding its own ? are recognized as a full-fledged department Humanitiesdegree. of the CET by the BOG on 14th June.1960: 1963: ?of Engineering and Technology is converted to College?for a five year integrated UG course isProposal IIT Delhi with the passage of the Institutes ofapproved by the Faculty of Technology of Delhi Technology (Amendment) Act, 1963 on 13thUniversity on 25th January. September.? Engineering and Technology (CET) isCollege of The mandate: ?registered as a society on 14th June. a) To offer instruction in applied sciences and? meeting of CET is held on 16 June. ShriFirst BOG engineering at a level comparable to the very bestJ.N. Moudgill is appointed as the Planning Officer. anywhere in the world; and?M/s Choudhary & Gulzar Singh are appointed as the b) To provide adequate facilities for postgraduatearchitects. studies and research to meet the needs of specialized? Duncanson joins as the advisory professorProf. W.H. research workers and teachers in the Physics on 15th October. Prof. R.N. Dogra is appointed as the Founder? Dogra joins as the Principal on 26thProf. R.N. Director.December. ? Senate meeting is held. The first1961:?CET, affiliated to the University of Delhi, isestablished.?academic buildings (the Textile block ofThe firsttoday), are constructed.?Shivalik hostel for boys is completed.?Mirchandani joins as the Director of WorksShri R.D.on 30th January.? program is approved by the BOG on 21Academic Hostel building under constructionFebruary. ? PG program, a diploma in Electrical The first? faculty (Shri N.R. Rao, Shri SubhashFirst set of Communication Engineering, starts.Chander & Dr. P.K. Katti) are recruited on 1 August. Construction of Multi Storied (MS) Block begins. ?? of students arrive on 16th August.First batch ? batch of JEE qualified students are admitted. The first?Shri Humayun Kabir [Union Minister for ScientificResearch& Cultural Af airs] inaugurates the Instituteon 17th August. 1964: Nilgiri Hostel is completed. ??Classes commence for B.Tech. in Electrical, Chemical,Civil and Mechanical engineering. ? campus is constructed. The East1962: 1965:?Master plan for construction of the College ? Main Guest House and Jwalamukhi hostel are Sickbay,Engineering and Technology (CET) is approved. constructed. Golden Moments 13
  15. 15. 1966: DEGREES AWARDED AT THE FIRST? S. Radhakrishnan addresses the firstPresident CONVOCATIONConvocation Ph.D. Physics……………………………………………1?The First Batch of 144 UG Student graduates at IITD. M. Tech? Medal: Lalit Mohan MehraDirector Gold Electrical Communication Engineering (1965)…...4?President Gold Medal: Suresh R. Borkar Electronic Electrical Comm. Engg. (1966)…….….3? is awarded to P.K. Kaw (Physics)First Ph.D. Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engg. (1966) …..…1?2nd Nov, 1966, The IITDAA comes its existence. Prof. M.Sc.R.N. Dogra elected President of IITDAA. Physics ……………………………….........….….8 Chemistry ………………………..............………4 Post M.Sc. Diploma Applied Optics (1965)…………………………….4 Applied Optics (1966)…………………………….6 Solid State Physics (1965)………...........…....……5 Solid State Physics (1966)…………………….......5 PG Diploma Electrical Comm. Engg……………...............……1 Solid Mechanics & foundation Engg………...........4 B.Tech Mechanical………………...........................……34 Electrical ……………………………..........……33 Civil ……………………….............................…17 Chemical ……………………………………… 27 Students of the first batch with Prince Philip, the When the first batch of over 150 graduates were felicitated Duke of Edinburgh on Nov. 3, 1966 on the first Annual Convocation, 1966, they were addressed by no less a personage than the President of India, Dr, S, Radhakrishnan. STUDENT INTAKE IN THE INITIAL YEARS Year Under Post Research “Science, Technology and humanities will have to go Graduate Graduate together. There is a line which says: Sarva santra 1961-62 150 - - prayojaanam atma darsnam; the end of all science – 1962-63 235 2 1 technical, theoretical, applied and human – is to 1963-64 270 12 5 enable the individual to know himself ”.”We need not 1964-65 270 49 17 think that science and technology do not help us to 1965-66 270 68 31 know ourselves. The greatest discoveries are not 1966-67 270 98 49 material achievements, but are the expression of human intelligence and imagination. It is these that 3rd November, 1966 will go down as a memorable day have brought about miracles of science, the glories of in the history of the Indian Institute of Technology, technology. And they are to be found not merely in Delhi. On this day we hold our first convocation, the science and technology but in humanities also. Your symbol of achievements over the first five years since Director said it is the same challenge of human mind; the inception of the Institute.We revive today, a you have to bring the same qualities to bear whether colourfully visible tradition of saffron robes for you are studying the material aspect of things or the graduating student instead of the usual black gowns, human or the spiritual. All these things will have to be thereby invoking the sense of selfless devotion to studied in the same manner. The objects may be sustain the students in the tasks that lie ahead of them. different, but so far as your subjective attitude is This is the day of fulfilment and the day of dedication. concerned it is the same thing. An Indian thinker said Convocation Brochure, Nov. 3, 1966 it leads to atma darsan or self-knowledge. What is Golden Moments 15
  16. 16. meant is that even in sciences what we understand is the basic reality of our own nature. He tells us that the objective world is an object of investigation. We study it. What studies it is the subject, the principle of spirit, and the spirit of man which expresses itself in different ways. We all know the familiar saying; a philosopher is the spectator of all time and existence. Time and existence belong to the objective world, and the philosopher who sees, who looks at them, attends to them, is different. The moment we reduce the subject to the object, when men make themselves into things and machines ride them, then we have lost our real sprit. If there is any kind of temptation today, it is that. Dr. S. Radhakrishanan President of India 1971: Convocation address, November 3, 1966 ? School of Radar Studies is established. ? Quality Improvement Programmes (QIP) is initiated. ? Instrumentation Design Development Centre1967: (IDDC) building is completed.? Hostel for boys is completed.Karakoram ? Luthra (Director IITD) becomes President Prof. S.P.?The Bell Tower bell is presented to the Institute in of IITDAA.October ? Convocation Hall roof is built. The signature? Hosts Inter-IIT sports meet for the firstIIT Delhi time. 1972: ? Luthra is appointed as the officiating Prof. S.P.1968: Director on 1st July.?Kailash hostel (the first girl’s hostel) moves into the ? Services Centre is completed. Computingpresent site. ? Swani (Director IITD) becomes President Prof. N.M.?Student Activity centre is completed. of IITDAA.? Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, visits theHRH Prince ? Biomedical Engineering (CBE) Centre is Centre forInstitute. established.?M.Tech courses in Reaction Engineering of Petro- ? of 22% seats for Scheduled Caste & Reservationchemical and Bio-chemical Engineering are started. Scheduled Tribe candidates is introduced in UG and 5% in the PG programmes.1969: ? in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics Five year MS are introduced.?Instrumentation Design Development Centre(IDDC) is established.? House (accommodation for marriedNalanda students) is completed.1970:?hostels, Community Hall & ShoppingKumaonCentre are completed.?Commonwealth Inter-University Conference on thethematic of Role of Universities in DevelopingCountries is held at IIT Delhi on 13-14 January.16 Golden Moments
  17. 17. 1973: of the Padmashree award Sunjukta Panigrahi, gave a most absorbing and enjoyable recital to a packed? Swani is appointed as the Director on 1stProf. N.M. audience in Seminar Hall on April 1, 1975. The IITJuly. Dians found in her an artist who gave herself?are postponed in December – the ONLYExams completely to her art. She managed to bring out with instance in the Institute’s 50 year history. grace and technical virtuosity the rich repertory of Odissi.? Mattoo becomes the First woman to receiveMs. Anita the Director Gold M. 1976: ? Energy Studies (CES) is established with Centre for1974: support from the Planning?Biochemical engineering is established.Centre for Commission.? is introduced.Credit system ? Kumar Sood Dr. Anil (B.Tech. ‘71) becomes? Sodha (Physics) is awarded the “ShantiProf. M.S. President of IITDAA.Swarup Bhatnagar” Prize. ? R. Parthasarthy Prof. K.?P. Luthra, Senior Professor of MechanicalDr. S. (Mathematics) is awarded the Engineering is elected chairman, Institute of Engineer “Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar” (Delhi Centre) prize.? Luthra, Senior Professor of MechanicalDr. S. P. ? dance recital by A beautifulEngineering has been honoured by the Delhi Centre of Aloka Panikar in Odissi style isthe Institution of Engineers which has elected him as its performed.Chairman. At 47th Annual General Meeting of the ? a special resolution to make the founder We movedInstitute of Engineers, held in the Convocation Hall of director of the Institute Prof. R. N. Dogra, the patronIIT Delhi, Dr. Luthra took over this office, in the of our Association.presence of Mr. K. C. Pant, Union Minister forIrritation and Power, Dr. Jai Krishna, President of the 1977:Institution of Engineers (India) and an elite audience of ? President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed delivers the seventhengineers and academics. convocation address on 11 January.?The first news letter is published.Editorial: L.M. Mehra (B.Tech. ‘66) ? becomes President of1975: IITDAA. ? er 1977, Sri Septemb? Applied Research in Electronics (CARE) isCentre for Dharam Vira has taken overset up with a grant from Ministry of Defence as the Chairman of the Board? Industrial Tribology, Machine DynamicsCentre for of Governors. & Maintenance Engineering (ITMMEC) is ? 16th November, IITDAA established with assistance from the Norwegian bid farewell to Prof. R N Government. Dogra who resigned from his assignment as the Chairman, Board of Governors. He? Chopra (Physics) is awarded the “ShantiProf. K.L. was presented with a plaque of Saraswati for hisSwarup Bhatnagar” prize. contribution to the Association.? (B.Tech. ‘66) becomes President ofS.K. Bhatia ? WORKSHOP ON NUMERICAL WEATHER IITDAA. FORECASTING? 1975, IndustrialOctober, Shri Raj Bahadur, Former Minister of Tourism andConsultancy & Liason Centre Civil Aviation inaugurated the Indo-French Workshopis established. on Numerical Weather Forecasting on January 17, 1977 in the Seminar Hall. The 12 day workshop wasPADMASHREE SUNJUKTA? jointly sponsored by IIT Delhi and the Meteorological PANIGRAHI IN IIT DELHI Department with the intention to promote a dialogue One of India’s foremost amongst theoreticians and operational scientists and to exponents of Odissi form of orient research activities in the area of meteorological classical dance and the winner dynamics. Golden Moments 17
  18. 18. ?SYMPOSIUM ON “TEXTURING” ? Ms. Poornima Bakshi becomes the first woman toThe Department of Textile Technology organized a receive the PGM.symposium on “Texturing” on September 9 and 10, ?Boy’s Hostels: A letter was received by Girls in1977. The symposium discussed almost all aspects of executive committee of the AA from the director of theTexturing, both cotton and synthetic yarns, dyeing institute. The Alumni was asked to give its commentsmechanism and dyeing problems etc. on the demand of the student of IIT that the girls should be allowed to visit (or stay) in their rooms at the1978: hostels.?Jain appointed as Director on 1st July.Prof. O.P. “the girls should be permitted inside the room of boys? the now iconic cultural festival of IT, isRendezvous, hostel upto 10 P.M. without any formalities of takingheld for the first time. permission. However, prior permission from the?WEEKALUMNI wardens should be taken in case the visitors come orThe week from 20th to 25th February, 1978 was stay after 10 P.M.celebrated as an Alumni Week by the Delhi Chapter. ? Singh, Air Chief Marshal (Retd.) took over Shri Arjun?PICNIC-1978 as the Chairman of the Board of Governors.The association organized an Alumni Picnic at BadkalLake in Faridabad on 15th October, 1978. The buspicked up the members from Rambles in CP, INA 1980:Market and Moolchand Hospital. HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales visits the ?? of IITDAA held. Moreover, alumni12th AGM Institute.strength was 400. RENDEZVOUS (1978) The year 1978 saw the birth of Rendezvous, IITD’s Annual Cultural fest. Since then the festival has grown both in popularity and participation. It is now acknowledged to be the premier youth festival in India. It is held for 4 days in early September, during which over 10, 000 students visit the campus and we receive and look after some 300 outsatation participants. Today, it has become the biggest cultural fest of northern India. 1981: ? B.Tech. is converted to a four year program Five year as a consequence of eleven year schooling migrating to the 10+2 system. Prof. S.C. Datta Roy (Electrical Engineering) is ? awarded the “Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar” Prize. COLORFUL CRICKET MATCH ? ? overfriendly cricket match was held at the A limited cricket ground on IIT Campus between the present and the past students on 7th March, 1981. It was a day long1979: picnic for the families that joined us. Alumni? Rural Development & AppropriateCentre for ? Singh, Air Chief Marshal (Retd.) took over Shri ArjunTechnology (CRDT) is established. as the Chairman of the Board of Governors.? Material Science & Technology and schoolSchool of of Systems & Management Studies are founded. 1982:? Ghatak (Physics) is awarded the “ShantiProf. A. K. Department of Computer Sciences & Engineering ?Swarup Bhatnagar” Prize. (CSE) is established.18 Golden Moments
  19. 19. ? Atmospheric Science (CAS) is establishedCentre for objects but a state of consciousness. He suggested that with funds from the Indian Meteorology happiness comes from knowledge and complete Department. knowledge of all universes exists in every soul.Dr. Subodh Jindal (B.Tech. ‘73) becomes President of? IITDAA. ?PLAY: PYAR KAISE HOTA HAI STAGE?LPA N E DISCUSSION ON “CAREER The play and get-together tea was organised on 19th GUIDANCE” august, 1983 at the FICCI Auditorium. There were The Alumni Association organized a panel discussion over 150 people present. The occasion started with Hi- on Career Guidance on February 4th, 1982 in the Tea, Chole, Bhature, Chat, Papdi and Cold Drinks. Karakoram Hostel. This activity has now become a regular annual feature and is immensely popular with present IITD students. 1984: ? Honoris causa is conferred on Prof. M.S. D.Sc. – Thacker & Prof. R.N. Dogra – the two builders of the1983: Institute.President Zail Singh addresses the thirteenth? ? of M.Tech. Program is reduced from 4 to 3 Duration convocation on 7th January. semesters.Prof. N.M. Swani is appointed as the Director, for a? ? MATCH CRICKET second term, on 1st July. A limited over cricket match between the Alumni andDr. Subodh Jindal (B.Tech. ‘73) becomes President of? the present IITD team was played on 15th Jan, 1984. IITDAA. Many old time cricketers who had represented IITD inPG admissions are standardized with GATE? the years past had turned up for the match. [Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering] exam. Nov. 1984, IITDAA presents an evening with “Anup ?The Electrical Engineering department installs a new? Jalota” On Sunday the 4th November 1984 At 8:30 8 feet diameter antenna on top of the main building p.m. In the Convocation Hall, IIT Delhi for enhancing Delhi-Pilani Troposcatter Microwave ? DISCUSSION ON “PROFESSIONAL PANEL Communication Link capability. ROLE OF IIT ENGINEERS”? 1983, A computerized information systemFebruary On 7th Feb, 1984, a panel discussion on the for the Alumni Association. Giving his name, year of “Professional Role of IIT Engineers” was held in IIT graduation, discipline, current organisation and local as Delhi under the auspices of the Alumni Association well as permanent address. Created on the Institute and Board for Students Welfare, IIT Delhi. computer. 1985: The Institute celebrates its Silver Jubilee. ? Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi delivers the convocation ? address on 19th Dec. 1985. In recognition of their past services to the Institute, 12 persons (including Prof. R.N. Dogra) are honoured with the Freedom of? Director IIT Delhi, Dr. O. P. Jain met the27th May the Institute award and alumni in an alumni meet. He raised certain 21 persons are given fundamental questions “ What does happiness mean to the Distinguished you?” and “ What causes happiness?” citing some very Services award during interesting example, he drove home the point that the Silver Jubilee happiness is not material or physical possession of convocation. Golden Moments 19
  20. 20. K. Ganesh (B.Tech. ‘70) becomes President of? IITDAA.Prof. Kehar Singh (Physics) is awarded the SSB prize.?1971 BATCH GET-TOGETHER? A get together of the Electrical batch of 1971 was organized at United Coffee House on 30th November 1985. 17 alumni got together with their families. Children had a gala time talking, eating and playing in the balcony of the coffee house. A la carte arrangement was made for the dinner. The party broke up around 10.15 pm after a round of coffee and ice-cream. At the end of the event, everybody felt the need of such get- togethers at regular intervals.1986: Constitution of IITDAA is implemented for 3 year ?? for the Computer Sciences and EngineeringBlock VI team of EC member. department is constructed. ? DILLI WALI, A professional play by Feizal MEENA? a kind closed circuit 5x5x32 wind tunnelA one of Alkazi was staged on Aug 18, 1989 in the Seminar Hall. for atmospheric boundary layer studies is For the lucky few who attended it was a great commissioned. experience. The play was followed by a get-togetherS.K. Bharij (B.Tech. ‘66) becomes President of? over tea. IITDAA. Forth International conference on CAD/CAM, ? Robotics and Factories of the future. IITD, 19th Dec.1987: to 22th Dec. 1989.? connecting the computing facilities of Institute with a national network using a satellite link is established. 1990:? Saluja (B.Tech. ‘69) becomes President ofVijay K. Jwalamukhi hostel celebrates its Silver Jubilee. ? IITDAA. ? K. Gupta ( Applied Mechanics) is awarded Prof. N. the Padma Shri1988: ? 1990, A $100 remittance received from Mr. January? for Educational Technology (CET) isCentre M. V. Rama Krishna, Department of Chemistry, established. University of California, Berleley, CA, USA on receiptEntrepreneurship Development Cell is established in? of newsletter. the Centre for Management Studies. Grant Slashed: GOI grant to IITD slashed by 25% to 3 ?Prof. Surendra Prasad (Electrical Engineering) is? Crores this year. awarded the SSB Prize. New Computer: New ICL 3980 being installed ?1989: through a British grant. The configuration includes 128MB main memory, 23 GB Storage, over 100? C. Nigam is appointed as the Director on 7Prof. N. terminals (PCs), 6 graphic workstations. February.Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer? Federations of IIT Alumni Association: Works of ? (FITT), an autonomous organization, is established coordinating activity with other IIT Alumni with seed grant from MHRD. Associations begin.Kamal Kumar (B.Tech. ‘69) becomes President of? ?Khanna (B.Tech.`72) becomes President of Raj K. IITDAA. IITDAA.20 Golden Moments
  21. 21. DROUGHT-WITHIN" by Vijay saluja`67? You, me and everybody Cooped in a room which is bare Would have to properly administer, And lend helping hands Except for a table And a few chair To our dear prime Minister” My thoughts go over To the state affairs, ? Alumni Association Office: More space IIT Delhi Which in this organization made available to install PC-AT Are nothing short Mohandas Warrior, Padmasree Warrior, USA, ? Of Nightmares received newsletter and sent Rs. 1000/- ? alumni directory : The first Apathy, indifference and maladministration A database of all alumni based on convocation records Are in total league with with entry no was created by Mr. H.R. Vaish (B.Tech. Lies, deceit and mis-representation ‘76) and the alumni directory published by special Though at this time effort of Mr. Kamal Kumar (B.Tech. ‘69) and Mr. Raj They rule the roost, Kahnna (B.Tech. ‘72). Bur how long ? on “Employment Pattern of Scientific and A report Will these go along? Technical personal Is the point of moot by President Mr. Raj Khanna, B.Tech. ‘72 The PM is worried A study on the Competence of S & T Educational About the outside drought Institutions” published. According to this report all But concerned, I am IIT products do not take up sale and Management jobs About the drought (of talent & integrity)within in the private sector. Of those staying back in India almost a fifth take up jobs in the central S & T section, central engineering services and the public sector. The The belated rain and the stored grains report does not classify fresh engineer according to their Would quell degree. It is quite possible that those opting for the The outside spell public sector and S & T sector are mostly M.Techs and But who (and when) is going to bout Ph.Ds. However, these data do make it clear that IIT’s The inside drought? make a significant contribution to these sectors. Golden Moments 21
  22. 22. Student Activities Golden Moments 23
  23. 23. 1991: ? Sh. V. Krishnamurthy appointed Chairman, Board of? Vaishali apartments (Block 1 & 2) areTaxila and Governor.constructed for housing the faculty. The BSP Book of Records:? and Kailash Hostels celebrate their SilverKarakoram A hundred and six people were squeezed into D-47Jubilee. Nilgiri-yes in a single seater room with the cupboard? prediction model developed at IITD isStorm surge and all. Incredible (but true, says the BSP Book ofoperationalized by the Department of Records of the IIT Delhi).?Ocean Development at four centres. Vivek Chander rang the Institute bell for 31 minutes?Silver Jubilee of Class of 1966: “Silver Jubilee Get and 11 seconds during class hour before the chowkidartogether Reunion of the Class of 66”. The first such hauled him off (Chander was obviously thrilled, as hereunion is held. knew he’d remain in the book of records for quite some time).? Conference on Traffic Safety, supportedInternational M. Sinha of Aravali blew 76 smoke rings from a singleby Association for the Advancement of Automotive Gold Flake cigarette…. Rajiv Garg (Faroo) of NilgiriMedicine (AAAM), International Association for solved the Rubik’s cube 1,001 times in 23 hrs 57 minAccident & Traffic Medicine (IAATM), International with an average of 83 sec…..and many more crazyCommittee on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety records in this book.(ICADTS), International Federation of Pedestrians The BSP Book of Records was Sanjiv Mehta’s(IFP), International Research Council on Biokinetics brainchild in 1978 (he was the G.Sec., Board ofof Impacts (IROCBI), hosted by IIT Delhi. 69 Student Publication in his final year). “Sanjay inparticipants from 29 countries and 102 from India Manhattan (“Yaar, if you work in Manhattan, youparticipated in the Conference. must stay Manhattan-there’s no point spending much? organised an Anti-Smoking week with aThe NSS of your life commuting”) An A Grader (the last batchseries of lecture on health and psychological problems.. of the E, A+, A, B+…..system), he proceeded to Wharton for an MBA and then joined Mckenzie (the?Union Minister for Consulting firm). He quit to join Wall Street, and isCommerce, and Law now freelancing as an investment Managementand Justice, Dr. Swamy consultant. Most recently, he was negotiating with aresigned from IITD multinational for managing their investments inwhere he was professor South and South East Asia.of Economics. Dr. “Mr. Popularity” Shyam Lal shook hands with 103Swamy, whose services people in just under 3.5 minutes? Yes I remember, thishad been terminated for was when he’d become G.Sc. Sports (1977). Shyam Laltrade union activities, was one of the few guys everyone liked in the IIT. At 6fthad challenged the 7" he was basketball captain, and in the Volleyballorder in the district and team too. Shyam (same Mech batch as Sanjiv Mehta)sessions court and won a verdict in his favour. passed out with a B+ (scraping through a first div.) and he too joined Mckienzie. “Shyam’s now quite senior in?Intra-Campus Bus: the company (partner level), and both Shyam andA bus service within the campus started for the benefit Sanjiv describe their salaries in terms of simpleof the faculty, student and employees. The bus charges fractions of a million dollars a year”.are Rs. 10 per annum. ? Caltech Distinguished Alumni Award presented to IIT Delhi Alumni Prof. N. C. Nigam The formal inauguration of the Bombay chapter of ? the IIT Delhi Alumni Association was held at Hotel Mid-Town Pritam on 23rd November 1991. Over fifty (50) people were present at the gathering. The Delhi chapter was represented by Mr. Pradeep Gupta. The members unanimously endorsed the idea of promoting the activities of the chapter in every possible way. The office bearers selected for this chapter were duly ratified by the member.24 Golden Moments
  24. 24. ? AT I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E O NINTERN OPERATION GRAND SLAM ?TRAFFIC SAFETY 4 IITD Alumni- Rajesh Bhandari, NK Gupta,An international conference on traffic safety was held Rajeshwar Tiwari and B Satyanarayanan are Nationalin Delhi from January 27th to January 30th 1991 Level Bridge Players who won the Inter-Statesupported by Association for the Advancement of Championships at Shillong. Skipper Rajesh BhandariAutomotive Medicine (AAAM), International speaks “Bridge became a marking time activity whileAssociation for Accident & Traffic Medicine (IAATM), training at camp for the Inter-IIT Meets. RajeshwarInternational Committee on Alcohol, Drugs and and I have qualified to represent India in 1992 andTraffic Safety (ICADTS), International Federation of 1989 respectively.”Pedestrians (IFP), International Research Council onBiokinetics of Impacts (IROCBI).The conference was 1993:hosted by IIT Delhi. ? Polymer Science and Engineering (CPSE) Centre for is established.1992: ? Mohanty (Atmospheric Sciences) is awarded Dr. U.C.? riculum isThe cur the SSB prize.revised. A-, B-, and C- G.S. Hora (B.Tech.`72) becomes President of ?grades are introduced IITDAA.into the credit system. ? Vinod Khosla (’76) DAA: Mr.?Pradeep Gupta Mr. Chetan M. Pandit, Civil,‘75 editor of Newsletter ?(B.Tech.`75) becomes writes:President of IITDAA. I remember the first AGM that I attended, I think the?Dr. Maithili Sharan year was 1986± 0.05%. It was held in a small hall, about the size of hostel common room, attached to the staff(Atmospheric Sciences) club. Even this small hall was hardly half-full. Withis awarded the SSB prize. such a small gathering, the chat-party arrangements?First Distinguished Alumni Award is given to Prof. were obviously more than adequate.P.K. Kaw (’66) and Dr. J.N. Gupta (’67). Next AGM was held in Aravali Hostel. The meeting? Astronomer Mr. R. Kulkarni received hisAlumnus- itself was held in the dining hall while the other halves,M.S. Physics in 1978, Won “Alan T. Waterman which usually is fairer halves, played tambola inAward”. common room. The gathering was larger the previous year but not much larger. The food and beverages?BANGALORE CHAPTER ORGANIZES DINNER arrangements were again wonderfulBraving the unseasonal sharp rains, the Bangalore flu It must have been somewhere around 1987 or so thatepidemic, a deluge of IITDians turned up for the the executive committee committed the seriousDinner Social at the Dromi on June 20th, 1992. An blunder of expanding the range and magnitude ofentire wing of the DROMI had been set aside and the association’s activities. The first mistake they made wasair was vibrant with the gallant alumni crowding the to make printing of newsletter a regular affair. This wasbar, the lovely ladies splashing colour and the kids quickly followed by a second mistake of compilingcharging around, thoroughly enjoying themselves. address of a large number of alumni to whom the Newsletter was mailed regularly This resulted in a considerably increased awareness about AA’s activities and this awareness was immediately reflected in attendance at AGM which was several times more than previous years. Gone were the day s if cozy comfortable meeting in small hall like Aravali Hostel’s dining hall. Now the AGM has to be held in either Seminar hall or Convocation hall. ? Malhotra: Retires after 28 years of active Prof. R. C. participation in nurturing growth and setting traditions of IITD. His reflections “I and my family in fact have grown with the Institute. Members of the IITD family including those who are now it’s alumni have been guinea pigs to very many of my scatter Golden Moments 25
  25. 25. brained ideas some of which have been adopted. In that ? Kumaon Hostel celebrates its Silver Jubilee. sense my ties with IITD are “eternal” as put by you. All G.P. Kedia (B.Tech.`69) becomes President of ? of us who are part of any Institute have no part someday IITDAA. on retirement. However, memories and friendships ? Yogesh Jaluria (’70) & Dr. Vijay.P. DAA: Prof. remain with us.” Bhatkar (’72) ? INTEREST GROUP MEETINGS COMMON The very first CIG meeting on 17th September, 1994 and was attended by 20 alumni. The meeting was addressed by Mr. William I Mc Millan, President of Power Measurement Ltd., Canada. The second CIG Meeting on Friday, October 15, 1994 saw several ideas being discussed, from preparation of databases to buyer-seller meets. 1995: ? Raju is appointed as the Director on 9th Prof. V.S. January. ? Microelectronics & VLSI Design is started M.Tech. in with full industry support, the first such initiative at the Institute. N.K. Pande (M.Tech.`71) becomes President of ? IITDAA. Professorial Chairs are created at IITD. ?? 1993, C D Gupta (1970Chemicals)2nd Oct.organised the first “Jinx Olympics” at the Institute’s MS (Research) Programmes are started. ?Sports Grounds ?contribute Rs 1.1 Crores to the Corpus fund. AlumniB ATC H? O F 1 9 7 2 E L E C T R I C A L G E T- ? PGM: Harmeet Singh TOGETHER ? Rajat Gupta (‘71) DAA: Mr. Always ready for a free lunch the batch of 1972 electrical responded enthusiastically to the call for a get 1996: together at the Country Club, Sainik Farms. It was a IBM Solutions Research Centre (India) is established ? reunion after 20 years. Hosted by RS Pawar of NIIT at the Institute. fame, the dinner was attended by 20 guys from the Additional wings are constructed in Karakarom, ? batch. Most came with wives and children and the total Aravali, and Nilgiri hostels for boys. attendance exceeded 50. ? Mukerji (B.Tech.`72) becomes President of Amitabh?Theatre’s Programs by IITDAA. IITDAA.The IITDAA put up two plays in this year at the ? in Construction Technology & Management M.Tech.Seminar Hall: the first, Shriram’s Centre “Sabse Bada is started with full sponsorship by Larsen & ToubroNautankiya Kaun”on November 7, 1993 and the Construction Group.second Naya Theatre’s “Kamdev ka Apna, Basant Ritu ? Grant for New Faculty (RGNF) scheme is Researchka Sapna” –a Hindustani adaptation of Shakespeare’s introduced to provide startup funds.Midsummer’s Nights Dream by Habib Tanvir. Bothplayed to packed houses and full marks to convenor RajKhanna and SS Anand for a job well done.1994:? Nakra is appointed officiating Director onProf. B. C.1st July 1994.?The first IPR policy document in the IIT system isprepared by FIIT & IITD.26 Golden Moments