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Logo research


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Logo research

Published in: Education
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Logo research

  1. 1. Production Company Logo Research
  2. 2. Where?  After looking at film openings, I have learnt that generally the production company logos are placed at the beginning. Here are some examples:
  3. 3. Close Analysis  When looking at individual logos, I have learnt that the name of the company stands out the most although there are images on them, they are not the main focus.  The images are bold with striking colours  Each logo is unique and different to the other. This helps to differentiate the companies from all the competition.
  4. 4. On reflection  When making my own logo I will make sure to have a title that stands out from the image. I will make sure that my image is bold and stands out. I will also make sure that my logo is different from all of the others to differentiate the companies from the others.