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5 Reasons Why Mobile Learning is the Future of Your Workspace!


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Advances in technologies, including social, mobile, and even artificial intelligence, provide nearly countless possibilities to transform how we learn at work. But which of these advances gets turned in functionality that's actually adopted and proven useful?

Learn mobile learning is the future of the workspace, and how you can support continuous learning and be productive anywhere!

1. A Mobile World
A majority of employees say they can be productive outside the office and they value mobility more than a bigger salary

2. Bring Your Own Device or BYOD
BYOD is the trend of bringing your own mobile device to the workplace.

3. Changing Work Environment
The rise of mobile workers and the inflow of the new millennials in the workplace are rapidly changing how work is done! Mobile learning allows people to be productive anywhere. An international study by Cisco implies that for a great number of people, work is not a place you go to anymore.

4. Support for Continuous Learning
Research shows that continuous learning increases knowledge retention, while other studies show that learners lose about 80% of the knowledge they learn from single learning events within three to four weeks.

5. People Now Have an Expectation for Instant Access of Knowledge

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5 Reasons Why Mobile Learning is the Future of Your Workspace!

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